High School OT Boys All-State Basketball Team:Looks like Guilford County got “The Shaft”!!!!!

High School OT Boys All-State Basketball Team

On the first team we have Nolan Hodge, from Northern Guilford High School, on the second team you’ll find Jaydon Young, from the Greensboro Day School, and on the honorable mention list we see, Nik Graves from Greensboro Day….

Congrats to those young men that made the team, but it looks like to me, that Guilford County got ripped off…Just two guys on the top three squads, and only one player on the honorable mention list….That makes no sense to me…
(They had 15 boys on the First Team, 15 on the Second Team, and 15 on the Third Team…..And a boat load on the Honorable Mention List.)

On the Honorable Mention list we should at least be seeing more names like Gilbert from Smith, why not Goods from Smith, Hairston from Dudley, Albright, Wall or Watlington from Grimsley, Ballou or Hartzell from Northwest Guilford, Scovens from Page, Saigo from Ragsdale, Helms or Elliot from Northern Guilford…

Am I crazy???? Maybe I am just too gung ho Guilford County, but I don’t like to see our kids getting slighted and ripped off….I think we got the shaft again…Anybody see it my way, or am I just wearing blinders and seeing Guilford County only, and not respecting the rest of the great state of North Carolina???

Take a look and see if you see what is missing here…CLICK HERE….Not enough reps from Guilford County, if you ask me, and nobody did, so I told you any way…WOW!!!