High School Basketball Tonight(2/7/2023) in and around Guilford County

GIRLS Games:
Westchester Country Day(5-9) at High Point Christian Academy(16-8) 5pm
Asheboro Hybrid Academy(6-11) at Piedmont Classical(6-13) 5pm
Greensboro Day School(17-8) at Caldwell Academy(8-7) 5:30pm
Bishop McGuinness(19-3) at Cornerstone Charter School(6-10) 5:30pm
Carlisle(14-5) at Forsyth Country Day(13-9) 5:30pm
Forsyth Home Educators(21-3) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(20-9) 5:30pm
Alamance Christian(6-16) at Vandalia Christian School(6-11) 5:30pm
Ragsdale(4-15) at Northwest Guilford(16-6) 6pm
Grimsley(3-17) at Southwest Guilford(13-9) 6pm
Western Guilford(12-8) at Southeast Guilford(9-13) 6pm
Rockingham County(17-4) at Northeast Guilford(10-10) 6pm
Walkertown(10-8) at Morehead(4-15) 6pm
High Point Central(0-22) at WS Atkins(11-9) 6:30pm
Southern Guilford(7-15) at Dudley(14-7) 6:30pm
Smith(17-2) at Eastern Guilford(5-17) 6:30pm
McMichael(13-7) at Reidsville(8-10) 6:30pm
Northern Guilford(20-0) at Page(11-10) 7pm
Guilford Home Educators(2-8) at Shining Light Academy(2-13) 7pm
from Monday night:High Point Andrews 60, Reidsville 32…HP Andrews(17-3)/Reidsville(8-10)

BOYS Games:
Westchester Country Day(7-12) at High Point Christian Academy(15-13) 6:30pm
CPLA(13-16) at New Garden Friends(19-6) 6:45pm
Greensboro Day School(26-4) at Caldwell Academy(15-11) 7pm
Bishop McGuinness(18-5) at Cornerstone Charter School(14-4) 7pm
Calvary Day(20-7) at Forsyth Country Day(19-9) 7pm
Forsyth Home Educators(7-24) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(7-17) 7pm
Alamance Christian(14-9) at Vandalia Christian School(6-13) 7pm
HA Prep Academy(0-11) at Piedmont Classical(26-7) 7:30pm
Ragsdale(13-9) at Northwest Guilford(8-12) 7:30pm
Grimsley(18-4) at Southwest Guilford(15-6) 7:30pm
Western Guilford(6-15) at Southeast Guilford(17-6) 7:30pm
Walkertown(10-10) at Morehead(12-6) 7:30pm
Guilford Home Educators(5-6) at Shining Light Academy(16-7) 7:45pm
High Point Central(2-20) at WS Atkins(5-16) 8pm
Southern Guilford(18-4) at Dudley(17-4) 8pm
Smith(19-3) at Eastern Guilford(4-18) 8pm
McMichael(6-14) at Reidsville(17-0) 8pm
Rockingham County(3-18) at Northeast Guilford(8-12) 8pm
Northern Guilford(5-13) at Page(12-10) 8:30pm
from Monday night:Reidsville 72, High Point Andrews 69….Reidsville(17-0)/High Point Andrews(14-8)

4 thoughts on “High School Basketball Tonight(2/7/2023) in and around Guilford County

  1. I believe both Southern Guildford and Grimsley can wrap up their respective conference #1 seeds with wins tonite..but will be tough matchups with Dudley and Southwest.

  2. Both Grimsley and Southern Guilford face very tough challenges tonight…Road games for the Whirlies and the Storm…SG defeated Dudley at SG, a couple of weeks back…SG also beat Smith at SG, but lost to Smith, at Smith, this past Friday night…

    It gets much tougher when you hit the road, and leave the comforts of home…But, on a side note…

    Dudley stopped Smith at Smith, but then Smith turned it around, and beat Dudley, at Dudley…

    We will be at Dudley tonight, and over at Grimsley on Friday night…Page at Grimsley for Friday night…

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