Caldwell Academy Dual Swim Meet

JANUARY 18, 2023

On January 18, GDS, held a Duel Swim Meet with
a total of nine (9) schools competing at the GAC.
Here are the results for the Caldwell Academy Men’s
and Women’s Team.


Caldwell 63 Westchester Day 23
Caldwell 65 Covenant School 19
Caldwell 67 Burlington School 0
Caldwell 59 High Point Christian 19
Caldwell 54 Cornerstone Charter 34
Caldwell 59 Forsyth Country Day 30
Caldwell 50 Greensboro Day 39
Caldwell 55 Calvary Day 23

TOP 2 finishers in each event

200 YD MED RELAY 1st place,, Kieran Mohorn,
John Ramos,, Nick Brooks,, Noah Ramos
200 YD FREE 1st place Nick Brooks,, 6th place
Zack Hall

200 YD IM 1st place Noah Ramos,, 4th place
Riley Parsons
50 YD FREE 1st place John Ramos (new school record )
7th place Freddy Ortmann
100 YD FLY 1st place Noah Ramos,, 2nd place
Nick Brooks
100 YD FREE 3rd place Kieran Mohorn,, 8th place
Freddy Ortmann
200 YD FREE RELAY 1st place Riley Parsons,,
Jonathon Reynolds,, Freddy Ortmann,, Noah Ramos
100 YD BACK 1st place Kieran Mohorn,, 4th place
Zack Hall
100 YD BREAST 1st place John Ramos
400 YD FREE RELAY 2nd place Kieran Mohorn,,
Zack Hall,, Nick Brooks,, John Ramos


Caldwell 19 Forsyth Country Day 71
Caldwell 36 Westchester Country 27
Caldwell 37 Covenant School 34
Caldwell 39 Burlington School 8
Caldwell 32 High Point Christian 30
Caldwell 26 Cornerstone Charter 50
Caldwell 28 Calvary Day 43
Caldwell 19 Greensboro Day 68

TOP 2 finishers in each event

200 YD MED RELAY 4th place Anna Kate Wilson,,
Ayden Walsh,, Riley Ramseur,, Anna Grace Reynolds
200 YD FREE 6th place Anna Grace Reynolds
100 YD FREE 13th place Anna Kate Wilson
500 YD FREE 4th place Anna Grace Reynolds
200 YD FREE RELAY 6th place Anna Grace Reynolds,
Sidney Sydell,, Ayden Walsh,, Riley Ramseur
100 YD BACK 1st place Riley Ramseur
100 YD BREAST 6th place Ayden Walsh,, 13th place
Sidney Sydell

Next Meet January 27th at FCDS.

Courtesy of Bob Black, Big Supporter and Big Booster of Caldwell Academy Eagles Athletics