The top high school football player in the state of North Carolina disqualified/ineligible from playing NCHSAA football, this upcoming 2022 Fall Season

NC State, Alabama recruit running back Daylan “Hollywood” Smothers suspended for his senior season…Smothers considered to be the top high school football player in the state of North Carolina, was at Chambers High School in Charlotte last season, and had transferred and enrolled at West Charlotte High School, for the upcoming 2022 Fall high school football season…

West Charlotte running back Daylan Smothers, who took an official visit to Oklahoma last weekend, is ruled ineligible and suspended for one year…Smothers played for Chambers High School last season(2021) and moved in with his mom this Spring, and planned on being on the field for the West Charlotte Lions this season(2022)….All about legal vs. illegal transfer and residency issues……

from back in April, when Smothers left Chambers and moved in with his mom, and started attending West Charlotte….

He moved in with his mother, who lives in the West Charlotte district. He had been living with his father, who lives in the Chambers zone.

Smothers made the announcement on an 11-minute video posted to Instagram….

In an interview, Smothers told The Charlotte Observer that coming out of Ranson Middle School, a longtime feeder school for West Charlotte, his family made the decision for him to live with his father for high school because it felt that Chambers would provide better opportunities for athletics and academics. While at Chambers, Smothers became a household name in N.C. high school football circles and played in three straight state championship games while becoming a 4-star national recruit.

But when he went to a basketball game at his old middle school, a student there put a thought in his head.

“A kid came up to me and said, ‘I’ll see you at Chambers,’ ” Smothers said. “But the whole story is that kid, and others like him, may not be able to make the move like I did. Kids coming from that side (of town), it’s hard to get the transportation to go back and forth. And the only reason I didn’t go to West Charlotte back then was because of what people say — the area that it’s in, and what not. That kid may not be in the same situation I was in, and he has to go to West Charlotte. So making it cool to go and being an athlete at West Charlotte is part of it.”

In Smothers’ video, his teachers at Ranson talk about the impact he had and still has on that school’s community, and how the student-athletes look up to him.

Smothers, a 5-foot-11, 185-pound rising senior, had been named The Charlotte Observer’s offensive player of the year for the past two seasons.

If he can find an NCISAA high school that will allow him to play, Smothers could play for them this Fall, falling into the private school route…..Smothers could also consider crossing the line, and going into South Carolina to play there, this upcoming season….