High School Basketball Tonight(2/10/2023) with the last games of the Regular Season:Games on GreensboroSports Radio with Page at Grimsley

High School Basketball Tonight(2/10/2023)
GIRLS Games:
High Point Christian(17-8) at Forsyth Country Day(14-9) 5:30pm
Caldwell Academy(8-8) at Westchester Country Day(5-10) 5:30pm
Winston-Salem Prep(5-15) at Cornerstone Academy(6-11) 5:30pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy(21-9) at North Raleigh Christian Academy(16-8) 5:30pm
Southwest Guilford(13-10) at Ragsdale(4-16) 6pm
Western Guilford(13-8) at Northern Guilford(21-0) 6pm
Southeast Guilford(9-14) at Northwest Guilford(17-6) 6pm
WS Carver(1-16) at Bethany Community School(8-15) 6pm
Reidsville(9-10) at Morehead(4-16) 6pm
Bishop McGuinness(20-3) at WSCN/Winston-Salem Christian National(28-3) 6pm
Dudley(15-7) at Eastern Guilford(5-18) 6:30pm
Northeast Guilford(10-11) at Smith(18-2) 6:30pm
Southern Guilford(7-15) at High Point Central(0-23) 6:30pm
WS Atkins(12-9) at Rockingham County(18-4) 6:30pm
East Forsyth(14-7) at West Forsyth(12-11) 6:30pm
Page(11-11) at Grimsley(4-17) 7pm….This game with Page vs. Grimsley, can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio…If Grimsley defeats Page, Grimsley can move ahead of Ragsdale in the conference standings…Grimsley needs this win, Page needs this win too…Very key game, as it relates to the Metro 4-A Girls Conference Standings…Ragsdale needs to beat Southwest Guilford…Lots still on the line, and we have the games for you, here on GreensboroSports Radio
*********Thursday scores:High Point Andrews 54, Walkertown 48Piedmont Classical School 52, Millers Creek Christian 45**********

BOYS Games:
Calvary Day School(21-8) at Greensboro Day School(26-5) 6pm
Vandalia Christian(6-14) at Fellowship Baptist(24-3) 6:30pm
High Point Christian(16-13) at Forsyth Country Day(19-10) 7pm
Caldwell Academy(16-11) at Westchester Country Day(7-13) 7pm
Winston-Salem Prep(12-8) at Cornerstone Academy(14-5) 7pm
Rockingham R.A.G.E. (12-10)at Shining Light Academy(17-8) 7pm
Oak Ridge Military Academy(17-9) at Woodland Baptist(22-7) 7pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy(9-17) at North Raleigh Christian Academy(13-14) 7pm
Southwest Guilford(15-7) at Ragsdale(14-9) 7:30pm
Western Guilford(6-15) at Northern Guilford(5-14) 7:30pm
Southeast Guilford(17-6) at Northwest Guilford(8-13) 7:30pm
WS Carver(6-17) at Bethany Community School(8-16) 7:30pm
Reidsville(18-0) at Morehead(13-6) 7:30pm
East Forsyth(17-5) at West Forsyth(14-9) 7:45pm
Dudley(17-5) at Eastern Guilford(4-19) 8pm
Northeast Guilford(9-12) at Smith(20-3) 8pm
Southern Guilford(19-4) at High Point Central(2-21) 8pm
WS Atkins(6-16) at Rockingham County(3-19) 8pm
Page(13-10) at Grimsley(19-4) 8:30pm….This game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio…Boys game will follow Girls game, from the Bob Sawyer Gym at Grimsley HS…Pregame at around 8:15 and then the opening tip, at around 8:30, on GreensboroSports Radio
**********Thursday scores:Wesleyan Christian 72, Calvary Day School 691 on 1 Academy 115, Shining Light Academy 89High Point Andrews 78, Walkertown 51…**********