Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #10

Game ONE of the Week Stream: Northwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford with Andy Durham.

Game TWO of the Week Stream: Ragsdale at Southwest Guilford with Demetri Morrison.

UPDATE 6 – 10:20 PM

Grimsley (9-0) – 27
Page (5-4) – 22

Northwest Guilford (7-2) – 37
Southeast Guilford (6-3) – 10

Northern Guilford (4-5) – 9
Western Guilford (0-9) – 6

Ragsdale (1-8) – 7
Southwest Guilford (5-4) – 13

Southern Guilford (5-4) – 0
Dudley (7-2) – 50

Eastern Guilford (6-3) – 63
Smith (2-7) – 14

Northeast Guilford (5-4) – 27
Rockingham County (3-6) – 40

Winston-Salem Atkins (2-6) – 12
High Point Central (1-8) – 8

High Point Christian Academy (4-5) – 20
Southlake Christian Academy (0-9) – 0

Bishop McGuinness (1-8) – 14
Winston-Salem Prep (3-5) – 34

Winston-Salem Reagan (7-2) – 17
Mount Tabor (7-2) – 0

Reidsville (8-1) – 51
McMichael (6-3) – 14

Trinity (6-3) – 0
Randleman (5-2) – 70

Morehead – 2
Walkertown – 38

Providence Grove (6-3) – 48
Southwestern Randolph (5-4) – 21

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21 thoughts on “Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #10

  1. Grimsley was flat tonight and killed themselves with silly penalties but as all you sunken ship fans said against Western…a win is a win. Arrrggg. You can all come root for us in the playoffs.

  2. @Gfan won’t have to root for long. I told you Grimsley won’t make it far and I’m standing on it.

  3. @Page Alum – Shut down? ummm, we won genius. Hahaha But take your moral victory. That’ll serve you well I’m the future.

  4. What happened at the Smith-EG game? They didn’t get to finish the game due to something happening at Smith

  5. Page’s starting corner #8 went out injured early in the 1st quarter on a kick return, tough losing him, he is a big part of the secondary.

    Page was picked to lose by 30 in this one. Crazy they were within 5 points with 4 minutes left. The gap has been closed…

    That Page defense is tough and boy are they young. Grimsley’s wideouts were a tough match up, but Page was able to bottle up everything else nicely. Next week will be interesting, I love the momentum this ball club has going right now. GO PIRATES!

  6. DJ Parker with another pick 6 tonight. That’s 6 Int on the year for another sophomore on Dudley.

  7. Shut down as in Grimsley been putting up 40 to 50 points all season but page kept the game close and only allowed 27. It was a great game though. Grimsley has studs at WR for sure.

  8. EG over Smith 63-14, and as far as more, have not yet heard anything…

    Eastern Guilford at Dudley next Friday night, for the Conference Championship….

  9. Dudley fans shouldn’t get too excited about those stats. 22 kids from the parking lot could beat most of the Bad-State 3-A teams, except maybe Eastern. Dudley will roll the Wildcats, too, but not as bad as last year.

    That conference is an absolute joke, like a lot of the 3-A leagues after the last realignment. All of the good 3-As that weren’t manipulating their enrollment figures got bumped up to 4-A.

    We’ll see where Dudley really is in about the third round of the playoffs. The Panthers haven’t played anybody with a pulse since Hillside, but they still should be good enough for a deep playoff run and maybe even another state title in the watered-down 3-A.

  10. @Bad-State 3-A awww yo feelings must be hurt because you realize your team won’t be going anywhere this year. Dudley obviously lives rent free in your head because you’re worried about what we do and should be focused on your teams season. It doesn’t matter if 3A is weak, good or bad because Dudley has proven they can win on any level. Instead of being mad that they may have another chance at winning, you should be rooting for an area team but not surprised by the hate. Good luck on your season though!!!

  11. @Bad-State 3-A, don’t forget what Dudley did in the Metro 4A but since you coward behind the keyboard with your fingers maxpreps will tell you. The Metro 4A are only shooting for conference chips…now get ready for the playoffs!!!

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