Many are in Shock:Prayers and Tears Tonight for the Briscoe/Pugh Family, with Jay Briscoe gone/dead at age 38

This man, Jay Briscoe/Jamin Pugh, was a Ring of Honor Hall of Famer…There was no ROH/Ring of Honor without Jay and Mark Briscoe…I want to say they are, but I have to say they were, one of the All-Time top Tag-Teams in professional wrestling history…They are the pure fabric of the history of Ring of Honor Wrestling…For a certain period of time, Jay and Mark Briscoe were the best professional wrestling tag-team on the Planet…

The two Briscoe brothers were crazy, but the were very effective and very smart wrestlers…Their gimmick about being from a chicken farm, up in Sandy Fork, Delaware, the gimmick was true…Jay and Mark Briscoe and their family, really were chicken farmers…Jay and Mark played redneck characters, and that pretty much was what they were…Hard-nosed redneck wrestlers, wrestling in a modern-day Ring of Honor wrestling ring…

The history of the Briscoe Brothers in professional wrestling runs very deep, and I will never forget all the times I watched them on Ring of Honor Wrestling, which was seen locally every Saturday night at 11pm on the local TV 48 station, owned and operated by Sinclair Broadcasting…They would often show repeats of the program back again, on Sunday nights…

Ring of Honor was the staple of Free TV Wrestling on TV 48, for many years…

Here is what Wikipedia is saying about the death of Jay Briscoe:On January 17, 2023, Briscoe died in a car accident in Laurel, Delaware, 8 days before he would have turned 39. His death was announced on Twitter by AEW and ROH owner, Tony Khan.
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When you first heard the Briscoe Brothers name, say 20 years ago, it made you think of Jack and Jerry Brisco, but Jay and Mark Briscoe were such much different from the other Brisco Brothers, it was like the difference in night and day…Jay and Mark Briscoe were very entertaining, and they could put on one CRAZY show…They had moves that were almost “out-of-this-world”….

One of the all-time pillars of professional wrestling is gone, and many may have never heard of him, but for those who knew the name Jay Briscoe, they knew it meant nothing but trouble, for he who would meet, on that given night in the wrestling ring/squared circle…

Jay Briscoe was so unique that when they made him, they had to burn and throw away the mold…I dare to say, there will never be another professional wrestler, quite like Jay Briscoe…He was like a brother to all who knew him in the business of professional wrestling, because he put his heart and soul into this business…

Jay Briscoe gone, but never to be forgotten…Jay Briscoe gone way too soonRIP:Jay Briscoe/Jamin Pugh

Veteran wrestler Jay Briscoe (real name Jamin Pugh) has passed away at the age of 38.

AEW and ROH owner Tony Khan shared the heartbreaking news via Twitter on Tuesday evening.

“Sadly, Jamin Pugh has passed away,” Khan wrote. “Known to fans as Jay Briscoe, he was a star in ROH for over 20 years, from the first show until today. Jay and his brother Mark dominated ROH, reigning as champions to this day. We’ll do whatever we can to support his family. Rest In Peace Jamin.”

At this point, there’s no word on the cause or time of death. 

Jay and his brother, Mark, were the reigning ROH World Tag Team Champions, following their victory over FTR at ROH Final Battle on December 10. The Briscoes have been widely regarded as one of the best tag teams of the 21st century, having held tag team gold for promotions such as NJPW, Impact Wrestling, GCW and CZW, besides their 13 stints as ROH World Tag Team Champions.

During the course of his illustrious career, Jay also found success as a singles wrestler, holding the ROH World Championship on two separate occasions.  

The Briscoes were enshrined in the ROH Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural class in 2022. 

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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2 thoughts on “Many are in Shock:Prayers and Tears Tonight for the Briscoe/Pugh Family, with Jay Briscoe gone/dead at age 38

  1. Briscoe and one other person died in the accident according to Delaware state police report. According to the report, the accident occurred in the area of Laurel Road and Little Hill Road around 5:30 p.m.

    According to an updated report from the Shore News Beacon, there were four total people in the car. EMS was advising 2 adult fatalities and 2 critical patients being transported for medical care earlier this evening.

  2. Veteran ROH announcer Ian Riccaboni, who called the action for The Briscoes’ final ROH match at Final Battle, touched upon the close friendship he developed with “Dem Boyz” over the years.

    “Jay was one of a kind,” Riccaboni tweeted. I traveled often with Jay and Mark. We couldn’t have been more different but that’s what made our friendship something I’ll cherish forever. He’d give you the shirt off his back, his last dime. He was so proud of his kids. Loved his family so much.”

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