Steve Spurrier still going after the Tennessee Volunteers

Steve Spurrier never misses a chance to get in a dig at Tennessee
from Adam Gretz, with

Steve Spurrier always had a knack for beating Tennessee during his various head coaching stops, and he has always been quick to deliver a fierce one-liner in the Volunteers’ direction.

He did it again this week when discussing where the Volunteers’ season goes after getting crushed by South Carolina (one of Spurrier’s old stomping grounds) to all but eliminate them from college playoff contention.

Spurrier said he “almost feels sorry” for Tennessee and went back to one of his classic Volunteers digs, via the Post And Courier.

“They’re not going to win the division, they’re not going to win the SEC, they’re not going to get in that final four. They’re just going to have a little bit better than average year now. Someone told me, ‘Tennessee is probably headed for the Citrus Bowl now.’ I guess that’s kind of a mean thing to say.”

When Spurrier was coaching at Florida and in yearly battles with Tennessee for a top spot in the country, he would routinely make cracks about Tennessee getting postseason consolation prizes, and even once quipped that “you can’t spell Citrus without UT.”

The joke, of course, being that the Citrus Bowl is not really the bowl a top-tier college football program would ever want to be playing in. Especially when a national championship is the goal and expectation.

Spurrier owned a 14-10 all-tine record against the Volunteers and even after he is no longer coaching against them he still has a way to get some wins against them.

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