Early Controversy with NCHSAA High School Football Playoff Bracket:The Preliminary Brackets have been REMOVED/pulled after another misreported record was reported.

from the North Carolina High School Athletic Association:

The Preliminary Brackets have been pulled after another misreported record was reported.

We will keep watching closely and hope to have more news to report soon, from the offices of the NCHSAA, in Chapel Hill, N.C.

As your old coach used to say over at the said Parks and Recreation Center, where you played Youth League/Church League Football, “Hold Your Water”…Right now everything is on hold….We are in a true holding pattern, waiting for our takeoff…If Woody Durham was still with us, he would say from his perch high above Kenan Stadium, in Chapel Hill, “HOLD THE PHONES!!!!!”

Whether you played for the Lewis Recreation Center Redskins, the Green Valley Gators, First Baptist Church, Windsor Center, Warnersville Center, the Glenwood Bears, the Guilford Optimist, it don’t matter….They is who they say they is, and we won’t know a thing about these NCHSAA High School Football Playoffs until they get things cleared up down in Chapel Hill…Bill Dooley is now dead, Vince Dooler, the brother of Bill, and the former Georgia Bulldogs head football coach, just passed away yesterday at age 90….So you can see, that many of our legends are gone, but the legend of the 2022 HS Football Playoffs lives down between the pines in Chapel Hill, and we will keep opining more until we hear more about what is going on for this season’s postseason…

If we had to play a playoff game this Monday night, I would take my old Guilford Optimist team over the Windsor Center by 2 TD’s….They beat us back in the early 70’s in Round One, but we have made many strides over the years, and with our super seasoning, I think we could take them on Monday….

Stay tuned for more details, and for less tales from the crypt/crib….

You really can’t make things like this up, it is really getting kind of wild and crazy down in Chapel Hill, and Larry Fedora has not been seen in the city now for at least five years…