Juan Soto’s debut nets massive increase in demand for tickets in San Diego: Padres’ ticket prices show increase from $51.48 to $95.94

Juan Soto’s arrival to San Diego immediately impacted ticket demand to see the Padres new lineup in person, according to ticketing technology and analytics company Logitix.

When looking at sold tickets on the secondary market, Logitix data specialists found that tickets to see Soto’s debut sold for an average of $95.94 per ticket on the event day. That’s an 87% increase in price compared to 4-7 days out of Wednesday’s game when seats were selling for $51.58 per ticket.

Logitix found that Wednesday’s trend was the opposite of the data for all games before the trade. The ticket price on the secondary market for all other Padres home games leading up to Aug. 2 decreased as each game got closer to its respective date. At 2-3 months out from a home game, the average purchase was $97.45 per ticket and dropped to $66.71 on game days – a 32% decline.

Below is the complete breakdown of Aug. 3’s games versus the rest of the season. Info from/per @LogitixInsights on Twitter, Instagram and at Logitix on LinkedIn.

Average ticket price* – Padres vs Rockies – Aug. 3, 2022

2-3 months out – $51.12

1-2 months out – $52.61

15-30 days out – $45.13

8-14 days outs – $50.43

4-7 days out – $51.18

1-3 days out – $73.25

Day of game – $95.94

Average ticket price* – Padres home games – April 14, 2022 to Aug. 2, 2022

2-3 months out – $97.45

1-2 months out – $85.89

15-30 days out – $80.98

8-14 days outs – $77.14

4-7 days out – $78.41

1-3 days out – $74.69

Day of game – $66.71

*Average ticket price (ATP) is defined as sold tickets on the secondary market across multiple ticketing exchanges. ATP does not factor in the list price.

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Courtesy of Eric Nemeth
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