High School Basketball Tonight Finals on the Final Night of the Regular Season:Grimsley boys(20-4/13-1) over Page/Page girls scoot past Grimsley/NG girls go to (22-0)/Aayliah Griffith with 25 for SG/Reidsville boys(19-0)

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Some of our key headlines from above set up our look at the last night of the 2022-2023 high school basketball regular season…
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We were over at the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium, overlooking the Phil Weaver Court, there at Grimsley High School…The Page Pirates left out of Grimsley HS with three victories on Friday night…It was the Page JV girls over Grimsley, 33-21, the Page JV boys knocked down the Grimsley Whirlies, 50-44, and then the Page girls scooted past the Varsity ladies from Grimsley, 46-34…The Grimsley boys saved the day for the Whirlie faithful, as the Grimsley Varsity boys headed home for the night, with a 58-53 win over the Page Pirates…
The rundown from the Bob Sawyer Gym, overlooking the Phil Weaver Court one more time…
Page JV girls 33, Grimsley 21
Page JV boys 50, Grimsley 44
Page Varsity girls Grimsley 34

Grimsley Varsity boys 58, Page 53

More on these games to follow…

Girls Varsity game at Grimsley:Page 46, Grimsley 34
End of First Quarter:Page 17, Grimsley 10…Halftime:Page 26, Grimsley 17…End of Third Quarter:Page 37, Grimsley 17…Final:Page 46, Grimsley 34…
Page Scoring:Sutton Sherrill 16 points, Hattie Sloyan 12, Riley Brown 6, Candice Williams 5, Caroline Kelly 5, Kennedy Leggett 2
Grimsley Scoring:Bria Lee 11 points, Avery Knapp 8, Alyssa Graves 6, Jordan Britt 5, Leia Houser 2, Zoe Hall 2…

As Coach Ed Johnson was telling us in the postgame interview, Sutton Sherrill was doing it all for the Page Pirates tonight/Friday night at Grimsley….Sherrill wears the same uniform number her dad did, back when he was playing for Page…Sherrill, Hattie Sloyan, Riley Brown, Candice Williams, Caroline Kelly, Kennedy Leggett, all of these Page Pirates were playing their best in this Page-Grimsley battle, at the Bob Sawyer Gym, and on the Phil Weaver Court…

Riley Brown had a real nice turn-around hook shot on the inside, and Hattie Sloyan was grabbing big rebounds to go along with her double-digit night scoring, at 12 points..We often call her Scooter Sherrill, after the former N.C. State men’s player of the same name, and Sutton/Scooter Sherrill had what might have been her best overall game, as a Page Pirate…Her brother Grady, is playing college football at North Carolina now, and we hope he got to catch the game somehow, so he could hear how his little sister was doing…

On Kennedy Leggett, she always has nice stretch bounce-passes for the Pirates…I think Leggett’s favorite pass is a bounce pass…Candice Williams had some struggles, but Grimsley was playing blanket defense on Williams..For Grimsley, Bria Lee might have had the top game for the Whirlies…She was scoring, passing, stealing passes, and playing solid overall basketball…It is hard to believe that Jordan Britt and Avery Knapp are seniors, and that their careers are winding down as Whirlies…

Alyssa Graves is going to have to start stepping up, and being a leader, her time is about to take on a volatile change, with Britt and Knapp getting ready to move on out…Graves will have to become a very large team leader, as Grimsley enters their journey into next season…

Boys Varsity game at Grimsley HS:Grimsley 58, Page 53
End of First Quarter:Grimsley 13, Page 10…Halftime:Page 27, Grimsley 25…End of Third Quarter:Grimsley 39, Page 36…Final;Grimsley 58, Page 53…
Grimsley Scoring:Zacch Wiggins 15 points, Jaylon Bumpass 13, Faison Brandon 9, Nick Keith 9, Alex Taylor 8, Bryce Davis 4
Page Scoring:Jerron Blackwell 15 points, Quamir Ingram 15 points, Kadyn Turner-Scott 8, Samaja Long 7, Andrews Bartlett 3, Justin Geter 2, Alex Jones 1

The Page Pirates really came ready to play on this Friday February 10, but the Grimsley Whirlies were not going anywhere, and if Page was going to knock off the Conference-Leading Whirlies, Page would have to do it with no mistakes, and no shortcomings, no unnecessary turnovers…

If Page turned the ball over to Grimsley, or if Page had a real quick trip down on offense, then Grimsley would take the turnovers and the defensive rebounds, and turn them into points….Quamir Ingram had a stellar night for the Page Pirates, he got them ahead in the game, plus he and Jerron Blackwell kept Page within striking distance, all night long…Page was quick with their guards in this game, but Grimsley was finding ways to get buckets around the basket, and Page missed 2-3 close range shots, that might have put them over the top of the Whirlies on this night…

Back on Quamir Ingram from Page, this guard had four 3’s in the contest, and his hot hand made Page a real favorite over in the Pirates cheering section…Grimsley was turning the ball over on occasions, some forced turnovers, and some not, but the electricity in the Bob Sawyer Gym was so high on this night, that if Grimsley was paying for a one-night power bill, Duke Energy would be saying that Grimsley is a lights-out facility, since the crowd could not be unplugged….

Zacch Wiggins gave Grimsley a force around the rim, that Page did not have…Faison Brandon and Jaylon Bumpass were teaming up to get big blocked shots, that denied Page the chance for the easy, inside buckets…Bryce Davis body was a detraction to Page when they wanted to get into the lane, and finish, plus Wiggins, Bumpass, and Brandon were there late in the game, when Page wanted to just plain Finish(Some say it is hard to Finish a Flush with Faison in your Face.)…Zacch Wiggins, Jaylon Bumpass, Faison Brandon, and Alex Taylor would not let Page finish this one…

Page got a taste of what the victory was smelling like, but Page did not get to devour the total Page Pastry…The shut-off valve was on, and Page was running out, and finding ways to get to the hole, and stay with Grimsley, but then Grimsley took hold of that shut-off valve, and Whirlies played enough shut-down defense to get past the Pirates…

Grimsley’s Nick Keith had 24 points versus Page, at Page, back on Friday January 13, but he was not able to get that kind of grip on this game tonight…Bottom line, said Stone Cold Steve Austin, was the fact that Page came to play on this Friday night, and this was nothing like the Grimsley 75-39 victory at the Mac Morris Gym, back on the 13th…

The play of the Pirates’ Alex Jones pretty much told/summed up the Page story, on how the Pirates had planned to approach this game…Alex Jones was bumping Bumpass, he going toe-to-toe with Bryce Davis, he was chasing Alex Taylor, and when Alex Jones hit the floor while driving to the hole for layup, he was laying down on the Phil Weaver Court floor flat on his back…Alex Jones came here to give his all, and so did his fellow Pirates…

Grimsley just found a way to dig deep and the Whirlies pulled out another win over the Page Pirates….You are going to have to play one of those near-perfect games to beat Grimsley, or Grimsley is going to have to come down with a case of the Metro 4-A Flu..Grimsley will be a tough out, out of the tournament…The run is on, and let’s see how far the Whirlies can go this season…If my numbers are right, the win here on Friday February 10, was win #13 in a-row for the Grimsley Whirlies….

**********Well, like I was saying as I closed out my Friday Night Post for last week, I have done about all of the damage I can do for one night, time to retire, and then hit the keys again, later on, on Saturday morning…Time to cut the lights out, and hit the sack…And we will be back, in about 6 hours…**********

Also tonight we had:
Northern Guilford girls 72, Western Guilford 26
NG girls(22-0/14-0)…WG(13-9)

Northern Guilford boys 74, Western Guilford 57

Plus we had Aaliyah Griffith with a game-high 25 points, as the Southern Guilford girls topped High Point Central….
Southern Guilford girls 50, High Point Central 19

Those are our headliners for now, and more on the way….

GIRLS Games:…Still haven’t found NWG and Smith girls scores from Friday night…
Southwest Guilford 45, Ragsdale 32
Dudley 58, Eastern Guilford 47
Winston-Salem Christian National 63, Bishop McGuinness 45
Rockingham County 47, WS Atkins 36
High Point Christian Academy 67, Forsyth Country Day 33
Caldwell Academy 25, Westchester Country Day 24
Wesleyan Christian 45, NRCA 29
WS Prep 30, Cornerstone Charter 12
West Forsyth 46, East Forsyth 28

We will continue to keep looking for the Missing Scores, at MaxPreps.com…

BOYS Games:
Southeast Guilford 62, Northwest Guilford 51
Ragsdale 93, Southwest Guilford 86
Southern Guilford 65, High Point Central 42
Dudley 69, Eastern Guilford 44

Smith 99, Northeast Guilford 57
Greensboro Day School boys 49, Calvary Day School 41

Caldwell Academy 63, Westchester Country Day 42
Cornerstone Charter School 64, WS Prep 61
Reidsville 84, Morehead 67
Fellowship Baptist 72, Vandalia Christian School 34
High Point Christian 64, Forsyth Country Day 50
North Raleigh Christian 70, Wesleyan Christian 66
WS Carver 51, Bethany Community School 34
West Forsyth 61, East Forsyth 60
WS Atkins 64, Rockingham County 50
The rest of the Boys scores are missing scores right now over at MaxPreps.com…We try and found later on this morning, when MaxPreps updates the site again…

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  1. Already hearing that the Metro 4-A Tournament next week will have Grimsley at Northern, Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford, Southeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford, and Page at Western Guilford on Tuesday night….All girls games here, with NG #1, NWG #2, SWG #3, WG #4, Page #5, SEG #6, Ragsdale #7, and Grimsley #8…

    Posting more on these as the weekend unfolds….

    Also in talking to Sutton Sherrill, from Page HS, last night on our postgame interview from the Page girls win over Grimsley, we learned Sutton Sherrill played Middle School basketball for Coach Kristen Shelton, at St. Pius X…

    Always like to know what Middle School our Guilford County kids played for…

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