High School Basketball Tonight(1/10/2023) in and around Guilford County

High Point Christian Academy(11-5) at Greensboro Day School(11-7) 5pm
WS Christian(21-2) at Piedmont Classical(7-9) 5pm
Forsyth Country Day(9-5) at Westchester Country Day(5-3) 5:30pm
Northwest Guilford(10-4) at Ragsdale(3-9) 6pm
High Point Andrews(9-3) at Morehead(4-8) 6pm
Page(7-6) at Northern Guilford(13-0) 6pm
Southeast Guilford(7-7) at Western Guilford(7-6) 6pm
McMichael(7-5) at Walkertown(7-4) 6pm
East Forsyth(9-4) at Glenn(3-11) 6pm
Dudley(9-5) at Southern Guilford(3-11) 6:30pm
Northeast Guilford(5-7) at Rockingham County(12-2) 6:30pm
Eastern Guilford(4-11) at Smith(10-2) 6:30pm
WS Atkins(8-4) at High Point Central(0-15) 6:30pm
WS Carver(1-9) at Bishop McGuinness(11-1) 6:30pm
Southwest Guilford(8-6) at Grimsley(3-10) 7pm
from Monday:
Wesleyan Christian Academy 44, The Burlington School 34
Western Guilford 67, North Forsyth 29

BOYS Games
High Point Christian Academy(11-8) at Greensboro Day School(18-3) 6:30pm
Forsyth Country Day(14-6) at Westchester Country Day(6-5) 7pm
Caldwell Academy(11-5) at Calvary Day(13-5) 7pm
Northwest Guilford(5-7) at Ragsdale(9-5) 7:30pm
High Point Andrews(8-5) at Morehead(10-1) 7:30pm
Page(8-6) at Northern Guilford(4-7) 7:30pm
Southeast Guilford(10-5) at Western Guilford(6-8) 7:30pm
McMichael(5-8) at Walkertown(3-8) 7:30pm
East Forsyth(10-4) at Glenn(8-7) 7:30pm
Dudley(12-2) at Southern Guilford(11-3) 8pm
Northeast Guilford(4-9) at Rockingham County(2-12) 8pm
Eastern Guilford(1-14) at Smith(11-3) 8pm
WS Atkins(3-10) at High Point Central(1-14) 8pm
Piedmont Classical(20-2) at WS Christian(8-3) 8pm
West Stokes(8-6) at Reidsville(9-0) 8pm
WS Carver(3-10) at Bishop McGuinness(10-4) 8pm
Southwest Guilford(10-4) at Grimsley(10-4) 8:30pm
from Monday:
Western Guilford 60, North Forsyth 40
Wesleyan Christian Academy 69, Word of God Christian Academy 58

2 thoughts on “High School Basketball Tonight(1/10/2023) in and around Guilford County

  1. Will be interested to see the result of the Dudley/Southern Guilford match tonight…Dudley is stellar as usual but Southern Guildford has been rocking it lately..Big win over Smith the other night.

  2. Was thinking the same exact thing, and sort of leaning towards this Dudley at Southern game, as the game of the night…..SG over Smith, 66-60, was a big win for Southern last week….

    SWG at Grimsley boys looks pretty even record-wise too, with both teams at (10-4), but Grimsley will be very tough to beat, at home…

    SEG girls at Western Guilford looks to be a good matchup also…

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