Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Preview/High School Football Tonight and your Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week

High School Football TONIGHT in and around Guilford County:
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(All games TONIGHT set to kick off at 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted….

Southwest Guilford(4-3/2-2) at Grimsley Grimsley(7-0/4-0)
The Grimsley Whirlies have not yet had an OFF night so far this season…With the two-QB system, featuring Ryan Stephens and Faizon Brandon, Grimsley has excelled…Mitchell Summers, JaCarion Maynard and Khalil Stimpson running and with Alex Taylor, Terrell Anderson, and Nolan Albright leading the receiving corps, Grimsley has been rolling…Bryce Davis, Jamaal Jarrett, and Stimpson pace the defense, and Southwest Guilford is going to have their hands full on defense, trying to slow down Grimsley, and several of the Cowboys are playing both ways, so they will be spent…Kyle Puckett, Jaylen Carl and Jerron Milton must be big up front for SWG, as their LB’s in Hunter Kane and Lawrence Higgs will be equally as important…Cale Lloyd and Corbin Wilson have been rotating at QB, and Darius Hairston is the top receiver…Grimsley has been hitting on all cylinders every week, and that is hard to stop…This is the time of the year now, where Defense wins these games…Better defense will win out…
Game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio 2, with Demetri Morrison….GreensboroSports Radio 2….Demetri Morrison, a graduate of Grimsley High School….

Northwest Guilford(5-2/3-1) at Ragsdale(1-6/1-3)
This might seem like a crazy analogy, but it is quite creative…I used to love it when the World’s Greatest Tag Team from the WWE, and that would be Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, and they would do their interviews and Shelton would talk on the interview first, and after he talked they would ask Charlie what he had to say, and Charlie Haas would say, “What He Said”…The WGTT(World’s Greatest Tag Team) would then go about their business…And Northwest Guilford needs to do the same thing that they did last week…Do the same thing you did last week…Play it again with Ballou at the controls…Tanner Ballou to Trent Cloud, Ballou to Prince Brown, Ballou to Hunter Greear, get Mike Godette running, and Bristol Carter should be back…We know the heavy emphasis is now on Defense, but with the NWG Offense, they have such a strike-happy assault, they need to keep on doing what he said, you know, repeat the same thing that they did last week…A new week for Ragsdale, and the Tigers must find a way to out-score Northwest, and you don’t want to get into a shooting match, with a the Wildest Gun in the Northwest….That would be the 2022 Rusty Larue, also known by now, as Tanner Ballou…Hackstall, Diggs, Cuyler, those are the key names for the RHS Tigers offense, but the real test will be coming the way of the RHS defense…

Page(4-3/3-1) at Northern Guilford(3-4/1-3)
This time I think our ‘Theme of the Week’, you know that heavy emphasis on Defense Theme, it should really play out in this game…Both teams have been fighting hard to get their offenses cranking, and it looks going into this contest, that Page would have the better defensive ball team…Paul/PJ Thompson has been a big defensive leader for Page, as has Alex Jones, up front on the defensive line…Tim Patterson has playing back old episodes of that TV series from the late 1960’s, you know that old show called, “It Takes a Thief”…Patterson has been stealing passes from the opposition and he has done it at least four times this season…If Page does have that defensive edge in this game, it could be enough to make the difference…Alexander Marsh has been filling at QB for Jack Mercer on the NG offensive side of the football…With Marsh only a sophomore, his inexperience has hurt him vs. more established defenses…This game will be another big test for him…Tyler Mosca has been very solid on both sides of the ball for Northern, and Page has been playing the Jerron Blackwell card the past two weeks at QB…Maurice Andrews with 150 yards rushing last week, but Page only put up 10 total points…But, it doesn’t matter, as long as the Page tight-knit defense shows up…The Page Defense should be the difference in this game…

Southeast Guilford(5-2/2-2) at Western Guilford(0-7/0-4)
SEG has found Bryson Serrano becoming more and more each week like Serrano, the big time hitter in that movie, Major League…Serrano has been hitting his receivers, mainly Mark Tillman, Khaleb Mosley, and Cam Williams, and the Falcons have been doing some major damage, with Serrano back there at QB…The SEG defense with Aaron Brown, Jordan Dollard, Camber Alcorn, Cam Williams again, and others has been very tough in recent weeks…The SEG Defense will be the difference in this game…Western Guilford held Page to 10 points last week, but with SEG, the Falcons flew out to 36 points last Friday night, and they gave up NO points…SEG “D” the difference…

Rockingham County(2-5/1-3) at Dudley(5-2/4-0)
Dudley’s first team Defense will probably get a rest in this game…Dudley’s defense should shut out The ROCK, and Dudley’s offense should also have a field day…Let that ball go to Nasir Newkirk, Cordell Bartley, and DJ Parker, and if you are the Dudley QB Andrew Attmore II, you would think, no need to go getting fancy, just throw it out there and let Newkirk, Bartley and Parker go get it…Hicks, Southern and others in the backfield should also be able to get all of their necessary touches in tonight….With Logan Wright up front, Kafi Abass in the middle at LB, and with Shawn Seagraves on the back line, Dudley just needs to keep the entire defense primed and prepared for the upcoming playoffs…Lots of young Dudley Panthers should get a chance to see action in this game this evening, at Tarpley Stadium….

Southern Guilford(5-2/4-0) at Eastern Guilford(4-3/4-0)….This will be our Game of the Week, on GreensboroSports Radio….This game shows up a further down the line in our list of games, but it is a very big matchup, coming up TONIGHT at Tommy Grayson Stadium…Defense will be the key in this contest too…Both teams have such powerful offenses, that the defenses will have to swarm to the football…For EG on offense, it will QB Tyreik Boyd, RB Jaiden Evans, and WR Steven Murray that serve to get the Wildcats going…For SG on offense, they look to QB Jamias Ferere, RB Rydell Herbin, and WR Conner Fields…EG has Ryan Larkin, who can do a number of different things for the ‘Cats…The ‘Cats on defense include LB’s Braxton Veiga and Solomon Howell and you have to also watch them turn loose Tavion Bullock…EG has the edge on Defense, and the Wildcats have more depth than the SG Storm….This will be a real battle, with SG trying to find a way to get ahead with their QB Ferere leading them, and Braxton Veiga, with Solomon Howell at his side, doing all that they can to make sure Ferere is not allowed to get his SG Storm team upfield…Game can be heard with Don Tilley joining us on GreensboroSports Radio…We couldn’t bring back Bob Trumpy, but we do have Don Tilley, and Don Moore on board for us…The Winner of this game here, SG at EG, will have the Dudley Panthers on their mind next…Both teams tonight trying to stay/steer clear of those yellow quail, those penalty flags, as the game goes on GreensboroSports Radio….

WS Atkins(1-5/0-4) at at Northeast Guilford(4-3/1-3)
NEG is ready to win this game, and that would give the Rams, five wins on the season…NEG needs to take this one with their “D”…You know, that “Ram Tough” defense…NEG has sufficient offense to take this one, with Cam Hatchell at QB, and Barry Tate at WR, plus there have been new NEG defenders stepping up every week for Coach Mark Raynor…NEG “D”, this is what we need to see more of tonight, at the Bill Bookout Stadium…NEG needs to set up a Defensive Cookout, at ‘The Bookout’…..

High Point Central(1-6/1-3) at Smith(1-6/1-3)
QB Cory Crump and RB Zion McCoy really got it going last week for HP Central, and this week, if the Smith Golden Eagles want to secure the victory, the Eagles need to be playing some first class Defense….Defense can win this game, you don’t want this to turn into a sloppy offensive shootout, where one team can not stop the other…Smith had that versus Burlington Cummings a few years back…Smith needs to get that freshman Wilson running and get Emmanuel Gilliam throwing the pumpkin/football to CJ/Carlos Neely…Smith has the weapons, and they need use them to their advantage…In the end, look for it, the better Defensive team will win this game…

High Point Andrews(4-4/1-3) at Morehead(3-4/1-2)
This is the time of the season/year where Andrews really needs to get Timothy Ratley Jr. rolling…Turn the kid loose, and have him running like he did vs. Smith, back in the very first week of the season…I hope he is still fully healthy, and that he can still go like he did back in August…Get Ratley rolling, but at the end of the night, HP Andrews must win this game with their Defense…It is like baseball at this time of the year, or any time of the year, for that matter…The best/better pitching is going to win the game for you…And in this high school football for October, it is the best/better Defense that is going to win the game for you….

Metrolina Christian(2-5/1-0) at High Point Christian Academy(3-4/0-2) 7pm
Here’s hoping that the HPCA Cougars can get rolling again…They have been spinning in recent weeks, and not sure what Metrolina will be bringing into High Point, but hoping that HPCA will come to play today…

Mountain Island Charter(2-4/0-4) at Bishop McGuinness(1-6/0-3) 7pm
Is it time to stick a fork in Bishop, or do the Villains still have some life left in them???

PICKS for this Week
Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Northeast Guilford
High Point Andrews
High Point Christian Academy
Mountain Island Charter

Top Ten Poll for this Week
3)Northwest Guilford(5-2)
4)Southeast Guilford(5-2)
6)Eastern Guilford(4-3)
7)Southern Guilford(5-2)
8)Southwest Guilford(4-3)
9)Northern Guilford(3-4)
10)TIE:Northeast Guilford(4-3)/High Point Andrews(4-4)

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  1. 83/122-1205yrds/68% comp/14td’s/1rshtd/Qbr 131.4…Yea, you’re right….THAT”S FANCY!! Based on your stats I’d rather him throw the ball, he hit’s his targets.

  2. Page’s defense led by Sr LB Thompson, Soph DB Blackwell, Soph DE Brown, Soph DB Hooker, Fr DT 6’6 260 Saunders, Jr DE Jones

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