High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Last Night is gone, and now everyone is sitting around waiting for the NCHSAA Brackets to come out

UPDATES available and most recent NCHSAA Football Playoff Projections posted

The final Saturday Morning Rewind of the regular season is ready to begin, and we have it here for you, but the real deal coming up today, is all of the anxiety and anticipation, that comes with the buildup of the release of the NCHSAA High School Football Playoff Brackets…

This is like Christmas Day/Christmas Morning for some, and it like mourning the death of your grandma for others…

All we can do is sit back and wait for the release of the Preliminary Brackets, and they should be showing up around 1 or 2pm today, and the the Final Brackets should be coming out at around 3-4pm this afternoon, HOPEFULLY…Until then, all we can do is sit around and wait…Read from the website/websites, and keep on checking back, to see if any news has been released…

While we begin the “Hurry Up and Wait Process”, let’s turn our attention, and let’s turn on the ‘Saturday Morning Rewind Machine’…We have our good old friend George Michael III(from the George Michael’s Sports Machine) waiting in the wings to flip the switch, and it has been flipped, and here we go again….

CLICK HERE and you will do a flip here, for Joe Sirera over at the News and Record/HSXtra.com on last night’s Eastern Guilford at Dudley game…A Quick Take from Joe, but plenty of details in the pudding…

CLICK HERE for the Friday Football Fever Show, and it got the first flock of fans last night, with the FOX 8 Friday Football Frenzy being delayed due to the World Series on FOX, but WFMY TV 2 was coming through around 11:15pm with Amanda Ferguson, Jaylin Gilkey, Sean Higgins, and the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ Chad Silber, and they had reports on all of our area games…One that caught my attention was the Oak Grove-Central Davidson game…As my 7th grade math teacher Mr. Franklin used to say, “That was a goot one, right there”….

The FOX 8 Friday Football Frenzy Show got rolling real late last night, probably around 12:30am and no link to last night’s show, with Kevin Connolly, Danny Harnden, and Clara Goodwin available this morning, for The Rewind….Watched and listened to the show early this morning and the FOX 8 Sports Crew was at the Eastern Guilford-Dudley game last night, with their “Game of the Week” package…

We may be seeing a new trend here on this The Saturday Morning Rewind…Late in the season, final regular season games are in the books, and only the playoffs wait, as we head toward November….And we have another missing show…No link available for the WXII TV High School Football Playbook for this week…Week 10 is still up on their site, and Week 11 is late on arrival..Tried to catch the end of their show last night, but Jimmy Fallon was already doing his thing, on the Tonight Show…WXII’s John Johnson was out at Dudley last night for the Eastern Guilford game, and that was WXII TV 12’s “Game of the Week”…

Well we are batting .333 on these highlights shows this morning, going 1-3, so maybe we need to turn our attention to another direction…

CLICK HERE for the High School OT at WRALSportsFan.com and you’ll get their report on the Chambers win over Mallard Creek last night, and now there is a three-way tie for First Place in the Queen City 4-A Conference…Joel Bryant on the post…

CLICK HERE for the most recent NCHSAA Football Playoff projections, from J. Mike Blake, at High School OT and WRALSportsFan.com….

CLICK HERE to get in on the Friday Night Finish, from our team at GreensboroSports.com…..Burning the ‘late night oils’ for you, last night here at the site….

CLICK HERE for last night’s Eastern Guilford-Dudley football broadcast on GreensboroSports Radio, and you can also Click On Here, for GreensboroSports Radio 2, with Demetri Morrison bringing you the Southwest Guilford at Northwest Guilford game last evening, and you can Rewind those games now, on the Saturday Morning Rewinder….Coaches Interviews, lineups, Player of the Game, Plays of the Game, and more from GreensboroSports Radio….

Looking back at the Brian Simmons picks from last night:(8-1)
Northern Guilford (4-5, 4A) at Grimsley (9-0, 4A)* – G by 44-W
Southwest Guilford (5-4, 4A) at Northwest Guilford (7-2, 4A)* – N by 25-W
Southeast Guilford (6-3, 4A) at Page (5-4, 4A)* – S by 3-W
Western Guilford (0-9, 4A) at Ragsdale (1-8, 4A)* – R by 21-W
Eastern Guilford (6-3, 3A) at Dudley (7-2, 3A)* – D by 19-W
Smith, Ben L. (2-7, 3A) at Northeast Guilford (5-4, 3A)* – N by 14-L
High Point Central (1-8, 3A) at Southern Guilford (5-4, 3A)* – S by 28-W
Rabun Gap(GA) (6-3, Ind) at High Point Christian (4-5, Ind) – R by 53-W
Christ the King (7-2, 1A) at Bishop McGuinness (1-8, 1A)* – C by 29-W

GreensboroSports.com Picks:(7-2)
Northwest Guilford-W
Northeast Guilford-L
Southern Guilford-W
Rabun Gap-W
Christ the King-W