Having some fun after The Morning Run, by making Special Guest appearance on Triad Today Show, on WSJS Radio(600 AM/93.7 FM)

Got in The Morning Run this morning, and just a bit after the run was done, had some fun by making a Special Guest appearance on the the Triad Today Show, on WSJS Radio(600 AM/93.7 FM)…

Was on the show by way of fun, I mean phone, and had the chance/opportunity to talk to Triad Today Show host Jeffrey Griffin, about the format changes that WSJS Radio is experiencing…All-in-all, the radio show visit was a very good time, and we had plenty of time to discuss what WSJS/SJS was doing, and why they have embarked on this new journey…

Not really nothing new, as it was bringing back an old flashback for me, since I did radio on a daily basis for around 15-20 years, and the talk today, on Triad Today, provided kind of a nice blast from the past, that for some reason, would last…

And this talk with Jeffrey Griffin, and his producer Brett Wiseman, was a real “Blast from the Past” and we got into the details about how WSJS was going to bring back some of that semblance of the past, with News, Talk, Sports on SJS, and how they hope to keep the sports fans, while leaving the full 24/7 Sports Talk format…

This will not be an easy task, and I told Jeffrey Griffin that this morning….I used a quote from Briscoe Darling, when he was speaking to Andy and Barney, on the Andy Griffith Show…Mr. Darling(Denver Pyle) told Andy and Barney if they were going to do things a certain way around Mayberry, then, “More Power to You”….

And that is what our Andy, from GreensboroSports.com told Jeffrey Griffin this morning, “More Power to You”…..If are trying to change the radio listening landscape back to what it was, say 15-20 years ago, and still bring into focus everything that is happening today, and all at the same time, then “More Power to You”….

Can it be done without turning off a carload of listeners, as you try to pick up a big busload of listeners, only time will tell….

Our visit today, on Triad Today, came about due to an article/post that we posted here at the GreensboroSports.com site, a few weeks back…WSJS felt the article was throwing them to the curb, in their attempts to bring back the old WSJS radio station, while they also try to keep all of the sports listeners that been a part of the All Sports Talk format, now for the past several years…

We wrote the article and it was a post/article that sent out a message, and I’m not sure if our messages are always clear, but they do tend to get people’s attention, and we stated our case, and it seemed like a good place to show what we had on our face/mind….

The post was not intended to destroy, only to let the readers know what was going on….We have always been fairly transparent in stating our case, and we do tend to get results, not always what we are expecting, but there will be results, and often times we must be prepared to handle all of the consequences of those results….

We talked about what WSJS was up to this morning, with the Triad Today Show host, Jeffrey Griffin, and we appreciate him having us on the show, and we wish him and the WSJS staff, lots of luck, as they move forward….

I honestly thought I was going on this show to possibly talk about Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball, but when the topic turned to GreensboroSports.com, I was more than happy to oblige and hop on board….

Doing radio talk shows is right up my alley, and falls directly into my wheelhouse, whatever that is supposed to mean, and for now it is about time to sign off again, as we await our next radio show interview, and that will probably come our way some time in 2032…If you think about it, you should be to sure to tell the host as they are signing off with you, be sure to tell them, all you know is that “They are giving you a number, and they’re taking back your name”

Did any of you here, hear us on this show this morning??? Still got your old ears on good buddies???

I did forget to ask them one question this morning….I am still wondering if this show is in some way connected to the Jim Longworth show on TV 48, called Triad Today?????

You never know, and you for sure will never know, if you forget to ask…….

One thought on “Having some fun after The Morning Run, by making Special Guest appearance on Triad Today Show, on WSJS Radio(600 AM/93.7 FM)

  1. Here are some of the comments that are coming in by way of Facebook…

    Bill Ahrens
    Sorry I didn’t get to hear you this morning, but left for work at 5:20 this morning. I’m sure you did just like you always do, and that’s to tell it like it is! Keep up all the good work you do for us here in the triad.

    Andy Durham
    Thanks Bill, and kudos to you for busting out of there, that early(5:20am), in the morning/day…

    David Ogi Overman
    It is in no way connected to Longworth’s show, which has been running continuously for almost 20 years on ABC 45 and MY 48. WSJS did run his show for a few years, and it seems this guy could’ve come up with an original name.

    David Jones
    Good job Andy. Keep on keeping on.

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