Middle School Basketball for (2/9/2023):Thursday in the Middle(Final Scores are rolling in, We Need Your Scores too)[More on Northern Guilford girls win over Jamestown, with 29 points for Leena Mcfield for NG]

Southwest Guilford boys 70, Southeast 45
SWG boys(11-0/7-0)

Southwest Guilford girls 28, Southeast Guilford 20
SWG girls(6-5)

Northern Guilford girls 38, Jamestown 36
Jamestown now (9-3/5-2)

Northern Guilford boys 53, Jamestown 29

Lincoln boys 42, Hairston 24
Lincoln boys having a very solid season under the direction of Coach Hank Bullard

Western Guilford girls 27, Kernodle 18
WG’s Taliyah McCullen leading scorer with 12 pts

Western Guilford boys 62, Kernodle 34
WG’s Seth Harris leading scorer with 30 pts

Southern Guilford at Allen Jay Prep girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
Kernodle at Western Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm…WG girls(7-4/5-2)…WG boys(5-6/3-4)
Jamestown at Northern Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm…Jamestown girls (9-2/5-1)
Swann at Allen Middle girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
The Academy at Lincoln at Hairston girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
Southwest Guilford at Southeast Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm…SWG boys(10-/6-0)…SWG girls(5-5)
Northeast Guilford at Kiser girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm…NEG boys (7-0) in conference games…
Eastern Guilford at Mendenhall girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
Northwest Guilford-OFF….NWG girls (6-1) in conference games…NWG boys(7-5) overall

I believe the only two schools that we are missing are Penn Griffin and Welborn…Anybody got any news on those two, and what they might be doing today??? Sort of makes you wonder if they might be playing each other, and if that is the case, that would round out our Guilford County schedule for today….Here we go, another day of Middle School Basketball, with “Thursday in the Middle”….
We are using each individual Guilford County Middle School’s website, to get our game info…The DragonFly site seems to be a useless spot, and have not any luck at all getting in there…The old site, from the previous years, worked pretty good though…

We have more on the Northern Guilford-Jamestown girls game, courtesy of the NG camp:
Northern Guilford girls 38, Jamestown 36
Jamestown now (9-3/5-2)/NG girls now at(8-2)

Scene setter:NGMS lost to NW on 1/26 and lost to JMS on 1/23, so last night’s game was a big one if NGMS wanted any hope at getting to the championship. With the win over Jamestown, both NGMS & JMS have 2 losses in conference play. It will come down to Monday’s game when NGMS visits at NWMS at 4:45. That is Northern’s last regular season game.

Last night the crowd was electric, everyone cheering and screaming – that gym at Northern Guilford has never been so loud!! It was incredible! It was also the last home game and 8th grade recognition night for Northern. The scores by quarter were:

End of 1st: JMS 6, NGMS 6
End of 2nd: JMS 21, NGMS 15
End of 3rd: JMS 31, NGMS 24
End of game: JMS 36, NGMS 38

As you can see, in the 4th Q, NG held JMS to 5 points. Leena McField made 2 shots and was 5-6 from the line in the 4th quarter. Leena McField ended the game with 29 pts.

Northern’s team came together, played as a team and came away with the hard fought win! They hit some clutch free throws within the last minute of the game.

Abigail Malcolm hit 1 free throw to tie the game. Leena drove on the next possession, was fouled and hit 2 free throws, giving Northern the 2 point lead with seconds remaining. The gym was so loud with all the cheering and excitement!

Jamestown had the ball with only a few seconds left in the game, down by 2 and Brooke Parker was able to get a 3 point shot off. The ref called a foul with around 2 seconds remaining, which the home team crowd didn’t agree with and the crowd, being led by the amazing cheerleaders of NGMS became even louder for the upcoming free throws! Coaches couldn’t even communicate with players on the court because it was so loud! It was a tense situation and must have been hard to concentrate because Brooke missed ALL THREE of her free throws and Northern won by 2! Normally her free throws are spot on and she really is a great player.

Other scorers for NGMS included Caroline Morris 3, Malaysia Smith 3, Moriah Hall 2, Abigail Malcolm 1

JMS Brooke Parker (#5) ended the game with 16.
**********Solid 4th quarter defensive efforts from the Northern guards, which really impacted Brooke’s ability to get the ball or score! Vanessa Franklin, Caroline Morris, Moriah Hall and Leena McField all worked together and in rotations to keep Brooke from scoring.*********

6 thoughts on “Middle School Basketball for (2/9/2023):Thursday in the Middle(Final Scores are rolling in, We Need Your Scores too)[More on Northern Guilford girls win over Jamestown, with 29 points for Leena Mcfield for NG]

  1. from the NEG website for today…But the doors were locked at Kiser…

    Northeast Guilford Middle School
    4:45 pm – 5:45 pm
    Girls Basketball vs. Kiser (Away)

    6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
    Boys Basketball vs. Kiser (Away)

  2. The Middle School coverage party was crashed today…Over at Kiser, and nobody home…Left Kiser, and stayed in the same basic region, and drove to Mendenhall, where the Mendenhall Mustangs were supposed to be hosting the Eastern Guilford Wildcats…

    But EG was a no-show and they had to forfeit the games to Mendenhall….So Mendenhall picks up a girls win and a boys win today…(Mendenhall boys have yet to lose a conference game this season, and not about their overall games status.)

    The EG boys were the ones to set up the forfeit today, and by the time the EG girls knew what was going on, they had no way to get over to Mendenall, and the EG girls had to forfeit their game too….

    And the EG girls were Undefeated in the conference coming into today’s games, and now the EG have a loss…

    So I am hearing NEG plays Mendenhall on Monday, and then Mendenhall is set to face Kiser next Wednesday, to close out the season…Thinking the NEG-Mendenhall game is at Mendenhall, and the Mendenhall-Kiser game is at Kiser…They are playing a lot of Wednesday games next week, with it being the last week of the Regular Season, and the Conference Tournaments are set to follow…

    We did not go for third trip to a Middle School today, because after receiving two strikes, figured it was best not to get that third strike, and strike out altogether…

    Our third choice would have been Kernodle at Western Guilford today, but reality, we just saw WG last Thursday, and we have seen Kernodle twice already this season…

    Back on the grinder’s switch on Monday, as the 2022-2023 Middle School Basketball Season in Guilford County rolls on…

    Looking for scores from today’s/tonight’s games….

  3. Thank-you Coach Bullard for sending us that score, and thanks to our Western Guilford Tigers, for sending us their scores…

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