KickBack Jack’s(New Garden Road) Middle School Football Finals/Scoreboard:Southern Guilford-Western Guilford in “Guilford County Classic”(Send Us Your Scores)

Coming in today from KickBack Jack’s on Highwoods Blvd., just off of New Garden Road, in Greensboro…Great Food, Great Fun, and some Great Friends, at KickBack Jack’s…..
Southern Guilford 36, Western Guilford 30Overtime
Kiser 30, Allen Middle 16
Kernodle 14, Jackson 12
Southeast Guilford 28, Ferndale 6
Final from Bill Slayton
Jamestown Middle 8, Welborn 6
Mendenhall 44, Northern 12
Northwest Guilford 30, Eastern Guilford 0
Hairston Middle at Allen Jay Prep 5pm
Swann Middle at Northeast Guilford 5pm at Northeast Guilford HS Bill Bookout Stadium

Finals from our Wednesday afternoon Middle School Football Games for 9/21/2022:
Southern Guilford Middle 36, Western Guilford Middle 30 in Overtime…..
This one was true “Guilford County Classic”, especially considering this was their first game of the season…This game went back-and-forth, up-and-down, in-and-out, and every-which-a-way….
Has to be a Game of the Year Candidate, and it wasn’t always pretty, but it was pretty darn good, the whole/entire game….
The Fifth Quarter Game was basically Southern taking over, and they out-scored WG, 2 TD’s-to-none…
SG Knights vs. Western Guilford Tigers…..Knights vs. Tigers, it was…And what it was, was football….
4:22 First Quarter, Western scores first on 62-yard pass play, from Caleb Moore to Jaylen Hudson…Moore’s two-point run was good, and it was WG 8, SG 0
1:34 left in the First Quarter, SG got a 29-yard TD run by Alex Anderson, and the two-point run was good from Kyle Shockley, and were are tied up, SG 8, WG 8
End of First Quarter:WG 8, SG 8

Southern Guilford intercepts a WG handoff in the Tigers’ offensive backfield and the Knights are in busy again, as SG gets a 4-yard TD run from Shockley, and the two-point run attempt is no good, with 6:06 to in the Second Quarter, our score now goes, SG 14, WG 8
5:44 left in the Second Quarter, Western Guilford gets a 38-yard TD pass from Caleb Moore to Markevious McCullen and the two-point run by Moore is good, and the new score shows, WG 16, SG 14
With 4:21 to play in the Second Quarter, Southern Guilford comes up with a 47-yard TD run by Alex Anderson, and the Shockley two-point conversion run is good again, SG goes back in front, 22-16, over the WG Tigers….
Halftime Score:SG 22, WG 16

Southern Guilford gets rolling early in the second half, when Kyle Shockley takes off on a 20-yard TD run and the two-point conversion is successful, and this puts Southern Guilford ahead, 30-16, with 6:13 to play in the Third Quarter…
But, the Western Guilford Middle School Tigers are not playing dead, as the come alive on a big 45-yard touchdown run from Caleb Moore…The two-point attempt fails, and the score now reads, SG 30, WG 22
End of Third Quarter:Southern Guilford Middle 30, Western Guilford 22

At the 7:50 mark of the Fourth Quarter, WG gets a safety, as big number 71 for the Tigers, tackles the SG Knights’ ball carrier in the End Zone…
New score at the “Guilford County Classic”:SG 30, WG 24
The WG defense holds and the Tigers get the ball back and they march it down the field, and then Caleb Moore hits his receiver over the middle and the Tiger takes off and ends up, in the end zone for a WG TD, and after the failed two-point conversion run, we have a big knot on our hands at the Western Guilford Middle School…With 4:13 left to play in the ball game, we are all tied up at 30-30…WG 30, SG 30/SG 30, WG 30…Any way you slice it, we have a stalemate on/in our hands…
The WG Tigers go for and recover the onside kick, but they can not get it to paydirt, and we are going to be headed for OVERTIME….
End of Regulation:WG 30, SG 30/SG 30, WG 30

In OT WG gets possession first and the Tigers can’t get it into the end zone on their four plays from the opponent’s 10-yard line, and Southern Guilford squashes the WG drive with a pick/Interception from Seth Davis….SG gets the ball and they get a strong run from Kyle Shockley from 7 yards away, and Southern has put this game away, winning in OT, 36-30…

Final Score this afternoon from the Western Guilford Middle School:Southern Guilford Middle School 36, Western Guilford Middle School 30
The SG Knights over the WG Tigers, in a true “Guilford County Classic”…..

With the SG coach, Coach McCoury after the game…

More video on the way….
Here is the game-winning TD run for SG in Overtime…

More action from WG-SG in OT when you CLICK ON BELOW…

Lots of game action from SG at WG…

Here is one of those long WG runs…

This looks like another TD play right here…


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