JV Football Tonight Scoreboard for (10/13/2022):Winners so far include NWG, EG, Grimsley, SEG, Dudley, HP Andrews and NG

JV Football Finals:
from Wednesday night:
Northern Guilford 27, Page 20
Northwest Guilford 40, Ragsdale 24
See scoring rundown on the NWG-RHS game below…
Eastern Guilford 43, Southern Guilford 12
Grimsley 40, Southwest Guilford 12
Southeast Guilford 68, Western Guilford 14
Dudley 39, Rockingham County 0
High Point Andrews 30, Morehead 0
Thanks to Kday for sending us that High Point Andrews score, and thanks to all of the coaches that sent scores our way tonight…Thanks to all….

Northeast Guilford(3-3)-OFF

JV Football Standings in Guilford County
HP Andrews(3-3)

Scoring Tally for the Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford game:
7:12 First Quarter McKinley Vance 15-yard TD run for Northwest Guilford…Lennon Kyle two-point conversion run…
Northwest Guilford 8, Ragsdale 0
5:52 First Quarter Jahmir Cessley 21-yard TD run for Ragsdale Tigers and two-point conversion run failed…
NWG 8, RHS 6
Vance on a long run for NWG, and Quincy Bell with a 37-yard run for NWG…
3:59 First Quarter NWG QB Anders Mitchell with a 15-yard TD pass to McKinley Vance and Two-point pass fails…
NWG 14, RHS 6
2:36 First Quarter Jahmir Cessley with an 87-yard pass reception for a Ragsdale TD and Two-point pass fails…
NWG 14, RHS 12
NWG gets another catch and run from Quincy Bell Jr.
End of First Quarter:NWG 14, RHS 12

8:49 Second Quarter NWG recovers a RHS punt in the end zone…Punt by Ragsdale at their own 9-yard line and RHS lost yardage on their punt, touched the ball, and then NWG recovered the football in the end zone for the Touchdown…The Two-point run fails..
NWG 20, RHS 12
4:17 Second Quarter McKinley Vance scores on a 33-yard pass from NWG QB Anders Mitchell…Run fails…
NWG 26, RHS 12
1:10 Second Quarter Braylin Lewis with a 42-yard TD pass for RHS, and the Two-point pass fails…
NWG 26, RHS 18
Halftime:NWG 26, RHS 18

Second Half NWG gets a 30-yard run from QB Anders Mitchell..McKinley Vance running hard, and he could be the hardest running JV back in the county…

:29 Seconds Third Quarter:Anders Mitchell on a 1-yard TD run for NWG…Run for two fails…
NWG 34, RHS 18
End of Third Quarter:NWG 34, RHS 18

4:39 Fourth Quarter Anders Mitchell on a 60-yard TD run..Two-point pass fails…
NWG 40, RHS 18
:39 Seconds left in the Fourth Quarter RHS QB Lewis with a 22-yard TD pass..Two-point pass fails
NWG 40, RHS 24
(Elijah Owens and Deegan Sowards very tough on the Northwest Guilford defense in this NWG Viking Victory.)

Final Score:Northwest Guilford 40, Ragsdale 24