Omega Sports Report:Greensboro Grasshoppers use Eight(8) pitchers with each one going about an Inning, and fall 5-1, on Sunday, at Brooklyn

Courtesy of Omega Sports, “Your Neighborhood Sports Store”, on Battleground Avenue, in Greensboro…..

Final from Sunday afternoon, in Brooklyn, New York:
Brooklyn Cyclones 5, Greensboro Grasshoppers 1
WP:Junior Santos(4-9)
LP:Ricky Devito(2-3)
SV:Nick Zwack(1)

Cyclones' line:5-10-1
Hoppers' line: 1- 4-0

One of the wilder looking Box Scores that you will see, when you look at the Hoppers’ pitching line…The Greensboro Grasshoppers used eight(8) different pitchers, with each one going right at one inning each…CLICK HERE for that Box Score, to check it out for yourself, and you may go, I’m not sure I have seen it quite like that before…I know, I did…
(Sometimes you will see this type of pitching approach from some college teams, aka:UNC Tar Heels, but I haven’t seen this a ton from the pros, and if Walter Johnson were here, he might be saying, “What’s Up with That”, “What’s Up with That”, “What’s Up with That”???)

Looks like, line it up and you take one, I will take one inning…Sort of like, you go out there, and give me one good inning, and your work is done for the day/afternoon…One inning each for starter Nick Garcia(1st), and then from the pen you had coming in, Santiago Florez one inning(2nd), Jack Carey(3rd) one inning, Ricky Devito(4th) one inning, Dante Mendoza(5th) one inning, Cristian Charle(6th) one inning, Cameron Junker 2/3’s of an inning, and then Domingo Gonzalez, an inning and a-third to close it all out….Last day of the series on the road, at Brooklyn, and you protect your staff/pen, and nobody gets overworked…

Greensboro LP Ricky Devito gave up two runs, on one hit, with two walks, and three strikeouts…Cameron Junker allowed two runs, on three hits, with a walk, and no strikeouts…Hoppers’ Dante Mendoza, in his one inning, sees the Cyclones reach him for one run, on one hit, with one walk and one strikeout, and unfortunately for Mendoza, the one run he gave up was a solo home run, by Brooklyn’s Stanley Consuegra…..

With the extended Hoppers pitching staff, they(Hopper pitchers) walked five Cyclone batters, but also struck out thirteen(13) hitters, from that Brooklyn lineup….Brooklyn used starter Junior Santos(6 innings) and reliever Nick Zwack(3 innings), to get the win…

Hopper hitters:Quiet day at the plate, with only one run, coming off of four hits…Hoppers walk four times, and strike out ten times….Luke Brown was the top Hopper hitter, going 2-3/Double/RBI…That is half of your hits right there, with Brown’s two base hits…Dariel Lopez 1-4…Abrahan Gutierrez 1-3/BB…Mike Jarvis 0-2/BB/Run….

Time of Game-2:27

**********The Greensboro Grasshoppers end up going (2-4) in their six-game series at Brooklyn, New York…Hoppers headed back home, and now off Monday-Thursday, for the Major League All-Stars Game break…Back in action, at home on Friday night, July 22nd, vs. the Hickory Crawdads…Christmas in July, and Fireworks Friday, on the 22nd….**********

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