High School Basketball Tonight for 2/14/2023 with Conference Tournaments in progress

**********High School Basketball Tonight for 2/14/2023 with Conference Tournaments in progress**********
Girls Metro 4-A Conference Tournament:
Round One
#8 Grimsley(4-18) at #1 Northern Guilford(22-0) 6pm
#7 Ragsdale(4-17) at #2 Northwest Guilford(18-6) 6pm
#6 Southeast Guilford(9-14) at #3 Southwest Guilford(14-10) 6pm
#5 Page(12-11) at #4 Western Guilford(13-9) 6pm

Boys Metro 4-A Conference Tournament:
Round One
#8 Western Guilford(8-15) at #1 Grimsley(20-4) 6pm
#7 Page(6-18) at Southeast Guilford(18-7) 6pm
#6 Northwest Guilford(9-13) at #3 Ragsdale(16-8) 6pm
#5 Northern Guilford(7-13 at #4 Southwest Guilford(16-7) 7:30pm

Girls Mid-State 3-A Conference Tournament:
Round One
#8 High Point Central(0-24) at #1 Smith(18-2) 6pm
#7 Eastern Guilford(5-19) at #2 Rockingham County(19-4) 6pm
#6 Southern Guilford(8-15) at #3 Dudley(16-7) 6pm
#5 Northeast Guilford(10-11) at #4 WS Atkins(12-10) 6pm

Boys Mid-State 3-A Conference Tournament:
Round One
#8 High Point Central(2-22) at #1 Southern Guilford(20-4) 6pm
#7 Rockingham County(3-20) at #2 Smith(21-3) 7:30pm
#6 Eastern Guilford(4-19) at #3 Dudley(17-5) 7:30pm
#5 WS Atkins(7-16 at #4 Northeast Guilford(9-13) at 7pm

Western Piedmont 1-A Conference Girls:
#8 WS Prep(7-15) at #1 Bishop McGuinness(20-4) 6pm

Western Piedmont 1-A Conference Boys:
#4 Leadership Academy at #1 Bishop McGuinness(19-5) 7:30pm

Mid-State 2-A Conference Boys:
#4 Walkertown(11-12) at #1 Reidsville(19-0) 7:30pm

Piedmont Classical School girls(18-13) at Quality Education Academy(13-9) 6pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy boys(10-17) at Charlotte Christian(9-18) 6pm
Thales Academy Rolesville boys(11-11) at High Point Christian Academy(7-13) 6:30pm
Neuse Academy(5-18) boys at Westchester Country Day(7-14) 7pm
Cary Christian boys(12-14) at Forsyth Country Day(19-11) 8pm

Scores from Monday Night:
Vandalia Christian School 34, Southside Christian 23
Bethany Community School 43, WS Carver 22
Reidsville 54, North Forsyth 41
McMichael 36, Morehead 22

BOYS Games
High Point Andrews 74, McMichael 63
Walkertown 96, Morehead 64
WS Carver 61, Cornerstone Charter 52
Greater Vision 79, Shining Light Academy 71

14 thoughts on “High School Basketball Tonight for 2/14/2023 with Conference Tournaments in progress

  1. What a shame that we are the 7 seed after all the forfeits. Surely out of the state playoffs at this point as well. 2nd time that we’ve had to forfeit games (2018 football) with Naglee as principal at no fault of the kids and coaches on the team. When will this be addressed with our incompetent leadership?

  2. What is really going on with Page athletics….havent been the same since Lee left smh. Who is currently the AD now since the previous one step down

  3. Here is what we printed at the website, back on Sunday afternoon….Current Page AD is Gordon Hagen, former Page assistant coach on the Page football coaching staff…Previous Page AD was Matt Harder…

    from last Sunday afternoon:
    Andy Durham says:
    February 12, 2023 at 3:48 pm (Edit)
    When you see the changes in the Page boys basketball Conference and Overall records, you may be wondering what has happened….

    Our comment came here on Sunday afternoon, after this topic was first hit by others here at the site, earlier today…

    Andy Durham says:
    February 12, 2023 at 3:44 pm (Edit)
    Page was changing Athletic Directors….They had a player declared ineligible…

    Page went from 13-11 overall to 6-18…Conference-wise Page fell from 8-6 to 3-11…Seven overall games forfeited, and 5 conference games forfeited…

    From what I understand, the Page players were declared eligible by the new Guilford County AD…

    There were two Page players involved, and one is still eligible, the other is not, and Page had to forfeit the games the one player that was found to be ineligible played in…

    Again, the new Guilford County athletic director said Page was OK and good to go with both players, and then the state of North Carolina came back and said the one player was not eligible, and all was not OK…

    Page did their due diligence, and then they got got caught in the cracks, and when I say the state got them, in would think we are talking about the NCHSAA….

    Page went through the proper channels, at least what they were told were the proper channels, they played the kid, and then the state comes back, and says the kid was ineligible…

    That is the way I interpret this situation, and I may not be totally right, but this is my best explanation…..

    The story on the Page forfeitures is now out, and that is why we are commenting on it here today…

    I would think Page would have some kind of window for an appeal in this current situation, unless they have already used that appeal, and it failed…If Page is to appeal, it will have to be a quick appeal, and it will have to happen in the next 48 hours, the Conference Tournaments are about to begin, on Tuesday….

    As it stands and sits now, the Page boys will have to win the Metro 4-A Conference Tournament, as a #7 seed, to be eligible for the State 4-A Tournament…

    We have covered this the best we can here, and if we have any of the details wrong, or incorrect, our apologies…

    Since talk on this matter has begun, we felt it best to come in and comment on the situation today, here on Sunday afternoon…

    Andy Durham says:
    February 12, 2023 at 3:53 pm (Edit)
    Also, let’s be fair to the kids that might be involved in these situations and not use their names…We don’t need to be dragging them down a drain, they are just kids…So we ask that you don’t use any of the kids/players names when commenting on this topic…

    These young people are still just kids…


  4. Andy – thanks for the detailed breakdown.

    Harder, Hagan, whoever else, unfortunately that position is a revolving door now. There is one common thread between this and 2018 – Naglee. The environment he has created at Page is one of non-compliance.

    Long gone are the days of Clendenin, Kirby, and Morris – winners that did it the right way!!

  5. Thanks for the information Andy, wow that sounds like a bunch of confusion. “Again, the new Guilford County athletic director said Page was OK and good to go with both players, and then the state of North Carolina came back and said the one player was not eligible, and all was not O”. Everyone needs to get on the same page.

  6. Having Eric Naglee at Page should be a plus for the Pirates, with his background as an All-Conference punter for Greensboro College…He knows the athletic landscape and he is sort like having a ‘coach on the field’, from an Administrator’s standpoint…

    High School Athletics has become much more detailed with transfers, Name Image and Likeness, and all of that, it becoming like college athletics…

    Things are no longer just cut-and-dry, they are not even in some cases, cut-and-paste…More and more details and when you get new athletic directors at your high school, and a new Athletic Director on the Guilford Country level at the same time too, it can get complicated….

    Would be nice to go back to the old days, but we have come so far now, there is not turning back…

    We have to face the music on a weekly, often times daily basis…

  7. Well Page decided to go out with a bang tonight at Southeast. Multiple technicals, coach ejected and game ended early. Stay classy Pirates

  8. These have been some frustrating times for the Page Pirates…Coach Fancourt, of Page, is all in and he won’t go down without a fight…He was a Whirlie, before he joined the Southern Guilford Storm, and then he joined the Page Pirates…

    Great young coach, and he works his tail off…

  9. No one wants to talk about the way that the Southeast players were acting on the bench and court last night and how the coaches encourage that behavior? They are down right rude and disrespectful and the coach, AD, and principal allow it and the principal seems to encourage it as well since he was involved in an altercation at Page with Coach Fancourt and that all got swept under the rug. Same as Southeast immediately took down the game video for the live stream last night so no one was able to see the way the UN-classy Southeast players act. Page seems to be getting a lot of blame for ineligible players and their athletics, but Southeast has multiple players that shouldn’t be playing there, but they just use fake addresses and the county allows it. Same with Grimsley and other schools, but it seems the county and NCHSAA only pick and choose who they want to punish. Southeast player were involved in the fight last night with Page, so are they actually going to be help accountable and not be able to play on Thursday or will that be swept under the rug as well like most things at Southeast and the county will allow Southeast to advance like their entire team wasn’t in the middle of the court last night in a brawl with Page? How about the county checks the actual addresses at Southeast and see if the kids actually live where they say. Trinity isn’t in the Southeast district and they have a player who lives there and plays. Another player plays at Southeast, but his sister is an athlete at Page and the family lives in the Page district, so how is that allowed. Something is fishy here and the county isn’t looking into it. Just punishing Page for allowing a player to play who was APPROVED by the county AD earlier in the season. That player lives in the Page district too, but it’s a technicality with Charter schools that hurt them. It’s his district so quit blaming Naglee or the new AD or coaches. Look at ALL the schools, don’t pick and choose. A school who is notorious for being the bottom of the conference doesn’t move to the top of the conference and have a whole new starting lineup like Southeast and nothing shady is happening.

  10. First of all Page Players were very aggressive! Hitting and pushing players is not tolerated in the game of basketball! Look at the footage it speaks for itself! Second of all Page coaches were definitely not good rode models last night for their team! Third you can’t blame Southeast for your forfeits! And last let the footage be seen of the whole game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. First of all Page players were very aggressive and not in a good way! They were hitting and pushing southeast players while playing and in a very rough way. They literally hit one of southeast players in the private area! Page has nothing to lose so this looked like a set up to make southeast have to forfeit as well. Look at footage of the game it speaks for itself! Second of all page coaches were not good role models last night for their team! Third you can’t blame southeast or any other school for YOUR FORFEITS!

  12. Typical Falcon mentality to overlook the way your players behave and act and the behavior of your players and coaches. But you also support a coach who has to cheat with players to win and admin that supports that, so cannot expect much more. Glad some of the kids that are actually in your district got to play the last minute of the basketball game and all the kids with fake addresses came out.

  13. So we can work to keep these comments from exploding, and make sure this doesn’t become more that a spitting contest, we will cut the comments OFF for now…No need to bring up any accusations that will do damage for down the road…

    A good time to take a step back is now, and let’s let the Cool Down Time begin….

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