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NCPreps.com Top 15 Preseason 3-A High School Football Poll with familiar Guilford County football team at #1

NCPreps.com Top 15 Preseason 3-A High School Football Poll
from www.ncpreps.com

Here is the NCPreps.com pre-season top 15 rankings for the 3A Classification for the upcoming 2022 season. The high school coaches in each individual class voted on this list.

3A TOP 15

1. Dudley

2. Scotland County

3. Kings Mountain

4. Eastern Alamance

5. Havelock

6. West Charlotte

7. Seventy-First

8. JH Rose

9. Statesville

10. Jacksonville

11. Crest

12. South Point

13. Lee County

14. Southern Durham

15. Northern Nash

2 Comments on “NCPreps.com Top 15 Preseason 3-A High School Football Poll with familiar Guilford County football team at #1

  1. No article. ..typical. The only 5x city championship high school in the Triad since 2007 and still not respected by the media. If it were one of the 4A schools there still would be articles being written!

  2. I retrieved this article from another site so it could be shared here at GreensboroSports.com….This was a listing and not an article…No article came along with this posting…It was not about an article, it was a Top 15 listing…

    If you look at the rest of site, I think we did a pretty good job in our coverage of the Panthers this week…

    Check out this post and you might or might not agree….Dudley, Page, Morehead, Western Alamance 7 on 7:Star of the Day #23 from the Dudley JV, at Four-foot six and with two Big Picks

    Post includes 25-plus videos we recorded and downloaded from the 7 on 7 at Dudley on Wednesday morning….

    Mehki Wall contacted me this week, and asked if there was any way we could get him some coverage on being named the HS OT High Athlete of the Year…

    I told him yes, and that he deserved that coverage and he had earned it and he did…He is an outstanding former Dudley Panther and the coverage he got, he earned it….Rightfully so, he is right here on the site this week, and hope we get to get him up here again, as he pursues his college football career at Duke University…

    I feel like we are doing a decent job in our coverage of the local teams, and feel like we will keep on striving to get, and do better work….

    Like I told Mehki and some of the other kids this week, Keep on Keeping On….

    Not trying to blow smoke through my nose and make us sound like we are the best thing since sliced bread here, but over the years, we have done above average work in our coverage of the Greensboro Sports teams….

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