High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Just One Week left in the Regular Season, as we Rewind Week #10

We are heading toward the Finish Line, as we Rewind last night’s action and begin looking ahead to the Final Games of the 2022 Regular Season…For some of our area teams, next Friday night will be the last time that they suit up for football this season…For many of the local kids, this will be the last football game that they will ever play…Let that sink in for a second, that is pretty deep, when you think back on all the work that they have put in over the years, as they put on the pads each and every week…

Last night, you got me thinking about last night, and among the things still running around in my head this morning are the close encounter between Grimsley and Page, and the big wheels are still turning making me try and figure out how Northwest was able to lay it on Southeast Guilford, and then you get that empty feeling when you see where Northeast Guilford got tripped up by The ROCK…Plus when you see where High Point Central got put down by WS Atkins, 12-8, you have to go hmmmm….

It is all here for you in your very own “Saturday Morning Rewind”, from GreensboroSports.com, and all we have to do is open up the vaults, and get our good friend from the past, George Michael to say those infamous/now famous Three Words, “Roll the Tape”/”Hit the Video”…And he might also be heard to say, “Play My Music”!!!!!

Only certain about one thing here, and that is we have our key Three Words too, “HERE WE GO”!!!!!!!!!!

We have a specialized opening to The Rewind every week, and we should get some bonus pay, but that may have to come later on…..

So again, in those famous/infamous words from General George Custer, “HERE WE GO”!!!!!

CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera, from the News and Record/HSXtra.com with his report on Grimsley at Page, from last evening….Also be sure to check out the Woody Marshall photo gallery when you get to the News and Record online, and I hope you don’t have to climb over the paywall…

CLICK HERE for the Friday Football Fever Show from WFMY TV 2…Amanda Ferguson, Jaylin Gilkey, Sean Higgins, and Chad Silber in here for you, and they have the “Play of the Week”(Cam Williams from SEG), the “Drive of the Week”(Tanner Ballou taking NWG on a drive to the end zone) and other key highlights from the NWG at SEG game, with photojournalist Brian Hall working his magic…Didn’t get to see the highlights shows LIVE last night, so I clicked on the videos upon arriving home…

CLICK HERE for the Friday Football Frenzy from FOX 8, with Kevin Connolly, Danny Harnden, and Clara Goodwin….Clicked them on numerous times last night, and found the NEG-ROCK score over here at FOX 8…

CLICK HERE for the WXII TV 12 High School Football Playbook, with Lauren Walsh, and John Walsh Johnson….Highlights from last night’s games, plus they have a special feature on Jerry Talley, from up there in Reidsville, as he is the MVP behind the team for Reidsville Rams football…Jerry Talley and Dale Hagwood, a very big part of Friday Night Football in Reidsville, N.C.

CLICK HERE for Grimsley over Page, coming in from the High School OT.com/www.wralsportsfan.com…..

CLICK HERE for the HSOT down East wrap up, plus they have a recap on WS Reagan over Mount Tabor….

CLICK HERE for the Football Friday TV Show from WRAL TV 5, with Kelly Hintz…We can remember Tom Suiter hosting this show for many years, and these days, Chris Lea(formerly of WXII TV and Southwest Guilford HS), also is a host on the TV 5 Sports…

CLICK HERE for our Friday Football Finish from GreensboroSports.com…If you missed it late last night, or early this morning, here it is, right at your fingertips/finger clicks….

CLICK HERE for The Rewind on last night’s Northwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford, and our Ragsdale at Southwest Guilford games, coming your way, by way of GreensboroSports Radio…We have the call of the Vikings and the Falcons, plus Demetri Morrison is on the call of the Ragsdale Tigers at the Southwest Guilford Cowboys…Get on board, with GreensboroSports Radio…

CLICK HERE with a word on the Charlotte Market, from the Charlotte Observer…Hopefully the paywall is down for the time being….

CLICK HERE for Jim Sands, with Rockingham County Now, and his look back to Rockingham County over the Northeast Guilford Rams, 40-27…..

We were (8-2) on our Friday night picks and just NEG and HP Central away, from going the perfect/elusive (10-2)…
This Week’s Picks:
Northwest Guilford-W
Northern Guilford-W
Southwest Guilford-W
Eastern Guilford-W
Northeast Guilford-L
High Point Central-L
High Point Christian Academy-W
WS Prep-W

++++++++++The Brian Simmons Picks never showed up, over at NCPreps.com, this week…++++++++++

**********One more thought, and if we were looking for the whale, it would be right now, but still with not all of the votes in or counted, but RB Mike Godette, from Northwest Guilford HS, had a whale of a game last night…Godette with with 319 rushing yards on 30 carries, plus two receptions good for 52 more yards and one Touchdown…Total Yards for Godette at 371 yards and one TD for NWG, in the Vikings victory over the Southeast Guilford Falcons…Godette was on Go, back on Friday night, and the only performance that I can remember topping his rushing total, was when I was in a game back in 1973, and our running back Herbert Pressley, at Western Guilford HS, ran for 360 yards on 10 carries, and he scored 7 rushing touchdowns that night(36 yards a/per carry on that night for WG’s Pressley), vs. the Randleman Tigers…Letters coming his way from Notre Dame and other large schools the following week…But Godette was going for the Downs, on Friday night, at the Bill Slayton Stadium, on the Southeast Guilford High School campus….**********

11 thoughts on “High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Just One Week left in the Regular Season, as we Rewind Week #10

  1. Hey, this is not football related but lately the website has been dark/tinted and hard to see from mobile phones. It used to show up as green.

  2. @Curious It was happening to me also..I don’t know about Iphone but Android..tap on the 3 dots in top right and select to open in chrome

  3. It’s just amazing how Dudley can’t get NO Love! All you here is they play in a “Weak” conference. So what..these Boyz are still over there putting in work every Game! Trained Skilled players! Put some RESPECT on Dem Boyz Name!!
    A Mama Bear!!!!!

  4. Well it’s the truth, Dudley’s conference is very weak but it’s also true Dudley put in work. Maybe Dudley should try to make a tougher non conference schedule

  5. Welp, they went 1-2 in their non-conference schedule. I don’t think they could handle it any harder. Clearly there is a very big difference between the 3a and 4a teams. Especially now with the last realignment…It stinks they can’t be back in the Metro 4a.

  6. @Falcon Flight, they beat the team that gave Grimsley the best game of the season and the game against Hillside was called due to outside interference. The only school in Metro 4A that people want to see is Grimsley!! But keep bumping your gums or letting your fingers twitch!

  7. @Falcon Flight & Welp, Dudley lost to Hillside on outside interference and they were scared to finish the game. Dudley also beat the team that gave Grimsley the best game of the season. Don’t worry about the realignment…if any of your Metro 4A teams advance to play Chambers, Dudley’s got the blue print for that as well, but with attitudes, hopefully they won’t share!!

  8. Welp, you have a point there. I wish Dudley would take out Southeast & Page and play teams outside the Piedmont more like they use to {Richmond Co, Southern Durham, Fayetteville Pine Forest, Raleigh Wakefield, Davie County, S. Iredell} I know Reidsville was going to replace Southeast last year, but Southeast didn’t want to break the contract and gate revenue. I remember Northern Guilford and Grimsley took Dudley off a few years ago, not the other way around. Because I am sick and tired of the crying and complaining that some Southeast Fans on here do every year. Every since that 2014 Seasons they been crowing and barking, can’t get Dudley off their mouths.

  9. Falcon Flight, you finally beat Dudley this year. So take this year and the 2018 Season your boys took 2 and maybe back in early 2000’s you took 1. So 4 Wins. Since 2000, Dudley is 18-4 against your Boys. Most of them was Blow Outs!!!! I see why Dudley stays in your Brain!!!! Your season is base on beating them vs winning a Championship or Conference Title!!!! Wasn’t it not to long ago your team was in the Conference with Eastern Guilford, Southern Guilford, Southern Alamance, Asheboro, Williams and SW Randolph???? So how can you talk junk about Dudley’s Conference now that you came out of???? How many Championships did you all win???? Dudley has won in 3AA and 4A. Lets not get into Track and Field Boys and Girls either or past Mens Basketball back in the day. Southeast will always be the Baby brother to Dudley. Now get to typing, because you SUPER MAD NOW!!!! As far with 3A s 4A. I will bet Kings Mountain, SouthPoint, Shelby Crest, Fayetteville 71st, Greenville Rose, New Bern, Havelock would beat SE by 2 TDs or more. In 4A we already know the Championship will either run through Chambers, East Forsyth or Grimsley this year. GOOD LUCK THOUGH!!!

  10. Whoever made that initial post with the name “Falcon Flight” is probably a Grimsley fan to be honest, trying to stir up the pot. They are the only school that constantly hates on Dudley for whatever reason. Southeast fans and Dudley hardly ever go at it and most are cool.

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