Hard getting to Charlotte, as new Carolina Panthers’ wide receiver arrives in an Electric Car

Laviska Shenault experienced downside of electric cars while driving to Panthers
from Andrew Kulha, with www.yardbarker.com
(Wonder if Shenault arrived in a Renault???)

Laviska Shenault is the newest member of the Carolina Panthers, which is a bit surprising considering the fact that his former team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, spent a second-round pick on him just two NFL drafts ago.

They got back a 2023 seven-rounder and 2024 sith-rounder in return for Shenault though, so it’s clear that management down in Jacksonville doesn’t believe in the sunk cost fallacy. Carolina’s management, on the other hand, clearly believes that Shenault can be a nice weapon for Baker Mayfield as he looks to regain his career and swagger in Carolina.

Both Mayfield and Shenault are in a new location, which will be interesting. It’s also interesting to hear how Shenault got to his new football home.

He told reporters that he drove from Jacksonville to Charlotte in an electric vehicle, which required multiple stops.

Perhaps electric vehicles are the future — Elon Musk certainly seems to think so — but if there is one known flaw in the system it’s that while they’re perfect cars for getting around town, they don’t really excel at the traditional great American road trip.

Shenault found that out the hard way, but hopefully, that will be his last bump in the road now that he’s found a new football home.