Five(5) Quarter Rule Passes for High School Basketball in attempt to Address Participation Concerns:More Concerns as additional proposal Changes Game Plans

5-quarter rule passes for basketball in attempt to address participation concerns
**********There is also a key proposal on the table/circulating that the JV and Varsity girls would play at one site and JV and Varsity boys would play at the opposite site.**********
++++++++++This could end up crushing/killing attendance for the girls games…..++++++++++
^^^^^^^^^^This change would also affect how we broadcast high school basketball games on radio/the internet…..Now we do the Girls/Boys Doubleheaders, with the girls at 6pm, and the boys at around 7:30pm…With this new proposal, the Girls will be at one location/site and the Boys at another for the Varsity games, and you can’t be in “Two Places at the Same Time”….

Something is going to have to give, as they give this new proposal full consideration, and is there time to still block(stop) it/change it????? There will be much discussion among the high school girls coaches about this new proposal, and we are already hearing that many of our area coaches Do Not like this new proposal….

Going to raise some key questions, and that is why we are here for you….Read on/Read more below….^^^^^^^^^^

After tabling a proposal from the N.C. Basketball Coaches Association last winter, the NCHSAA Board of Directors has approved a measure aimed at addressing the participation issue in high school basketball. The proposal was approved by a vote of 15-3.

The five-quarter rule, which will go into effect for the 2022-2023 basketball season, will allow 9th and 10th grade students to participate in five quarters of basketball games in a single day. This rule will be a three-year pilot program.

According to the NCBCA, some schools are struggling to field both varsity and junior varsity basketball teams. The five-quarter rule would allow schools to place players on each team and give coaches flexibility to add depth.

The rule says: “A student shall not participate in more than five quarters per day and will not exceed the seasonal limitation of games, exclusive of conference tournaments and state playoffs. Overtime periods shall be considered and extension of the previous quarter, and participation for any length of time in a quarter shall constitute a full quarter.”

A survey conducted by HighSchoolOT in April showed significant struggles for JV girls basketball programs, but there are participation issues across the board at some schools.

The survey, which included responses from 184 NCHSAA athletic directors, found 39.1% of NCHSAA schools saw a decline in girls basketball participation this year. Another 16.8% of NCHSAA schools reported a decline in boys basketball participation.