KickBack Jack’s(New Garden Rd.) Middle School Football Today Finals:EG, Kiser, NWG, Jamestown, Allen all Winners, and more scores on the way(Send Us Your Score)

More scores and details from these games on the way….
Eastern Guilford Middle 31, Kernodle Middle O
Kiser Middle 20, Western Guilford 8
Northwest Guilford Middle 50, Northern Guilford Middle 12
Jamestown Middle 14, Southeast Guilford Middle 12
Allen Middle 14, The Academy at Lincoln 6
Welborn Middle(3-2) OFF/Bye Week

Interview with Eastern Guilford assistant football coach, Coach McKnight, after the EG Wildcats’ 31-0 win over the Kernodle Cougars…CLICK ON BELOW for Coach McKnight talking about a lot of Eastern Guilford Wildcats…

#10 Seth Cummings with an Interception for the Kernodle Cougars…CLICK ON BELOW

Incomplete pass coming from the Kernodle Cougars…CLICK ON BELOW

Eastern Guilford fumbles punt/punt return, but still maintains ball possession…CLICK BELOW

Big run by #4 from Eastern Guilford…CLICK BELOW

Kernodle holds EG to a short gain/run…CLICK BELOW

EG runner with a solid gain…CLICK ON BELOW

EG receiver going for a TD, but there is a flag on the play…CLICK BELOW…

EG pass to the end zone falls incomplete…CLICK BELOW.

#5 Trent Horton on the reception for Eastern Guilford…CLICK ON BELOW..

Kernodle Middle with a huge defensive stop on 4th down…CLICK ON BELOW…

Big catch and run by Kernodle’s Andres Ortega, who caught the pass from Seth Cummings…CLICK BELOW…

Ortega with another good run for Kernodle…CLICK BELOW.

Late run toward the goal line for Eastern Guilford…CLICK BELOW.

Down at the post game huddle with the Eastern Guilford Middle School Wildcats football team…CLICK BELOW…

Scoring rundown from the EG-Kernodle game today/Wednesday November 2, 2022…
5:08 First Quarter EG on a 1-yard TD run by #56(Christopher Monroy-Santos)…Two-point conversion run good by Trent Horton…EG 8, Kernodle 0
End of First Quarter:EG 8, Kernodle 0
7:22 Second Quarter EG on a 43-yard TD pass from Chance Patton to Javion Majette..Two-point attempt fails…EG 14, Kernodle 0
6:27 Second Quarter it is BIG #56(Christopher Monroy-Santos) and BIG #58(Xzavier Williams) for EG tackling the Kernodle runner in the end zone for the two-point Safety…EG 16, Kernodle 0
Halftime:EG 16, Kernodle 0
End of Third Quarter:EG 16, Kernodle 0
3:53 Fourth Quarter BIG #56(Christopher Monroy-Santos) for EG on a 10-yard touchdown run…#62(Caden Nelson) with the PAT Kick that is good…EG 23, Kernodle 0
38.1 Seconds left in the Fourth Quarter EG’s #28(Decarlos Taybron) on a 42-yard TD run…Two-point run is good by #24(Landon Cuthrell)…EG 31, Kernodle 0
Final Score:Eastern Guilford Middle School 31, Kernodle Middle School 0
from Eastern Guilford Middle School, with Coach Peguese today:

********Several big Sacks on defense by Kernodle’s Simeon Libby…Libby all over the place on defense for the KMS Cougars today…**********
++++++++++ #4 Abram Holland with quite a few good runs for Eastern Guilford today…++++++++++

Here’s how the Guilford County Middle Schools have stacking up/lining up:
The Point College Prep/TPCP(4-0)
The Academy at Lincoln(2-3)
Allen Jay Prep(1-4-1)

Don’t forget the lineup that they have going on for you, over at KickBack Jack’s…..
KickBack Jack’s Middle School Football for today, as we enter what is Week Six for most of the teams in Guilford County…This week, and next week, and we will have the 2022 season in the books…KickBack Jack’s is ready for you this football season…College Football, with the BIG Tennessee at Georgia game on the Big Screen TVs at Kickback Jack’s on Highwoods Blvd. at New Garden Road this Saturday afternoon, and Wake Forest at N.C. State playing at KickBack Jack’s this Saturday night…Plus the NFL plays here, and you have the World Series, with Philadelphia and Houston going at it, at KickBack Jack’s….You have Great Fun and Great Fun waiting for you, at KickBack Jack’s….KickBack Jack’s supports our Middle School Football Teams, here in Greensboro and Guilford County….

KickBack Jack’s Middle School Football for Today/Wednesday November 2:
Allen Jay Prep(1-4-1) vs. Ferndale Middle(0-3) at the High Point Athletic Complex 5pm
Southern Guilford Middle(4-1) vs. Penn Griffin Middle at High Point Athletic Complex/AJ Simeon Stadium 5pm
Jackson Middle(1-3-1) at Hairston Middle 5pm at Tarpley Stadium/Dudley HS
Mendenhall Middle(3-2) at Northeast Guilford Middle(1-4) 5pm at Bill Bookout Stadium/Northeast Guilford HS
Swann Middle(0-2) at Southwest Guilford Middle(3-1) 5pm at Southwest Guilford HS