• Disappointed says:

    Lol. How long will that last?
    The bigger conferences, like the SEC, Big Ten will soon absorb the best of the ACC into their confeences and the ACC will be left with the small market schools (Wake, Virginia Tech etc…) while Clemson,UNC,Duke,Miami and FSU leave the ACC for grenner pastures.
    The ACC moving from Greensboro is asinine.
    There is no economic gain or any advantage for the ACC headquarters to move.
    Just something to satisfy the ego of Jim Phillips.
    Watching the excellent series the History of the ACC Tournament on the ACC Network made me realize how much better it was for college fans in the earlier days until greed starting taking over.

  • Ken says:

    Jim Phillip’s is the SOB that should not have been hired he brought NY ideas to the ACC that was not needed he is the SOB that needs to be leaving.

  • Constance says:

    Why???! what will they have a Charlotte that they don’t have in Greensboro ? With all the new businesses coming to Greensboro iI just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Some guy says:

    Somebody’s salty

  • Wolfpack78 says:

    Mark my words, Jim Phillips will ruin the ACC..he was NOT the right hire for this position. Everett Case is turning in his grave.

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