Greensboro Green COLT Team tops Monterey, Mexico 9-8 in 11 Innings(Greensboro Green vs. Marion, Illinois tonight/Monday night at 9pm)[GO GREEN!!!]/Greensboro Green falls to Marion, Illinois, 8-5

Final from late Monday night/early Tuesday morning:Marion, Illinois 8, Greensboro Green 5
Marion, Illinois will meet Covina, California on Tuesday, in the 2022 COLT Baseball Championship Game(8pm)…
Greensboro Green games at the 2022 COLT Baseball World Series:
Greensboro Green 12, Aroma Park, Illinois 1
Marion Illinois 9, Greensboro Green 1
Greensboro Green 5, Aroma Park, Illinois 4
Greensboro Green 9, Monterey, Mexico 8…11 Innings
Marion Illinois 8, Greensboro Green 5

Final from Monday afternoon/Monday evening at Marion, Illinois, site of the 2022 COLT Baseball World Series:

Greensboro Green 9, Monterey, Mexico 8…..11 Innings

Greensboro Green fights back from the Loser’s Bracket, and they will next up face Marion, Illinois, tonight/Monday night at around 9pm for the right to advance in the 2022 COLT Baseball World Series…Marion, Illinois is the host team for this year’s World Series, and Marion, Illinois is the Defending Champion from the 2021 COLT Baseball World Series, and Greensboro Green must beat the Defending Champs, and they need to do it tonight…

Winning Pitcher:Ian McMillan for Greensboro Green in Monday afternoon’s game, and McMillan also got a key hit for Greensboro Green, in the bottom of that 11th Inning…Today’s game with Greensboro Green vs. Monterey, Mexico lasted over 3 hours…The last time a Greensboro team won the COLT Baseball World Series, was way back in 1969(1965)…..

Adam Gunn Greensboro Green head coach, with Brad White and Brett Garrett, the Greensboro Green assistant coaches…..


  • Lynne Nunn says:

    The only time Greensboro NC won the Colt League World Series was 1965 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.


  • Andy Durham says:

    Let’s hear it for that 1965 Colt Team, and I bet you Wayne Nunn was on that team…

    1969, 1965, we were so close again, we could almost smell the cigar…

  • Lynne Nunn says:

    On the 1965 Colt League World Series team from Greensboro, It was Mike Nunn who played on that Championship team! ??????
    Thankful Colt Baseball still exists.

  • Andy Durham says:

    Yes, and I think there were some other Nunn’s out there too…Was thinking Richard Thompson also played on that 1965 Colt Baseball team, and Barry Councilman, Ronnie Rudd, Ronnie Cox and others too…

    Long Live Greensboro Green!!!!!

  • Mike Nunn says:

    1965 Colt World Series Team Byron Kennedy, Rick Blackwood, Steve Hathcock, Barry Councilman, Rick Coffin, Ronnie Cox, Jimmy Friesinger, Clarence Pascal, Ronnie Collins, Mike Nunn, Lewis Thompson, Keith Broome, Butch Burton, John Austin, Bobby Chappell. Coaches Walter Barton, Bill White and Max Wilson.
    Batboy: Jon Medley

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