Final High School Basketball Conference Standings and Current Overall Standings for our Local Teams:Update on Metro 4-A Conference Standings

**********Final High School Basketball Conference Standings and Current Overall Standings for our Local Teams**********
Metro 4-A Boys Conference Standings:

Grimsley	        13-1	        20-4	
Southeast Guilford	10-4		18-7	
Ragsdale	        10-4		16-8	
Southwest Guilford	9-5		16-7	
Northern Guilford	5-9		7-13
Northwest Guilford	4-10		9-13	
Page	                3-11		6-18	
Western Guilford	2-12		8-15

Mid-State 3-A Boys Conference Standings:

Southern Guilford	13-1		20-4	
Ben L. Smith	        12-2		21-3	
Dudley	                10-3	 	17-5	 
Atkins	                6-8	        7-16	 
Northeast Guilford	6-8	 	9-13	 
Eastern Guilford	3-10	 	4-19	 
Rockingham County	3-11	 	3-20	 
High Point Central	2-12	 	2-22

Mid-State 2-A Boys Conference Standings:

Reidsville	12-0	 	19-0	 
West Stokes	9-3	 	13-9	 
T.W. Andrews	8-4	 	15-8	 
Walkertown	6-6	 	10-12	 
Morehead	5-7	 	13-7	 
McMichael	2-10	 	7-15	 
North Forsyth	0-12	 	3-19

Western Piedmont 1-A Boys Conference Standings:

Bishop McGuinness	12-0		19-5	
Winston-Salem Prep	9-3		12-9	
Cornerstone Charter	7-5		15-5	
Leadership Academy	7-5		14-8	
Bethany	                4-8	        8-17	
Carver	                3-9		7-17	
Millennium	        0-12		2-24

NCISAA Piedmont Triad 3-A Boys Conference Standings:

Greensboro Day School	          8-2	        27-5	
Calvary Day School	          7-3		21-9
High Point Christian Academy	  6-4		17-13	
Forsyth Country Day	          5-5		19-11	
Caldwell Academy	          4-6		17-11

Metro 4-A Girls Conference Standings:

Northern Guilford	14-0		22-0	
Northwest Guilford	11-2		17-6	
Southwest Guilford	8-6		14-10	
Western Guilford	8-6		13-9	
Page	                7-7		12-11	
Southeast Guilford	3-10		9-14	
Ragsdale	        2-12		4-17
Grimsley	        2-12		4-18

Mid-State 3-A Girls Conference Standings:

Ben L. Smith	        13-0	 	18-2	 
Rockingham County	10-4	 	19-4	 
Dudley	                10-4	 	16-7	 
Atkins	                8-6	 	12-10	 
Northeast Guilford	6-7	        10-11	 
Southern Guilford	5-9	 	8-15	 
Eastern Guilford	3-11	 	5-19	 
High Point Central	0-14	 	0-24

Mid-State 2-A Girls Conference Standings:

T.W. Andrews	12-0		18-4	
McMichael	9-3		14-8	
Reidsville	6-5		9-10	
West Stokes	5-7		6-16	
Walkertown	5-7		11-9	
North Forsyth	4-8		6-15	
Morehead	0-11		4-16

Western Piedmont Girls 1-A Conference Standing:

Bishop McGuinness	10-0	        20-4	
Leadership Academy	8-2		18-4	
Bethany	                5-5		9-15	
Winston-Salem Prep	4-6		6-15	
Cornerstone Charter	3-7		6-12	
Carver	                0-10		1-17

NCISA Piedmont Triad Girls 1-A Conference Standings:

High Point Christian Academy	7-1	        18-8	
Greensboro Day School	        7-1		18-8	
Forsyth Country Day	        4-4		14-10
Caldwell Academy	        2-6		9-8	
Westchester Country Day	        0-8		5-11

2 thoughts on “Final High School Basketball Conference Standings and Current Overall Standings for our Local Teams:Update on Metro 4-A Conference Standings

  1. When you see the changes in the Page boys basketball Conference and Overall records, you may be wondering what has happened, and our comment below is from another post here at the site, and we/it explains the questions that we know will be forthcoming…

    Our comment came here on Sunday afternoon, after this topic was first hit by others here at the site, earlier today…

    Andy Durham says:
    February 12, 2023 at 3:44 pm (Edit)
    Page was changing Athletic Directors….They had a player declared ineligible…

    Page went from 13-11 overall to 6-18…Conference-wise Page fell from 8-6 to 3-11…Seven overall games forfeited, and 5 conference games forfeited…

    From what I understand, the Page players were declared eligible by the new Guilford County AD…

    There were two Page players involved, and one is still eligible, the other is not, and Page had to forfeit the games the one player that was found to be ineligible played in…

    Again, the new Guilford County athletic director said Page was OK and good to go with both players, and then the state of North Carolina came back and said the one player was not eligible, and all was not OK…

    Page did their due diligence, and then they got got caught in the cracks, and when I say the state got them, in would think we are talking about the NCHSAA….

    Page went through the proper channels, at least what they were told were the proper channels, the played the kid, and then the state comes back, and says the kid was ineligible…

    That is the way I interpret this situation, and I may not be totally right, but this is my best explanation…..

    The story on the Page forfeitures is now out, and that is why we are commenting on it here today…

    As far as Southeast and Grimsley goes, they are in the clear, per Guilford County, and the state of North Carolina/the NCHSAA, and if they have cleared them, then all is good for them to go on with what they are doing….

    I would think Page would have some kind of window for an appeal in this current situation, unless they have already used that appeal, and it failed…If Page is to appeal, it will have to be a quick appeal, and it will have to happen in the next 48 hours, the Conference Tournaments are about to begin, on Tuesday….

    As it stands and sits now, the Page boys will have to win the Metro 4-A Conference Tournament, as a #7 seed, to be eligible for the State 4-A Tournament…

    We have covered this the best we can here, and if we have any of the details wrong, or incorrect, our apologies…

    Since talk on this matter has begun, we felt it best to come in and comment on the situation today, here on Sunday afternoon…

  2. Also, let’s be fair to the kids that might be involved in these situations and not use their names…We don’t need to be dragging them down a drain, they are just kids…So we ask that you don’t use any of the kids/players names when commenting on this topic…

    These young people are still just kids…


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