Greensboro Colt Baseball Team falls on Saturday night, to Host Team/Marion, Illinois at COLT Baseball World Series[GO GREEN!!!]

Final from Greensboro Green’s game two at the 2022 COLT Baseball World Series, in Marion, Illinois:
Marion, Illinois 9, Greensboro Green 1
Greensboro Green falls to the host team at this year’s 2022 COLT Baseball World Series, in Marion, Illinois…Marion, Illinois is also the defending World Series Champion, from 2021….

Next Game Up for Greensboro Green will be a Loser’s Bracket matchup vs. the the team that Greensboro beat back on Friday afternoon, Aroma Park, Illinois…Greensboro Green defeated Aroma Park, 12-1, back on Friday, in Greensboro’s opening game in the 2022 World Series…

Greensboro Green vs. Aroma Park, Illinois on Sunday at 2pm…Marion, Illinois will move on in the Winner’s Bracket, and Marion will meet Monterey, Mexico, on Sunday night at 8pm…All of these games are being played in Marion, Illinois, the site/home of the 2022 COLT Baseball World Series…

CLICK HERE to watch the Greensboro Green team play on Sunday afternoon, at 2pm, on YouTube at No Charge…

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