Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #2

Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #2

Game of the Week Stream: Southeast Guilford at Dudley with Don Tilley and Andy Durham.


Southeast Guilford (2-0) – 23
Dudley (1-1) – 7

Smith (0-2) – 19
Northern Guilford (2-0) – 56

Northeast Guilford (2-0) – 8
Western Guilford (0-2) – 0

High Point Andrews (2-0) – 34
High Point Central (0-2) – 0

Winston-Salem Reagan (1-1) – 34
Grimsley (2-0) – 40

Reidsville (1-1) – 14
Page (1-1) – 22

North Davidson (0-2) – 22
Northwest Guilford (1-1) – 50

Southwest Guilford (1-1) – 28
Winston-Salem Reynolds (1-1) – 7

Glenn (1-1) – 21
Ragsdale (0-2) – 12

Eastern Guilford (0-2) – 20
Burlington Williams (1-1) – 41

Southern Guilford (0-2) – 0
Providence Grove (2-0) – 42

High Point Christian Academy (2-0) – 14
Harrells Christian (1-1) – 3

Bishop McGuinness (0-2) – 14
South Stokes (1-1) – 49

Southern Alamance (1-1) – 14
Eastern Alamance (2-0) – 28

Asheboro (0-2) – 7
Eastern Randolph (1-1) – 69

East Forsyth – 47
Rolesville – 0

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37 thoughts on “Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #2

  1. Southeast with the win 23-7 over Dudley. Dudley is a quarterback away from being a championship team again but they have real issues.

  2. East Forsyth is my early pick to make it the furthest in the playoffs. I don’t even believe the Charlotte teams can beat them if everyone is healthy.

  3. @fball fan. Agree. If you listened to all the hype surrounding Dudley it has been all their parents. Dads gone wild. They got exposed tonight of who they really are. They just lost to a metro 4A team. Dudley has the easiest conference and 3a scheduled, hence the reasons why they #’s are popping. They play nobody. They just lost, and all the ditals dads will go wild. Face it. Dudley, you play no one. Come to the metro 4A, grimsley beats u, certainly Northwest Guilford would slam dunk you and southeast just handled you. Oh and Northern would bury you. Go back to square 1, find you an offense I am out.

  4. Let’s go Page!!! Aye last week I said Dudley wasn’t that impressive against Page and people laughed.

  5. Lol Dudley maybe a bit over hyped yes they are…but 3a nc statewide is weak so Dudley likely will make a deep playoff run again. Just need to get hot in the playoffs and they could repeat.
    I disagree with Charlotte teams because them boys are good there.
    Forsyth league is way better and deeper than Guilford metro.

  6. Dudley has a bigger enrollment than Northern, Southeast and Western.

    This new formula for determining classifications is a sham and Dudley definitely gets some favorable decisions from GCS and the NCHSAA.

    They should be in the Metro 4A….

  7. Yes the freshman played a good bit. We took a couple knees at the goal line at the end of the game else the score would have been more lopsided. So what about those Forsyth teams? So what about Dudley better than Grimsley? Go ahead I’ll wait.

  8. All of these comments about Dudley are correct. You would think the QB Guru OC would be able to get the Dital going. Guess not.

    Dads gone wild.

  9. Woahhh!!! A lot of haters couldn’t wait for Dudley to lose. Good thing for them is they are starting about 8-10 sophomores but the bad thing is this season they aren’t clicking on offense. As far as the other teams, what have you all done in the last how many years? Grimsley the only fan base that can talk but at the same time they are one hit wonders and only won a Covid/ bubble championship and won’t win another one. Dudley has won the metro 4A two titles in the last 10 years. Nobody said anything when Grimsley current coach was at southern with all of that talent and couldn’t win in 3A. Nobody said anything when northern was winning every year. Y’all need to worry about actually getting some type of legit hardware before trying to talk down on them. When Dudley was 4A it was always Page and Dudley anyways so Grimsley fans be humble because y’all are only relevant for the moment and had y’all best years with Players from another school.

  10. We actually won before COVID in 2019. Been hearing all those daddies crowing but the real talk is on the field. Go back to your little 3A bubble and see what you can do.

  11. Yes the Forsyth 4a is better with more depth to it. Way more parity in that league
    East, west, tabor, Glenn, Reagan.
    Those five teams would blast any of those Guilford 4a teams besides grimsley.
    Shoot Parkland can be up and down but when they are hot they are a deadly team.

  12. Did Truth say “winning with players from other schools”………….oh boy. The top players to come out of Dudley the past I don’t know how many years were from outside the Dudley district

  13. LOL!!! 17 of 22 starters from ‘16 title were out of district. 1 even “lived” at a gas station! Dudley always relies on everybody else’s transfers! Shame that Transfer U can’t beat a county school!!

  14. Of course nobody going to talk about Page everyone saying a 4A school Should beat a 2A school lol

  15. Dudley is young this year they will be ok. They just lost to a better team tonight it happens in sports. Lets see if Guilford County can get more than one state champ this season. Yes, the conference Dudley is in is weak. That is why they play the 4A schools in non conference play. You have to play the hand you are given sometimes. Lets support the kids and not beat them up when they loose.

  16. 3A,4A it don’t matter. Dudley still has more recent 4A titles than any school in the metro. Grimsley’s little hype train won’t last long. Y’all will get out coached again when it matters like y’all did against Porter Ridge.
    Shoutout to page though for the win, looks like things are headed in the right direction and the jv has also looked great so far.

  17. Speaking of out of district Dudley got Grimsley QB, and I know for sure two guys over there that should be at Page but aye it is what it is.

  18. @Metro 4A, & Fball fan.Dital only has 1 dad!! They lost but not the end of the world. You guys that hid behind your fancy names have alot to say…ANONYMOUSLY! Never mind the man behind the curtain!!

  19. Calm down folks it is only week two.
    3a is weaker nobody can dispute that. But I also expect Dudley to win it again.
    Grimsley may need to make a QB decision and soon. May have to play that freshman QB a lot more or they may get caught along the way. He is a rising star.
    4a metro looks to be be a four team battle with grimsley southeast, northwest and northern. Nw and northern maybe questionable they have not beaten anyone decent yet. We shall see about mid season.
    Well done page.

  20. Dudley left 17 points on the field in the 1st half as bad as they played. They have alot to clean up, snaps, false starts and offensive tempo. The offense moves up tempo but then stalls. Southeast won, period.

  21. Forget talking about Dudley let’s celebrate Southeast, they had a good game. Also just curious why don’t SE middle kids go to SE and build a powerhouse. The middle school is always great in sports. I see the freshman that played QB last night for Grimsley came from SE middle. There kids always going to Dudley, Page, or Grimsley

  22. I guess the ones talking about Dudley losing, forgot they loss at Durham Hillside last year and struggled against Page, Southeast and Hillside. Or the season before losing to Mt. Tabor before reaching the Western Finals. It’s not like Dudley hasn’t loss to Southeast twice back in 2018 under Kennedy Tinsley. Dudley hasn’t had a undefeated season since 2014. So it isn’t like Dudley hasn’t faced a lost or two during the seasons.

    But with that said, you can tell the ones who hate that Dudley has students that want to play for them and attend a East Greensboro School. With all the talk about Dudley drafting kids from other schools. Wasn’t this the same talk about Grimsley stealing some Page players the last few years? Or Northern stealing some Northwest and Northeast Kids a decade ago? I remember the former NE Head Coach going to the Gbo N&R over Coach Roscoe stealing his players. The reason Western program is below average is because most of their best talent don’t want to play there. They transfer to Grimsley, Page, Dudley or Northern. I know that to be true, because been living and working around Western since 2003. My son told me and other students and coaches have addressed it. Page was accused of this for decades during the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. Heck Haywood Jeffires was suppose to went to Dudley, just as standout QB James Summers did too. But some how they ended up at Page. Some of you talk about Dudley, but don’t factor in all the players that transferred to other schools. Like former Backup QB and Miami Commit Pitcher Domaine Vann to High Point Wesleyan. Or when former QB Hooker {Hendon baby brother} transferred to Ragsdale. Or Manny Elliot who played basketball and QB at Dudley transferred to Northern a couple of years ago. Another QB left Dudley and played at Grimsley. It goes both ways Men! I have co workers who went to Eastern, Southeast and Page {My Ex Wife class of 95} who told me they should and wanted to go to Dudley, but was forced to attend the other schools, even if they were closer the Dudley.

    But for the ones dancing over Dudley losing, ask yourself a question. What is your program doing or have done? Defending 4a Champs Cardinal Gibbons is {1-1}, 4a Runner Up Char Chambers {1-1} loss Friday, Weddington {1-1} loss Friday, Mallard Creek {1-1} loss Friday. Reidsville {1-1} loss Friday, 2a Champs Shelby {0-2} loss Friday, The 3a State Runners Up J.H. Rose {1-1} loss Friday. Eastern Guilford is {0-2}, West Forsyth is {1-1}. I guess all these Schools who go far into the playoffs every year has illegal players and is overrated too????? Get a life people and stop throwing rocks when you are living in a GLASS HOUSE YOURSELVES!!!!!

  23. Dudley has a very tough Durham Hillside Hornets team coming to Tarpley Stadium, next Friday night…Gut check time is now…Dudley will battle, and be ready for Hillside…

  24. Curious, to answer your question as to why SE kids are always transferring I think you would have seen more stay if Kennedy Tinsley had stayed. The kids that are seniors now all initially stayed coming out of middle school, even though some have transferred out since. In terms of the QB at Grimsley, I’m not sure why he left, but the current coaching philosophy doesn’t have an emphasis on passing. That kid has the measurables and physical ability to go Power 5. In this day and age college isn’t just a scholarship it is real cash money (NIL). You have to go to a program that will allow the player to grow and that will build his recruiting profile.

    Perry N. Saunders, Dudley has had the transfer tag more than other schools because you would be hard pressed to find top players each year that are from Dudley’s district. The overwhelming number of top players that come out if Dudley are “out of district”. That being said, the Dudley academy is an EXCELLENT opportunity for any student athlete that can take advantage of it.

  25. Saunders you are on the money. My advise to the Dudley team is to, block out the noise, get better every week, and stay focused. You saw how happy the SE team was last night to get the win. That should tell you that Dudley is every teams measuring stick. Because of Dudley’s winning tradition. You are going to get every teams best game. A win over a tough Hillside team next week will send all the critics and ney sayers back to their corners.

  26. Congratulations to Southeast Guilford on the win over our Panthers. Didn’t expect so much input from the naysayers but I do wonder where they gonna go hide when Dudley gets on a roll come playoff time.
    We’ve heard it all before
    “ Dudley has a weak regular season schedule “…( put your team in there)
    “Dudley has a weak playoff bracket “.
    (even though Dudley has ran trough a gauntlet of the best teams some years…y’all forgot?)
    Anyways , best of luck to you and yours
    Go Panthers

  27. Just standing around, yeah true that makes alot of since now. I just be thinking SE should be a powerhouse the way they dominate

  28. Dudley underclassmen are really talented so at the end of day they will most likely be back in the big game within the next few seasons. I knew southeast would be better this year because they are led by a group of seniors who came up together playing for the youth team. Imagine how good they would be if Nick Caldwell and the young QB didn’t transfer to Grimsley. I understand why the senior QB went over there because SE would’ve had two senior Qbs. They almost had Grimsley last year going into the 4th quarter. I just don’t get why some of them went over there knowing they could potentially beat them the next year if they had stayed.

  29. Dude is right about transfers but you call a kid name Manny Elliot and to be clear he is a northern district kid originally went to their middle school. Guess who he transferred to…Dudley
    Then went back to his home school.
    Look I won’t knock transfers as long as coaches don’t go actively seeking players out it is ok with me. I am all for parents deciding where to send their kids to School
    Dudley and grimsley are going to have good seasons. Guess people need to pay attention to southeast.

  30. Manny was at Northern, went to Dudley, and then went back to Northern…I think he wanted to get back to Northern for football and basketball…Hard-working young man…..

  31. Got nothing against transfers or reclassification. Again hear me clearly I have nothing against it.
    Kids need to do what is best for them. I do hold a lot of respect for kids who stay with their district school and grind it out. Some at bad and mediocre and bad teams. Many examples of kids who did so and got to the next level while being overlooked by the news and record or gboro sports peanut gallery.
    Hey let’s support them all and remember the books comes first. We can walk and chew gum at the same time my folks.

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