Green Bay Packers’ Quay Walker apologizes for shoving Detroit Lions’ athletic trainer

Quay Walker apologizes for embarrassing act that led to ejection
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Green Bay Packers rookie Quay Walker was ejected from Sunday night’s game against the Detroit Lions after he committed an extremely disrespectful move, and the linebacker is offering no excuse for his actions.

Walker was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and ejected after he shoved a member of Detroit’s training staff who had come onto the field to check on an injured player. The staff member was trying to clear players out of the way, and Walker didn’t like that. The first-round pick responded by shoving the staff member (video here).

On Monday morning, Walker took to Twitter to issue a lengthy apology. He said he was “wrong” and made a “stupid decision.”

“I want to apologize publicly about what happened Sunday night. I reacted off of my emotions again and take full responsibility of making another stupid decision,” Walker wrote. “Since then I’ve questioned myself on why did I do what I did when the trainer was doing his job!! I was wrong!! I understand I have to face everything that comes with the decision I’ve made and I’m definitely paying for it now.”

After he was ejected, Walker was shown crying in the tunnel on his way to the locker room. He also addressed that in a tweet.

“Also to explain my frustration in the tunnel. I wasn’t upset about being kicked out, I just knew I messed up again and was wrong for what I did and couldn’t believe I did it again,” Walker wrote. “To the Detroit Lions and to the entire training staff including the person I did that too. I’m sorry.”

Walker was ejected earlier in the season for shoving a Buffalo Bills practice player on the sideline. That is what he was referring to when he said he “couldn’t believe I did it again.”

Packers defensive lineman Devonte Wyatt also seemed to intentionally bump into the trainer. You can see another angle below:

Walker played in all 17 games for the Packers this season. The former Georgia star made a big impact with 121 total tackles, 1.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. The boneheaded move on Sunday — coupled with a 20-16 loss that eliminated Green Bay from playoff contention — was a rough way to end his first year in the NFL.

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