Hoping to Help a Holland in a Hurry:Scott Holland could use your help

Holland Auto Care, at 3726 Spring Garden Street, Greensboro, is going to be closing down within the next week or so…The Holland Auto Care, run and operated by Scott Holland, and by his dad before him, has been around for nearly 50-plus years…The business will be all but gone, if Scott Holland doesn’t get some help in a hurry…

Holland Auto Care needs a new location, they need some place to move to, so they can carry on their business…Their lease is running out, there on Spring Garden Street and they need some place to go, so they can keep their business going forward…They flat-out need a new location, or the business started by Charles Holland many years ago, and carried by his son Scott Holland, a Western Guilford graduate, the Holland Auto Care will be gone, it will be history….
(This is a history lesson that Mr. Joe Robinson would not want to be teaching.)

Let’s make sure that this travesty doesn’t happen!!!!!

Many remember the days of the old Holland Scoreboard at Western Guilford High School…Harold Moag, the Western Guilford High School football public address announcer for many years, Mr. Moag would call for the WG Hornet football fans to look up and check out the score, on the Holland Scoreboard, and see how many points the WG Hornets were winning by…So many great memories from the days of Charles Holland and Scott Holland, forming the Holland Auto Care business from over the years…Memories from within the Western Guilford community and from across the county, and throughout the city of Greensboro….

The Holland Auto Care name has been a part of the fabric of our city for so many years, so many seasons…

It would be a shame to see this all end here in 2022…Right at the end of the month of May, Scott Holland could be walking away from a family business that has supported the community, and has helped so many different people….

Let’s not let this all come to a sad ending…If you know of a building or of a place that the Holland Auto Care could move to, please let us, or Scott Holland know, and please let us know soon….You can call Scott Holland at 336-540-9337 or at 336-580-3473…Call Scott if you know of a building here in town that he might be able to relocate to…He needs to make this move within the next week, or by the end of the month of May…By June 1, Scott Holland will either by on his way to another job, or he could be making a new start, and carrying on the Holland Auto Care tradition with your help…

You can, and could be a part of the process that solves the puzzle, and puts the pieces back together again, and by doing this, you will help keep Scott Holland and the Holland Auto Care legacy going forward….

Somebody out there must know of a building that the Holland Auto Care could move to, in their relocation efforts…Please help us here, with this important project…

We are hoping to HELP A HOLLAND in a hurry, and Scott Holland and the Holland Auto Care, could sure use your help right now, to keep their doors open at a new location….

Again, if you can help in any way at all, please give Scott Holland a call, at 336-580-3473, or at 336-540-9337, and Thank-you for giving this project some consideration….

Let’s Help out the Hollands any way we can…If you know of building that they can use to run their business in, or if you know of someone else that has that building that Holland Auto Care could use, please call those numbers….336-540-9337, or 336-580-3473…Time is running out and the Holland Auto Care could be out in the street, if somebody doesn’t step up and help out…Could that someone be you??? Let’s hope so….

Can we count on you??? Let Scott Holland know soon, and let’s all do our best to step up and keep this tradition going in Greensboro….Holland Auto Care, Scott Holland and Grayson Holland are the best in the business, and we want to see that business continuing to serve our city….

Thanks to Scott Holland for all of years of service to the city, and let’s not let this great institution die….Carry on, somewhere in a new location, Holland Auto Care….Call those phone numbers above, to make this a reality…..