Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Preview/High School Football Tonight Week 3, and our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week

This is our Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Preview/High School Football Tonight, with our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week…
(Danny Pigge, with Ameriprise Financial.)

Eastern Alamance(2-0) at Northern Guilford(2-0)
This ought to be a real good test for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks…Coach Kirby always has his EA Eagles ready, and this will give Jack Mercer some pressure, and it should make him a better QB in the long run when faces tougher teams like this one…This game will also present a stern test for the Northern Guilford defense…

Durham Hillside(2-0) at Dudley(1-1)
Always a tough game here, and I can remember back when Emmanuel Moseley was quarterbacking Dudley, and he had a real big game against Hillside one Friday night, and it sort of became the game where he established himself, as the Dudley Panthers’ leader, and went on to lead the team to the State Championship…I can still see Manny Moseley leading his Panthers down the field, and into the end zone…This might be one of those games, where current Dudley QB Andrew Attmore II, takes that step up, and becomes that leader that he has to be…Andrew will also have to be able to take it to the ground(run the ball), like Moseley, Hendon Hooker, Ricky Lewis Jr. and Jamier Slade all did…Saw where Hooker had 2 TD’s passing and 2 TD’s running for Tennessee on Thursday night…We will have the Durham Hillside at Dudley game for you on GreensboroSports Radio, for our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week…Dennis White will join us on Friday night/tonight…Pregame at 6:45pm, and the Shift_ed kickoff coming up, at 7:30…..

Page(1-1) at Mount Tabor(2-0)
Page with a very big win last week vs. Reidsville, and the Page Pirates team of this week has a whole lot more attention on it this week, than they did last week…Page will have to keep building up that Pirate offense, and also be ready to pay special attention to very strong Mount Tabor offense..Mount Tabor blew out Richmond County, 45-7, and Mount Tabor has been an underrated team early in this season…Big game for the Page Pirates, before they hit that bye week, next week…

WS Reynolds(1-1) at Northwest Guilford(1-1)
Southwest Guilford took care of business vs. WS Reynolds last week, and NWG should be able to do the same thing this week…Tanner Ballou to Trent Cloud is becoming a major recipe for success…Ballou also hooked up with Prince Brown last week, and Ballou is getting better with his running game too…And boy, can that Bristol Carter kid run…And Big Walt Turner up front on that O-line is getting a lot of warranted attention now too…NWG was at 50 points vs. North Davidson last week, and that number is well within their reach again this week too…

Northeast Guilford(2-0) at Morehead(2-0)
NEG got defensive in their 8-0 win over Western Guilford last week, and with Edrin Pitts leading the defense, NEG should have a bit of an edge going up to Eden Morehead this Friday night…For NEG, this is one of their biggest games in recent memory, and if the Rams win, it is (3-0) for 2022….

High Point Central(0-2) at Southwest Guilford(1-1)
Corbin Wilson is fast becoming the big-fix for the Cowboys…Last week right at 176 total yards on offense with his passing and running total yards almost equal…Balance, that is what Wilson has a lot of…He can lead this SWG Cowboys group to victory again this week…As runner, a passer, a receiver, a defender, a return man, just turn him loose and let him go…SWG as a team, is also developing more balance, as we hit Week 3 hard…

Thomasville(1-0) at High Point Andrews(2-0)
Coach Kevin Gillespie coaching those Thomasville Bulldogs, and he will bring a very solid T’ville team over to High Point tonight…HP Andrews is still being led by Timothy Ratley Jr., and Tim can run, and Tim can run fast, but he better be ready to run even faster on Friday night, with those Bulldogs chasing him…Thomasville is gaining a lot of steam, and will find out if it is all smoke, or if it is the real deal, on Friday night…

Ragsdale(0-2) at Oak Grove(2-0)
Ragsdale has lost to Northeast Guilford and Glenn this season, and Ragsdale needs a team that they can beat, and I’m not sure if Oak Grove is that team…Oak Grove knocked off West Forsyth last week, and Ragsdale must deal with a fresh load of Oak Grove Grizzlies, and I am not sure if Ragsdale is up to that task…Ragsdale is a young and developing squad, and the Tigers need more time for seasoning, this season…

Eastern Guilford(0-2) at Western Alamance(1-1)
Eastern Guilford would be choosing a very tough team to earn their first victory of the season against, and as tough as these WA Warriors are, season-in, and season-out, Eastern may be going up against at team that is not ready to go down in defeat…EG needs a win just as bad as every winless team in Guilford County, but the ‘Cats first win of the season may be coming during another week or two, down the road…WA is a very strong football program, and will the EG ‘Cats take down the Warriors??? Going to have to be one of those ‘near-perfect games’, for that to happen…

Western Guilford(0-2) at Southern Guilford(0-2)
WG headed down to the ole C.K. Siler Stadium…SG should have the edge since the Storm are home, but is there going any real edge, when you have two (0-2) teams about to face off…We are all still waiting to see that breakout game from SG QB Jamias Ferere…Will it come in this week’s game??? Not sure, but the SG Storm sure hope so…WG played decent football in their season-opening loss, 9-0, to Morehead…Then WG lost 8-0, to Northeast Guilford…The WG defense is playing all right football, it is the WG offense that must find itself..Malick Jones at RB, and Herb McNeal at QB, will play a big part in that WG offensive surge, if it hits this week…Southern Guilford has kids that are turning in good defensive efforts, and like WG, Southern must get that offense moving, and scoring…The age old question always has been, “Who won the game???”….And the answer has always come back at ya, “The Team with the Most Points”…..That is the deal, you must score points, and also score more points than the other team, in order to seal the deal, and win the football game…The offenses must be spot on, on Friday night, in order to secure the “W”…

Grace Christian Academy(0-2) at High Point Christian Academy(2-0) 7pm
HPCA has been playing good football, and you have to think, that with Grace Christian coming in here at (0-2), that High Point Christian should be (3-0) by game’s end…

Graham(0-2) at Bishop McGuinness(0-2) 7pm
Fairly long road trip for the Graham Red Devils, going from the West end of Alamance County, to the East end of Forsyth County…And by the time that Graham arrives in Kernersville, will the Red Devils be ready??? Not too sure about this one, but in the games we are looking back on, Bishop did put up some points….Going to need to take over this game early, and lay it on thick the rest of the way, if you are in the Bishop McGuinness Villains camp…

Southeast Guilford(2-0)

This week’s Picks:
Northern Guilford
Northwest Guilford
Northeast Guilford
Southwest Guilford
Oak Grove
Western Alamance
Southern Guilford
High Point Christian
Bishop McGuinness

This Week’s Top Ten List:
2)Northern Guilford(2-0)
3)Southeast Guilford(2-0)
5)Northwest Guilford(1-1)
7)High Point Andrews(2-0)
8)Southwest Guilford(1-1)
9)Northeast Guilford(2-0)
10)High Point Christian Academy(2-0)

We have six Guilford County teams, that are (0-2)…..

22 thoughts on “Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Preview/High School Football Tonight Week 3, and our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week

  1. The quarterback for Dudley seems more of a pocket Qb, works the pocket and reads. Wouldn’t matter if you had Derrick Henry in backfield.

  2. It looks like Dudley needs to find a mobile QB. When you look at every championship team they have had in the past, they always had a QB that could run the ball. Maybe even some Wildcat formations with Baker….

  3. Knowing the history of Dudley Qbs as dual threat why would he transfer to Dudley when he is a pocket passer. That is not dudley style.

  4. He’s not as mobile as those other guys of course but so far what I have seen boilings down to quick decision making and making the right reads. Against chambers in the full game scrimmage the offense was clicking and he was picking them apart. First two games though the offense has been in a slump. Even if they lose tonight, it has to come from just losing to a better team instead of the offense still being in a slump. It takes time though and championships aren’t won in August or September.

  5. Dudley is either going to be 9-1 or 8-2 heading into the playoffs, depending on what happens tonight, and we won’t really know a thing about the Panthers until the second or third round of the playoffs. Mid-State 3A is glorified scout team work for Dudley. Not their fault. It is what it is.

  6. Their season will all come down to QB play. They got a defense, Wrs, Rbs and even getting one back in a few weeks which may help and they also of course got a decent line with size. Hillside is a different animal this year though and this may be their best chance to come out of the 4A east side of the bracket in awhile. I actually picked Hillside to win this year even if the offense was clicking for Dudley. They are led by a lot seniors this year and should be really good. @Reality Czech I agree with everything you said. Some of these fans seem to talk like its their fault they are in 3A but we know it just comes from hate.

  7. It’s funny how we can mention players and get comments even from Andy but I spoke on bad coaching my comments was chopped up about Ben L.Smith. Let’s be mutual about everything. As long as you winning no one says anything. Dudley QB is a pocket passer adjust to his strength. Smith QB situation is need of a switch. But CH will not have it now respond to that GBoro and Smith fans.

  8. S/O to Northern Coaches and NW coaches. They have done a tremendous job so far. Northern always seems to have great coaching even when Roscoe left. From watching them, they aren’t as talented as previous years but the coaches are doing a great job.

  9. @Truth There are A LOT of good football coaches in the Triad. That’s one of the reasons teams from the area make so many deep playoff runs. And when administrators give them time to build, you get consistently strong programs and stability.

    The scary thing is that when a lot of these guys get a little older and have 25 years in with GCS or WSFCS they’re going to go to SC or GA or somewhere else that pays them what they’re worth. Good coaches in all sports have a huge impact on the vibe in the school and the good principals get that and treat them with the respect they deserve.

  10. So you have no comments about Ben L Smith Reality Czech but all over the place I’m talking about one situation and you guy’s proved my point we continue to talk about ever school and player’s except Smith. Now let’s here from my Smith folk. It’s been said we have great coaches from the 336 we have established that.

  11. We do need some changes at Smith I think but I can’t say what I really feel I’m to close to the program. Change is good at least give the backup QB a chance. Pocket passer starter complete athlete. Seems to me to many Chiefs.

  12. @Right to complain…Since you want someone to comment on the truth about smith here you go. The coaches can do a better job, we all know that but a lot of that lack of discipline and problems with the players comes from the parents as well. A coach can only do but so much. A few of the coaches on the staff are actually excellent. One in particular works and trains kids from every school in the triad just about but it’s the added additional coaches that are all over the place. The blame in this situation isn’t just the coaches though, it’s the parents involved, kids and the coaches. The mentality of some of those players quitting as soon as things get stuff and wanting to fight,etc I think it starts at home though, point blank period.

    @Reality Czech Right, North Carolina has to pay these coaches better, especially the ones who do a great job. It’s almost like they try to start off here with the intentions of getting an opportunity elsewhere.

  13. Of course the same problems go on at every school no one said the didn’t have good coaches but the fact of the matter it starts from the head not blaming parents weak excuse you must be a coach over there for you to say it’s the additional coaches. All blame on kids an parents smh. Coach whoever.

  14. @Right to complain You must be one of those people that just complain and won’t be pleased no matter what. Instead of complaining, figure out how you can help the situation.

  15. Regarding the NG vs EA write up. Coach Fred Brady was a good friend of mine. He died several yeras ago. The HC at EA is John Kirby who is also a friend.

  16. @Right to complain I don’t know why or how you got that assumption but your wrong. You were begging someone to comment on the situation and I did but I’m far from being on anyone’s staff, especially at Smith. I’d rather find anything else to do than to be over there coaching.

  17. Dude it’s Barbershop talk Truth says. I also asked let’s here it from our Smith people then it came out you talking smack also . Get out you feelings to sensitive you don’t have to explain all that it’s just shop talked dude. ESPN on paper.

  18. Thanks for that reminder up there Glenn Goss…Trying to keep all of the connections straight up on here, and with Coach Kirby, you get mind is it John Kirby, or Marion Kirby(Page HS), and then you have Fred Brady, whose son Ike Brady used to quarterback for him down at Eastern Alamance, when the Eagles were really getting good…Woody Durham, Wes Durham, Taylor Durham, the other Durham(the one at GreensboroSports.com) we are all taking our shots at sports history…

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