High School Basketball Tonight Scoreboard/Finals for (1/6/2023) as Northern Guilford goes into NWG and comes away with Two Victories:NG Boys in OT/NG Girls(13-0) and More Scores

High School Basketball Tonight Finals on our 1/6/2023 Scoreboard…..Lots of Updates on this Post…Check them out
More scores on the way….Still a lot of missing scores, and we will find them…..
Northern Guilford 56, Northwest Guilford 38
NG(13-0/5-0)/NWG(10-4/4-1)…More on this game on the way…Go to GreensboroSports Radio now to listen back to this game…NG at NWG…Postgame interviews with Jadyn Newsome and Jasmine Harris from NG…
End of First Quarter:NG 18, NWG 11…Halftime:NG 30, NWG 18…End of Third Quarter:NG 42, NWG 24…Final:NG 56, NWG 38
NG Scoring: Jadyn Newsome 24 points, Jasmin Harris 13, Skyler Fowler 7, Laurel Zlotkowski 4, Lizzie Gram 3, Malena Delisa 3, Christina Delisa 3…
NWG Scoring:Maslyn Mosbacher 14, Madison Young 10, Kamryn Snyder 7, Bel Varadi 4, Haylea Huffines 4…
Ragsdale 56, Grimsley 48
RHS(3-9/Grimsley(3-10)…First Metro 4-A Conference win for the Ragsdale Tigers…
Ragsdale Scoring:Nicole Tarver 22 points, Mya Patrick 18 pts., Ja’Maya Boddie with 8 pts. and numerous assists…
Page 58, Western Guilford 33
Dudley 56, Rockingham County 55
Dudley(9-5)/ROCK(11-2)….Very big win for the Dudley girls basketball program this season…
High Point Andrews 50, West Stokes 20
HPA(8-3)/West Stokes(3-11)
Eastern Guilford 38, Southern Guilford 25
WS Atkins 32, Northeast Guilford 27
Bishop McGuinness 68, Leadership Academy 14
High Point Christian 40, Wesleyan Christian Academy 32
Alamance Christian 54, Vandalia Christian 30
Piedmont Classical 83, Carter G. Woodson 6
McMichael 49, Morehead 34

Northern Guilford 70, Northwest Guilford 69 OT
NG(4-7/2-3)/NWG(5-7/1-4)…More on this game on the way…Go to GreensboroSports Radio.com to listen back to this game. NG at NWG…
End of First Quarter:NWG 18, NG 15…Halftime:NWG 31, NG 29…End of Third Quarter:NG 46, NWG 45…End of Regulation:NWG 61, NG 61…End of Overtime:NG 70, NWG 69
NG Scoring:Ben Mulry 19 points, Chris Mitchell 15, Michael Juergens 8, Jordan Williams 8, Will Thomas 6, Andrew Benincasa 5, Cameron Milton 4, Christian Davis 2, Kevin Mcfield 2
NWG Scoring:Ryan Debow 16 points, Jacob Huitsing 14, Caleb Palombo 12, Jackson Godfrey 9, Sean O’Brien 7, Conner Nix 6, Dawson Esbrant 5…
Grimsley 78, Ragsdale 47
Grimsley(10-4, 4-1)/RHS(9-5)
Grimsley Scoring:Zacch Wiggins 31 pts…Jaylon Bumpass 19 pts…Alex Taylor 10 pts
Southwest Guilford 58, Southeast Guilford 54
Dudley 69, Rockingham County 32
Page 64, Western Guilford 48
West Stokes 56, High Point Andrews 42
WS Atkins 74, Northeast Guilford 50
Greensboro Day School 61, Cape Fear Academy 37
GDS(17-3)/Cape Fear(11-4)
Bishop McGuinness 67, Leadership Academy 23
Alamance Christian 63, Vandalia Christian 55
High Point Christian 53, Wesleyan Christian Academy 37
Cornerstone Charter 67, River Mill 61…Cornerstone now (11-0)/RM(5-8)
Oak Ridge Military Academy 81, Rockingham R.A.G.E. 67
Piedmont Classical School 64, New Life Christian Academy 55
Morehead 79, Michael 47

Looking back at Northern Guilford girls at Northwest Guilford…NG now at (13-0) on the season…Christina Delisa got in foul trouble for NG in the first half, and she had to sit for much of the opening half…But, NG got great PG work from Malena Delisa and Jasmine Harris, and NG also had a very strong inside game coming from Jadyn Newsome…

Newsome was very tough, but very smooth around the basket for Northern Guilford on Friday night…Lizzie Gram and Laurel Zlotkowski also gave NG solid play, with Lizzie working well at the two guard spot, and Laurel was hitting the boards and doing a lot of the blue collar dirty work for Northern Guilford…Coach Furlough pretty much went with her top seven players in this key Metro 4-A Conference battle…Almost working that lineup like Coach Smith did back in the day…You streamline your lineup, and get total production from your key players…

As we were noting, Zlotkowski was a big plus on the boards for NG, and the NG defense was very stingy on this Friday night…Another plus for Northern Guilford was that top players like Jazzy Harris, Jadyn Newsome and others were passing up open shots, and finding their teammates open for even better shots…Very unselfish work turned in by the NG Nighthawks, and all of that work that they were doing with their top PG Christina Delisa sitting, that was very impressive too…

Skyler Fowler gave NG an extra presence in the post and it also allowed Jadyn Newsome to get an occasional breather…That top seven for NG can run…

Northwest was very competitive early, but Northern Guilford can wear you down…I was really impressed with the job Bel Varadi did on the boards for NWG…Nearly every time I would look up there, #11 Bel Varadi was coming out of there with a key NWG rebound…Varadi is lot like Zlotkowski for NG, Bel does the blue collar work in there, and sometimes I don’t think we give her enough credit for all the hard work she is doing…Got to like her effort around the basket, pulling in those defensive rebounds…

Maslyn Mosbacher was at her best in attack mode on Friday night…It seemed like she was at her best when she was taking the ball to the hole…Madison Young was kicking it in gear for the Vikings, but she found the going tougher on Friday night than it usually is, and that was due to the super glue defense that Northern was playing…Madison Young is an excellent defensive player, but it stretches you out when you have to play defense against a tough team like NG, and then turn right around and play on the offensive end, and you try and give your best, but you are getting worn down…

Mosbacher and Young are one of the best guard tandems in the state, but I don’t care if you have Magic Johnson and Larry Bird going for you at guard, if you get sucked up into that Northern Guilford double-team defensive pressure, it is going to suck the life out of you…If everywhere you turn, you are turning into another double-team, it makes your job hard, and that is how Northern Guilford wants it to be…Got to be able to move that ball against that pressure, but it is not easy…NWG got some good work from their post player Kamryn Snyder, but Snyder found this opposition to be much more harder to deal than it was back on Tuesday, vs. Page…

The Northern Guilford girls are just a whole different group than most teams are used to seeing, and I feel like it will take a near-perfect effort to beat then on their good nights, but I don’t think Coach Furlough is going to let her girls come out flat, if she can see it coming…Sometimes, you can’t see it coming, but to Northern Guilford’s credit, the Nighthawks have not seen many off-nights over the past several seasons….

Look forward to seeing these same two teams go at it again, when NWG goes over to Northern…NWG Coach Hackett trained and learned under Coach Furlough, and that is why they are both such good coaches…The future looks bright for both of these teams…Just thinking outside the box a little bit, I would love to see a two-on-two game between Harris and Christina Delisa from NG, taking on Young and Mosbacher from NWG…Just one of those games, within the game, and I think it would be fun to watch…Just a little different thought to close this segment….

On the boys game from Northwest Guilford, if you missed it, it ended in Overtime…There must have been 10-12 lead changes in this game, if you go back to the start, and there were several times that the game was all tied up as well…Neither team could run off and leave the other behind…I think the biggest lead might have been a five point lead by NWG…

Northern won the game, when NWG missed a key free throw with 8/10’s of second left in Overtime…Dawson Esbrandt made his first free throw to cut the lead to 70-69 Northern, but he couldn’t get the second one to fall, and NG got the ball, and the time ran out…Great effort by Esbrandt to get to line to give his team a chance, but the rim was a bit unkind to him on his last shot…

NWG got a super effort from young players like Esbrandt and Caleb Palombo, and NWG was able to mix the younger kids with the older kids, and in the process the Vikings were able to put a pretty good mix out there on the court, on Friday night…

Another key to the game-ending free throw segment, was the big timeout called by Northern Guilford coach Kent Phillips…After Esbrandt made his first free throw to get the Vikings within one point, at 70-69, Coach Phillips called a timeout…The break in continuity can throw a shooter off, when he is executing his free throw shots, and I think that timeout came at a perfect time for the Nighthawks…And that was the ending, but what about all of that hard-fought basketball that came before the final horn sounded, giving the Northern Guilford Nighthawks the victory…

This was for real one of those hard-fought basketball games…Ryan Debow was running and jumping well for the NWG Vikings, but he got into some foul trouble…Jackson Godfrey was banging and hustling in this game, like it was his last game of his senior season…We mentioned Palombo and Esbrandt and the good work they were doing, and then you also had Conner Nix fighting for space down there in the post/paint, plus Jacob Huitsing was slinging some good shots for the NWG team, while Sean O’Brien was working like a workhorse out front for the Vikings, making sure to keep the offense clicking…NWG is young in many ways, such as in the experience department, but they are developing, and we can see them growing up, and getting better right in front us…Just a few steps away, from being back where Coach Lee Reavis wants them to be…

And to the victorious NG Nighthawks goes the spoils…NG did not hit all of their free throws, but they got key shots to do down in that extra period, with guys like Chris Mitchell, Michael Juergens and Jordan Williams coming up with some very important baskets…

Juergens was able to put in four of the nine points that Northern scored in Overtime, and I think both of his shots came on putbacks, and one of his buckets came on a reverse, and you should have seen his face when he made that basket…Energy personified, and electricity flowing within that young man…NG got very big contributions from their bench, with Will Thomas, Kevin McField, and Andrew Benincasa all aiding the Nighthawks cause/efforts…Conner Howell didn’t have points to show for the job he did for Northern, but his work was another plus for the NG Nighthawks…

Biggest totals of the evening went to Northern’s Ben Mulry…Nineteen points for Mulry to lead all scorers in this contest, and Murly was in the right place, at the right time most of the evening…

All those lead-changes, all of the times the game was all tied up, and The Crowd…The NWG student-section was really into this game…They were supporting their Vikings, and when there were big plays and the ball was changing hands, and changing sides/teams, the Viking home crowd would let out another roar, and they were being heard from…

At times, as the ball was getting loose, it was almost like we were at a prizefight, and neither team, Northwest or Northern, could seem to be able to land the knockout punch, but then in the last 8/10’s of second, in the OT session, Northern was able to hang on and get the win…

This was not a total Knockout, this was more like a Technical Decision, where the one judge scored this one, NG 61, NWG 61…And the other judge scored this one, NWG 61, NG 61, but final judge scored this one, Northern Guilford 70, Northwest Guilford 69….And there you have it, your final score in a hard-fought contest, at the Roger Nelson Gym, on a Friday night….
Northern Guilford 70, Northwest Guilford 69And this baby went to Overtime…..

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