2022 All Guilford County Track and Field Meet makes for a very Busy Day, at Southeast Guilford High School

All of the Guilford County Schools track and field teams were in attendance today at Southeast Guilford High School, for the Guilford County Track and Field Meet….

Eastern Guilford
High Point Andrews
High Point Central
Northeast Guilford
Northern Guilford
Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Southern Guilford
Southwest Guilford
Western Guilford

We saw Coach Derek Anderson, from Southwest Guilford High School, and he is now also the SWG Cowboys’ interim football coach….We saw Coach Kevin Wallace, from Northwest Guilford High School, and Coach Wallace had his 16-day old baby boy with him…We also saw Coach Haley Hackett, from Northwest Guilford High School…And I think Coach Wallace’s wife was also helping coach the NWG track team…We saw Coach Doug Robertson, from Page High School…We saw Coach David Blue, from Northeast Guilford High School….We saw Coach Charlie Brown, from Southwest Guilford High School…We saw Coach Thai, from Northern Guilford High School….We saw lots of other coaches and runners, and field participants there, today at Southeast Guilford High School…Coach Tyree, from Southeast Guilford HS was there on the starter’s pistol, pretty much the entire day…SEG AD Shawyn Newton was helping to coordinate and run today’s running and field event activities….Trainer Mark White(Southeast Guilford High School) was there to keep a close watch on all of the runners, and participants today, and we also saw another coach today, and that would be Coach Jones, from Eastern Guilford High School…..

We saw Jazzy Harris from Northern Guilford, and she plays some good basketball for the Nighthawks, and she runs track too…Maslyn Mosbacher was there from Northwest Guilford HS, and Mas plays basketball and also runs track…Larry Monroe, Steven Davis III, Jahmier Slade, RJ Baker, Denzel Foster, they all play for football for Dudley, and they run track too…

Steven Davis III finished third in the high jump, Poindexter, from Western Guilford finished second in the high jump, and Sheldon Ulmer finished first in the high jump…The winning high jump height was 6’2, and while both Ulmer and Poindexter both cleared the 6’2 height in the high jump competition, Ulmer was declared the overall Winner, due to having scratched fewer times than Poindexter….

Slade, from Dudley, was running hard in the 100 meters race, but he pulled a muscle or had some kind of muscle tissue tear, and went down on the track, in pain….

There were some great races going on out there today, and we will capture some of them for you, in our video below….

From the way the races were finishing and going, I am going to say that Northern Guilford, Eastern Guilford, and Dudley were up there somewhere at the top of the standings…Then you might see Page or Grimsley popping in there, with teams like Southwest Guilford, Southeast Guilford, and Southern Guilford staying in close proximity….
++++++++++Dudley girls and boys Double Winners Today…Dudley Panthers Guilford County Track and Field Team Champions…++++++++++

CLICK ON VIDEOS BELOW for the Track and Field Competitions…..
Men’s 100 Meters…

More from the 100 Meter Run…Jahmier Slade, from Dudley HS, came up with a muscle pull in this race…

Still with the theme of the 100 Meter Run, with Dudley’s Monroe and Foster finishing strong in this heat…

Relay Race action next, and we see a Page runner going down as they are making the baton exchange….

Next up, we get to see the finish of the Relay Race….

Lining up for the start of the Girls 1600 Meter run….Thinking Northern Guilford HS finished 1,2,3 in this race/run…

Studying the finish of the Boys/Men’s 1600 Meter run…

Looking at the finish from the Boys/Men’s 400 Meter run…

Looks like we are hitting the 4×200 Relay here….

This seems to be us getting into the finish of the Girls 400 Meter run….

Getting a side view of the stretch run of the Boys/Men’s 400 Meter run…

Another heat, and another view/vantage point of the 400 Meter run…

**********We hope to get some Final Results coming in to us here at the site, later on today…**********