Friday Night Finish:What We Learned on the Last Night of the Regular Season

What did we learn on the last night of the high school football regular season???

We learned the Dudley Panthers are the new 2022 Mid-State 3-A Conference Champions…We learned that the gap between the Dudley Panthers and the Eastern Guilford Wildcats, is still a very wide chasm…The gap is very large, and you can almost say it is huge…At least that was the way it looked, after the ‘Cats scored with 5:24 left in the First Quarter, to make it just a two-point Dudley lead, 8-6….

After that Eastern Guilford touchdown, and failed two-point conversion, the Dudley Panthers roared back to out-score the EG Wildcats 43-0, before Eastern landed in the end zone again, as the Wildcats scored in the Fourth Quarter, to give us the 51-13 final…

Forty-three to nothing was the Dudley run, and a move/run like that, can put you away in a hurry….Don’t get me wrong, Eastern Guilford is making much progress with their football program, but in some ways, the Dudley Panthers were playing better tonight, than they were last season, when they won the NCHSAA 3-A State Championship….

Dudley’s Andrew Attmore II was a very smooth operator back there at quarterback tonight…Dudley went with the empty backfield formation maybe 7-8 times tonight, and that proves that Dudley head coach Steven Davis, and the Panthers’ assistant coach, and offensive coordinator Antonio Hall, have a lot of confidence in Attmore II…

Attmore with six(6) touchdown passes tonight, and three(3) of those TD passes went to sophomore wideout/wide receiver, Nasir Newkirk…Newkirk is great route runner, and not sure if you can cover him properly with just one defender…Newkirk was going sideline, slant, just plain old go routes, you name it, he was running it, and Attmore II was finding him wide open, and then Newkirk did the rest…A fine route runner, and he can run past you, and by you after the catch…

All of those Dudley receivers were running outstanding routes on Friday night….Newkirk, Koredell Bartley, RJ Baker, LJ Southern, Savoi Edwards, and others…We will have some stats coming in here later on, from Joe Sirera at the News and Record/HSXtra, but the scoring totals don’t lie….Dudley was really prepped for this Conference Championship Battle on Friday night, at “The Tarp”/Tarpley Stadium…
(We also learned that the Dudley receivers can really run their routes.)

The Panthers got RB/WR RJ Baker back tonight, and they pretty much got all of him…He was running short pass routes, and turning them into big gainers…Rory Baker Jr. may be better as a pass receiver, than he is as a pure running back…

Again, it all goes back to Dudley running those pass routes right…The short swing pass in the flat has become a premium yard-gainer for the Panthers, and the pass on this night, was the Panthers prime route to success…Dudley didn’t necessarily have to run down the Eastern Guilford Wildcats throats, because Dudley was able to head them off with the pass…

Dudley’s defense was as strong as ever….Logan Wright continues to be the right man up front along the defensive line, as he is the leader of the Panthers Defensive Charge…Wright also out there on offense for the Dudley Panthers, lining up as a blocking back, for the Panthers…

Dudley a pass-first, run-second football team??? If necessary Dudley can go that route….All of the work the Panthers have put into their passing game, it is now paying off…Dudley running that empty backfield, five wide receiver formation as many times as they did in this EG game, shows you how serious Dudley is about being willing to put the football in the air…They can go that way, and they can, and will be successful…Line it up, and throw it, fits fine for Dudley…

High School football players like to go upfield, and they like going after the big catch…Dudley is there, and they are putting the ball in the air…Dudley saw something they liked, and tonight/Friday night, they went for it…

Andrew Attmore II has the arm that can get Dudley rolling in the playoffs, and Attmore II has plenty of targets that he can choose from, but for sure, #1 Nasir Newkirk is his primary #1 target…Newkirk can go and get it…He knows when and how to get open, and Koredell Bartley is not very far behind him…

Very impressed with this Dudley Panthers effort tonight, they are a quality 3-A high school football program…Have been for the past 20-plus years…Going to be fun to see what playoff route they end up on in the postseason….That Dudley offensive line up front deserves a lot of credit to…This group has done a lot of growing up since the first part of the season…Names like Joshua Short, Braxton Smith, Jameson Peguese, Jaden Blue, and Malcomb Kennion have been holding those O-line spots for most of the season, and we again pass credit on to them, for their blocking on the pass and run plays…

Again, going to be fun to see what playoff route the Dudley Panthers end up with…

Here is how the scoring went tonight with Dudley over Eastern Guilford, 51-13……
6:11 First Quarter Andrew Attmore II to Nasir Newkirk on a 35-yard TD pass..RJ Baker from Attmore II on the two-point pass play…Dudley 8, Eastern Guilford 0
5:24 First Quarter Eastern Guilford’s Jaiden Evans on a one-yard TD run…The two-point play fails…Dudley 8, EG 6
(EG with a 55-yard Kickoff Return from Steven Murray, followed by a 30-yard run from EG QB Tyreik Boyd set up the 1-yard run for the touchdown, from Evans.)
End of First Quarter:Dudley 8, Eastern Guilford 6
8:21 Second Quarter Dudley’s LJ Southern on a 7-yard TD run…PAT Kick from Yero Woodson is good…Dudley 15, EG 6
3:58 Second Quarter Dudley’s Attmore II hits Newkirk again, this time good on a 24-yard TD pass..PAT Kick from Woodson is no good…Dudley 21, EG 6
0:18 Seconds left on the Second Quarter clock and Attmore II connects with Southern on a 9-yard TD pass, and Attmore II hits Newkirk on the two-point conversion pass play, and now our score is Dudley 29, EG 6
Halftime:Dudley 29, Eastern Guilford 6
11:08 Third Quarter Dudley’s QB Attmore II gets it going again, with his 64-yard TD pass to Koredell Bartley…The Woodson PAT Kick is good…Dudley 36, EG 6
7:42 Third Quarter Attmore II finds RJ Baker open for an 8-yard TD pass for the Panthers’ #8…Zayvion Clapp, the Dudley PAT kick holder, picks up a low snap, and Clapp with the snap takes off on the two-point run, and Clapp gets it…Dudley 44, Eastern Guilford 6
0:50 Seconds left in the Third Quarter finds Dudleys’ Attmore II with his sixth and final TD pass of the game, as he delivers on a 17-yard TD tally to Nasir Newkirk again…Andrew Attmore II started off the game with a TD to Newkirk, and he ends his game with TD pass to Newkirk…The Woodson PAT kick was good again…Dudley 51, Eastern Guilford 6
6:22 Fourth Quarter Eastern Guilford’s Javen Cole finds the end zone on a 9-yard run, and the Conner Smith PAT kick is good…Dudley 51, EG 13
Final Score:Dudley 51, Eastern Guilford 13
Dudley(8-2/7-0)…Eastern Guilford(6-4/6-1)
Our Steak n Shake Players of the Game were Andrew Attmore II and Nasir Newkirk on Offense, and Logan Wright, from Dudley on Defense….
from Joe Sirera, at the News and Record/ stats coming in from CLICK HERE, and good/great work turned in from Joe last night, over at Tarpley Stadium…
Eastern Guilford — QB Tyreik Boyd 6-of-11 passing, 36 yards; RB Jaiden Evans 12 carries, 43 yards, TD; WR Steven Murray 2 catches, 25 yards, 51-yard kickoff return.
Dudley — QB Andrew Attmore 19-of-27 passing, 290 yards, 6 TDs, 2 2-point conversion passes; RB Jailen Hicks 13 carries, 74 yards; RB L.J. Southern 5 carries 44 yards, TD, 3 catches, 21 yards, TD, 2-point conversion catch; WR Nasir Newkirk 4 catches, 112 yards, 3 TDs; WR Koredell Bartley 5 catches, 99 yards, TD; ATH R.J. Baker 7 carries, 33 yards, 4 catches, 24 yards, TD, 2-point conversion catch.

The way our Guilford County teams are looking going into Saturday’s NCHSAA Playoff Seedings and Brackets…
Metro 4-A
Northwest Guilford(8-2/6-1)
Southeast Guilford(7-3/4-3)
Southwest Guilford(5-5/3-4)
Northern Guilford(4-6/2-5)
Western Guilford(0-10/0-7)

Mid-State 3-A
Eastern Guilford(6-4/6-1)
Southern Guilford(7-3/5-2)
Northeast Guilford(5-5/2-5)
High Point Central(1-9/1-6)

Mid-State 2-A
High Point Andrews(4-6/2-5)

Some of the Final Notes, on the Final Friday night of the Regular Season…
Grimsley goes unbeaten…Page got up sky-high for Grimsley, but found the going too rough vs. Southeast Guilford…Smith defeats NEG in the JV game on Thursday and then Smith goes out on Hicone Road, and takes out the NEG Rams’ varsity team on Friday night…The Smith win over NEG, and the SEG solid win over Page, were the two games that really got our attention on Friday night…Northwest Guilford is a really hot team, going into the playoffs…They are utilizing their WR’s(Carter, Cloud, Brown) and RB Mike Godette to the max…Tanner Ballou is running a very solid and steady offense, for the NWG Vikings…

Which team from Guilford County will last the longest in the playoffs? Who will it be??? Is it going to be Grimsley, Dudley, Northwest Guilford, Southeast Guilford, Page, Eastern Guilford, or others???

Odds make it look like this
Eastern Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Southern Guilford

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  1. The only team I see standing in Dudley’s path to the Championship Game is King Mountain, Dudley would have to travel to them because KM most likely be the #1 West Team. They are tough playing teams like South Point, Shelby, Shelby Crest. Grimsley main issues would be Chambers, Hough or E. Forsyth. The Triad may have 3 Champions in DUDLEY, GRIMSLEY & REIDSVILLE for 2022.

  2. Chambers with a convincing win over Mallard Creek last night…Coach Wiggins(Smith HS) for Chambers vs. Coach Tinsley(Dudley HS/Eastern Guilford HS/Southeast Guilford HS) in that big rival game, down in Charlotte….

  3. Has anyone seen the Dudley Panthers’ super fan Dennis Williamson lately???

    Have been looking for Dennis at the games, but have not been able to spot him…

    Hope he and Waddell are doing OK these days, as they cheer on the Dudley Panthers…

  4. Andy Dennis is fine and okay, I talk to him several times a week and we sit together at the games at the 50 yard line at the very top. Matter of fact, we be right under you at the press box. We seen you up there. We was right under you this past friday again. I will call him today and tell him you asked about him. Plus him and his other buddies be outside frying fish tailgating before the game too, lol!

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