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Brad Nessler(CBS Sports) to host Ric Flair Roast in Nashville on Friday July 29:No Opponent for Flair yet in his Final Match/Retirement Match, and Who Will It Be Now???

Brad Nessler, from CBS Sports, where he is the lead announcer for college football and basketball, he is set to host the Ric Flair Roast in Nashville on Friday July 29…They are bringing in the heavy artillery for this Ric Flair Roast, which is set to hit two days before, what they are calling Ric Flair’s last/retirement wrestling match…But the stupid thing is, we don’t even know who he is going to be wrestling yet…

We know who the mystery referee is going to be at SummerSlam, and that will be the great legend himself, in Double J/Jeff Jarrett….But, what we still don’t know, is who Ric Flair will be wrestling in his so-called last match/retirement match…

What in the heck is Conrad Thompson trying to cook up here???

You have been leaving the fans hanging on for months now, waiting to find out who Ric Flair’s opponent will be…

Who will it be now?????

Are we talking Ricky Steamboat(who said no way man, already), will it be Jay Lethal(Ric’s wrestling practice partner, when Ric first got back in the ring), will it be Harley Race(no the Race is over), how about Shawn Michaels again, bring Sting over from AEW, what about say Ric vs. his daughter Charlotte Flair, bring on Johnny Valentine(nope, the ghost of Johnny Valentine, has said no sir), maybe Greg Valentine, why not Hulk Hogan(Ric and the Hulkster could stand in the ring and talk back-and-forth for an hour), just one more appearance in the squared circle from Double A/Arn Anderson(we hear he and Ric are at odds these days), then we might be able to find a similar sted for Wahoo McDaniel(War Eagle Chris Chavis is still standing), Gerald/Jerry Brisco is still able to still tie his shoes, and lace up his boots, come on back brother…..

Why not Ric Flair’s most recent wife, Wendy Barlow??? Bet you Wendy might be able to hit Ric with a few FiFi, or Kung FuFu moves….
We are also hearing that the 72-year-old wrestling legend(Ric Flair) and Barlow were never legally married…This might make Wendy really want to put Ric Flair in a chokehold, or vice versa….

We hear Troy Martin/Shane Douglas has some unsettled business he would like to take care of with ‘The Nature Boy’….Scott Steiner, has on more than one occasion, has told the Joe Q. Public that he would like to settle a score or more, with “The Man Who Scaled Space Mountain”…We have heard that JBL, and other wrestlers have been accusing Flair of bullying them around for over the last 25 years….

George South, was headed North to the WWF, and word has it that Ric Flair stepped in made sure George was be destined to become a permanent fixture on Highway 85 South, and his roots would be firmly planted in Charlotte, and we mean the city of the same name…
(Psycho Sid/Eudy, was another wrestler who said Ric put up more than one roadblock, on Sid’s path to stardom.)

Matt Brown, the Greensboro Coliseum manager might want a shot at Ric Flair….Flair made a menace of the Greensboro Coliseum buffet line, and especially the area where they served the harder drinks, and not the soft ones, over the years of JCP/Jim Crockett’s dominance of wrassling at the Big Barn on West Lee Street…How about we bring in the kid that used to run the Qwick Pick Convenience Store, over off of Holden Road, near Ben L. Smith High School??? When they were asking for Ric Flair’s ID, and his license said Richard Fliehr, but his robe said Ric Flair, there was always that case of mistaken identity, when Ric was trying to buy a 12-pack, or a case of his favorite beverage, after his big matches at the Greensboro Coliseum…

And there was that waiter, at the New China City Restaurant, who also might want a shot at Mr. Flair…Ric and his sidekicks/pals were known to offer up some of their imitation Rolex Watches, in place of the tip, after a few of their larger meals at the New China City…And the busboy from the Shoney’s still remembers the nights the Four Horsemen(make your choice of your favorite four) along with J.J. Dillon, well they would come in and mess up some of the BIG BOY’s tables, and create havoc at the Breakfast Bar, before hitting the other bar(some say they were on the way to an/the Oasis), man that busboy, who a few followers of pro wrestling in this town, said bore a striking resemblance to the original Dream Warrior Two/Mark Vance/Mark Pulliam, that busboy, lost his job over problems that arose, when the stock on the Breakfast Bar went waaaay waaaay down….

As you can see, the list is long of those that would like to get one more crack, at “The Nature Boy Ric Flair”….I have even heard rumblings that Bruce Mitchell might be considering coming out of retirement to take one more shot, at the man Bruce emblazoned on his ‘Professional Wrestling Mount Rushmore”…Why would Bruce go after Ric??? Bruce’s stock has gone down some in recent years, and this might be the time, for Bruce to body slam Flair, and then Bruce can come back and write that best selling book, on how Ric Flair made the Greensboro Coliseum, what it is today….And it would be a great read, Bruce Mitchell can still jot it down, with the best of the ‘Figure Four’ scribes…

This list that I have developed today, might be a better grouping for those who should Roast Ric Flair…But, I still want to get to the bottom of who he is going to wrestle on July 31….In our last check-in on the Ric Flair website, it read:
JULY 31ST – 6:05PM EST
14 Days, 2 Hours, 30 Minutes, 48 seconds until the BIG MATCH….Ric Flair vs. The Mystery Opponent….Maybe Double J/Jeff Jarrett can do Double Duty that weekend, by reffing at SummerSlam, and then
coming over and facing Ric Flair…

Who will it be now??? Bill Goldberg is no longer under contract to the WWE…How ’bout Bill???

I mean inquiring minds would like to know???

Who will it be now??? What about Ric Flair vs. David Flair, in a fight for the family name???

Who will it be now??? How about Tommy VanScoy, from the old VanScoy Diamond Mine in Greensboro…Ric probably stopped by a few times, and left there with one of Tommy’s Toys….And why should we leave out Chris Kelly from ROCK 92….He is currently the biggest Radio Man in town, and he should be ready to go a round, or two with “Slick Ric”…Bring on Chris Kelly, and let’s send him to Nashville, on special assignment….

Who will it be now???

I could go on all day, and all night long on this one, and I may have to bring in my favorite news reporters, Connie Chong and Julie Luck to really break the top off of this major mystery, of a news story…

Who will it be now???

I may be coming back to add more to this one, but for now, this is your only local “Wrassling Roundup Man”, Charlie Harville Jr., checking out…

The Final Match, for “The Naitch”……Who Will It Be Now???

**********Here is one more thought, since I have covered most or all of them already, but what about, “Little Naitch”(Charles Robinson), vs. “Big Naitch”(Ric Flair)?????

Who will it be now???

Brad Nessler to host the Ric Flair Roast:
(Maybe Ric can talk Brad Nessler into a wrestling match too!!!)

2 Comments on “Brad Nessler(CBS Sports) to host Ric Flair Roast in Nashville on Friday July 29:No Opponent for Flair yet in his Final Match/Retirement Match, and Who Will It Be Now???

  1. from WrestlingInc.com:

    The day has arrived. Ric Flair is finally ready to reveal who his opponent will be for his last match on July 31. And it will happen tonight(Monday).

    A tease was first made by Conrad Thompson on Friday evening that the announcement would go down on Monday, but it was Flair who put out a message on Twitter Monday morning, giving fans more speculation as to who the adversary will be.

    “On July 31, I’m coming after one of your own,” Flair tweeted. “And tonight At 6:05, the entire world will find out.” Flair also used hashtags for “WWE Raw” and “Ric Flair’s Last Match.”

    One of your own, with a WWE hashtag???

  2. Flair Update:
    Most recently, it was reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer that Flair is currently suffering from a foot injury, giving the Nature Boy just under two weeks to work through it and get ready for his match.

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