Big Bear looking to add Food World, which may add Harris Teeter, which in turn may join Food Lion:For now it looks like Big 12 is going after Pac 12 teams(Will we still see the ACC, in 2023???)

Starting to look like the old grocery store wars, where Big Bear was sucked up by Food World, and then Harris Teeter and Food Lion came along, and before them you also had Bi-Rite, which became Bestway, and Winn Dixie was absorbed by Harris Teeter, and some of the Kroger stores also merged with Harris Teeter, and then along came the Fresh Market…

Bi-Rite, Bestway, Big Bear, Piggly Wiggly, Food Town, Kroger, Winn Dixie, and others, they were once mainstays in the grocery store food chain, but now they are merely memories shared by woe-be-gone shoppers..

The grocery stores and gas stations have been sucked up by the bigger power players and the same thing is happening to the college conferences, and we should just go ahead and come out and flatly just say, The College Football Conferences…This is all about College Football, and the College Football Power Players…What we will soon start calling the haves, and the have-nots…
(Will we still see the ACC, in 2023???)

Here is the latest news coming in, and this will not be the last, from Mr. Ernest T. Bass….More news on the way this week, just you wait and see….

Big 12 reportedly in ‘deep discussions’ to add as many as six Pac-12 schools
from Adam Stites, with

The Big 12 reportedly spent Tuesday meeting with representatives from multiple Pac-12 schools, and Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports says it was more than just pleasantries.

According to Dodd, the Big 12 is “involved in deep discussions” with at least four Pac-12 members and could consider adding as many as six. Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah are the four schools that are widely considered the likeliest candidates to exit the Pac-12 and join the Big 12, but Dodd reported that Oregon and Washington may also get poached.

Last week, USC and UCLA shook the college football landscape with the announcement that they are going to leave the Pac-12 to become the newest members of the Big Ten in 2024. Oregon and Washington reportedly aimed to follow the Los Angeles schools, but were rebuffed by the Big Ten while it waits to see if it can add Notre Dame.

On Monday, Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde reported that Notre Dame joining the Big Ten is possible, but “independence remains the preference” for the university, which has competed without a conference for almost all of its storied history. If it doesn’t, the Big Ten could stand pat with 16 members and leave Oregon and Washington on the outside looking in.

Meanwhile, the Pac-12 says it has begun to “explore all expansion options.”