Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – 2022 NCHSAA Championships

Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – 2022 Championships

Our Game of the Week Stream: New Bern vs Grimsley with Don Tilley and Andy Durham.


4A Championship – FINAL Friday
#2 New Bern (16-0) – 40
#1 Grimsley (15-1) – 28

2A Championship – FINAL Saturday
#2 East Duplin (15-1) – 24
#1 Reidsville (14-2) – 21

1A Championship – FINAL Saturday
#4 Mount Airy (15-1) – 20
#1 Tarboro (13-2) – 7

3A Championship – FINAL Saturday
#4 East Lincoln (16-0) – 30
#1 Northern Nash (15-1) – 15

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11 thoughts on “Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – 2022 NCHSAA Championships

  1. I am wrong, but are NB DBs turning their backs to the ball and making contact with the Grimsley receivers while the ball is in the air on nearly every pass?
    And what happened with the NB head coach screaming at the refs at their sideline and then they picked up the flag?

  2. Defense got better against the triple option. Unfortunately, our Quarterback didn’t have a good game.
    Hats off to the Whirlies. A great season and the future is bright.

  3. All that talent and got beat by a team that didn’t complete a single pass smh. Back to the recruiting trail for the swirlies.

  4. These young men had an unbelievable, exceptional, special season. And by young men, I’m meaning these teenage boys. New Bern was better tonight. And that’s all you have to be, better for one night. The “adults” on this board, and the haters on this board will continue to hate. “Recruiting” Smh. That’s ok. Those in the know, know. And the kids that are battling, will continue to work continue to strive. And continue to do what’s right. Very proud of this team. These guys are winners. The coaching staff are winners. 16 weeks…15-1. Came up short tonight. It sucks. But… They will be back. And as always you haters will keep on hating. Lol.

  5. @Oops I hope your team enjoyed watching the Whirlies dominate this year. All that talk about Charlotte, Raleigh..whatever. Congrats to NB they beat a very talented team on one night.
    We will be right here for years to come.

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