Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones criticized for his Halloween costume:Should he dress up as the Lombardi Trophy next year???

Jerry Jones criticized for Halloween costume
from Eric Smithling, with YardBarker.com/www.yardbarker.com

The National Federation of the Blind criticized Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones over his Halloween costume this year in which he dressed as a blind NFL referee.

The public relations director of the NFB, Chris Danielsen, told TMZ Sports, “when anyone perpetuates that stereotype, it’s harmful.” He also mentioned the fact that “nearly 70 [percent] of blind people are unemployed,” per TMZ Sports.

On the surface, poking fun at referees for making horrendous calls and “not seeing” certain penalties that should be called isn’t insidious.

Implying that referees don’t perform at an appropriate level because they have a physical impairment isn’t a great look – particularly for the most famous owner in the NFL — and it rubbed Danielsen the wrong way.

Danielsen called the costume “unfortunate” due to the fact “it leans into the underlying stereotype that blind people are ‘incompetent.'” (h/t TMZ Sports)

Their report also mentions despite the NFL routinely fining players, coaches, and owners for criticizing officials, the league office declined to issue any penalty to Jones for his critique of NFL officials.

To avoid a repeat of his misguided costume, perhaps next year Jones could dress up as something not based in reality, something no one has seen in Dallas in nearly three decades. He could dress us as a Lombardi Trophy.