KickBack Jack’s Middle School Football Scoreboard for (10/19/2022):NWG, Welborn, Mendenhall, EG, WG, SWG, Lincoln, SG, all already in as Winners(Send us Your Scores)

KickBack Jack’s Middle School Football Scoreboard/Finals:
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Northwest Guilford Middle 24, Jamestown Middle 6
Welborn Middle 44, Allen Jay Prep 6
Welborn(2-2)/AJ Prep(1-3-1)
Mendenhall Middle 44, Kernodle Middle 0
Eastern Guilford Middle 16, Kiser Middle 6
Western Guilford Middle 30, Northeast Guilford Middle 6
Southwest Guilford 34, Northern Guilford 6
Lincoln 24, Jackson 12
The Academy at Lincoln(2-2)
Southern Guilford Middle 32, Ferndale 0

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Swann Middle at Hairston Middle at Dudley High School/Tarpley Stadium 5pm
Allen Middle(0-1-1)-OFF/Bye Week
*********If we are missing your team, and your team is playing today, send us your game details…**********
Here is some Swann Middle School work I found for you…Swann vs. Southern Guilford Middle…

How the Guilford County Middle Schools teams are currently stacking up:
The Point College Prep/TPCP(4-0)
The Academy at Lincoln(2-2)
Allen Jay Prep(1-3-1)

Scoring rundown from today’s Jamestown Middle School at Northwest Middle School football game…..
Game did not start until after 5:30, as Jamestown had bus troubles/issues…JMS with an early lost fumble, and then NWG fumbled the ball right back to JMS…JMS on the ground with strong runs…NWG came up with a complete pass for good yardage, but NWG fumbled the ball away to Jamestown…Both teams came out with fumbles to start the second half….
The Scoring rundown from today’s Jamestown Middle School at Northwest Middle School football game:
End of First Quarter JMS 0, NWG 0
1:13 Second Quarter JMS on 6-yard run and the two-point run fails…JMS 6, NWG 0
:13 seconds left in the Second Quarter NWG on a 19-yard TD run, and the two-point conversion pass was good from Adam Reavis to Williams….NWG 8, JMS 9
Halftime:NWG 8, JMS 6
2:33 Third Quarter QB Adam Reavis takes off on a 78-yard Touchdown Run for NWG and the two-point run is good…
NWG 16, JMS 6
End of Third Quarter:NWG 16, JMS 6
2:03 Fourth Quarter NWG on a 22-yard TD run and the two-point conversion run was good…
NWG 24, JMS 6

Final Score:Northwest Guilford Middle 24, Jamestown Middle 6
(Game video and more details on the way.)
Interview with Coach Stewart, head coach for the Northwest Guilford Vikings…Lots of names mentioned by Coach Stewart and he gives us a very good recap of today’s NWG victory, over Jamestown Middle School…

Much more game action, CLICK ON BELOW…

Adam Reavis takes off on the 78-yard touchdown run for NWG…

A long run coming here, but this one was called back, due to a penalty, but a nice run, none the less…

This next run goes for a TD…

from the Eastern Guilford-Kiser game, by way of Twitter: