High School Basketball Tonight(1/10/2023) in and around Guilford County

High Point Christian Academy(11-5) at Greensboro Day School(11-7) 5pm
WS Christian(21-2) at Piedmont Classical(7-9) 5pm
Forsyth Country Day(9-5) at Westchester Country Day(5-3) 5:30pm
Northwest Guilford(10-4) at Ragsdale(3-9) 6pm
High Point Andrews(9-3) at Morehead(4-8) 6pm
Page(7-6) at Northern Guilford(13-0) 6pm
Southeast Guilford(7-7) at Western Guilford(7-6) 6pm
McMichael(7-5) at Walkertown(7-4) 6pm
East Forsyth(9-4) at Glenn(3-11) 6pm
Dudley(9-5) at Southern Guilford(3-11) 6:30pm
Northeast Guilford(5-7) at Rockingham County(12-2) 6:30pm
Eastern Guilford(4-11) at Smith(10-2) 6:30pm
WS Atkins(8-4) at High Point Central(0-15) 6:30pm
WS Carver(1-9) at Bishop McGuinness(11-1) 6:30pm
Southwest Guilford(8-6) at Grimsley(3-10) 7pm
from Monday:
Wesleyan Christian Academy 44, The Burlington School 34
Western Guilford 67, North Forsyth 29

BOYS Games
High Point Christian Academy(11-8) at Greensboro Day School(18-3) 6:30pm
Forsyth Country Day(14-6) at Westchester Country Day(6-5) 7pm
Caldwell Academy(11-5) at Calvary Day(13-5) 7pm
Northwest Guilford(5-7) at Ragsdale(9-5) 7:30pm
High Point Andrews(8-5) at Morehead(10-1) 7:30pm
Page(8-6) at Northern Guilford(4-7) 7:30pm
Southeast Guilford(10-5) at Western Guilford(6-8) 7:30pm
McMichael(5-8) at Walkertown(3-8) 7:30pm
East Forsyth(10-4) at Glenn(8-7) 7:30pm
Dudley(12-2) at Southern Guilford(11-3) 8pm
Northeast Guilford(4-9) at Rockingham County(2-12) 8pm
Eastern Guilford(1-14) at Smith(11-3) 8pm
WS Atkins(3-10) at High Point Central(1-14) 8pm
Piedmont Classical(20-2) at WS Christian(8-3) 8pm
West Stokes(8-6) at Reidsville(9-0) 8pm
WS Carver(3-10) at Bishop McGuinness(10-4) 8pm
Southwest Guilford(10-4) at Grimsley(10-4) 8:30pm
from Monday:
Western Guilford 60, North Forsyth 40
Wesleyan Christian Academy 69, Word of God Christian Academy 58


  • Wolfpack78 says:

    Will be interested to see the result of the Dudley/Southern Guilford match tonight…Dudley is stellar as usual but Southern Guildford has been rocking it lately..Big win over Smith the other night.

  • Andy Durham says:

    Was thinking the same exact thing, and sort of leaning towards this Dudley at Southern game, as the game of the night…..SG over Smith, 66-60, was a big win for Southern last week….

    SWG at Grimsley boys looks pretty even record-wise too, with both teams at (10-4), but Grimsley will be very tough to beat, at home…

    SEG girls at Western Guilford looks to be a good matchup also…

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