Eddie George says Dak Prescott is holding the Dallas Cowboys back(Prescott is the team’s weakness)

Former NFL star believes Cowboys are being held back by this player
from Eric Smithling, with YardBarker.com/www.yardbarker.com

The Cowboys have a strong defense and running game, but former NFL running back Eddie George believes QB Dak Prescott is the team’s weakness.

After Dallas’ 27-13 win Thursday night over shorthanded Tennessee, the ex-Titans star weighed in on the veteran quarterback.

“As far as the quarterback play … that’s the problem. [Prescott]’s the Achilles’ heel,” said George via The 33rd Team.

Prescott was unexceptional against Tennessee, finishing 29-for-41 passing for 282 yards and two TD passes. He also had two interceptions and a lost fumble.

What George saw Thursday night didn’t leave him feeling hopeful about the Cowboys’ chances of advancing deep in the playoffs.

George told The 33rd Team that the “offense should be humming … not making a lot of mistakes,” and that he saw Prescott make “a lot of forced throws” that an experience QB should not make.

For Dallas (12-4) to win its first Super Bowl in 27 years, George offers a plan that makes sense.

“Less is more when it comes to Dak Prescott,” he said. “Have him throw the ball 25 times or less. Run the football. Control the clock.”

Prescott is the face of the franchise on the field. If his performance Thursday is a sign of things to come, Dallas is better off with its QB taking a backseat in the postseason.