Caldwell Academy Boys win NCISAA DIII State Swimming and Diving Championship


Here are the results from the NCISAA DIV 111 STATE
Swim meet held February 14, 2023 at the TAC in Cary, NC

The boys team, made up of 11 swimmers, 4 seniors, 2 juniors,
1 sophomore, 3 eighth grade , 1 seventh grade, won the STATE
CHAMPION with 282 points by defeating 22 other schools.
The boys team also won STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2021
& 2022.

The girls team, made up of 4 swimmers, 2sophmores, 1 eighth
grade, 1 seventh grade, placed 9th with 120 points with a total
of 24 teams competing.

TOP 3 finishers for the Boy’s team , with 8th place
or better being named ALL-STATE

200 YD MEDLEY RELAY— 1st place, (out of 15)STATE CHAMPS,
NEW SCHOOL RECORD of 1:39.73 Kieran Mohorn (SR),
John Ramos (SR), Nick Brooks (8), Noah Ramos (SR)
(Old school record set 15FEB 22 )
BOYS 200 YD FREE– 6th place (out of 19) Nick Brooks (8)-NEW
SCHOOL RECORD of 1:53.64. (Old record set 11DEC21),
9th place Zack Hall (SO)
200 YD IM— 3rd place (out of 10) Noah Ramos, NEW SCHOOL
RECORD of 2:00.59 (Old record set15 FEB22), 7th place
Riley Parsons (JR)
50 YD FREE– 1st place,(out of 42 ) STATE CHAMP, John Ramos (SR)
NEW SCHOOL RECORD of 21.22 (Old school set record 4FEB23),
12th place Freddy Ortmann (SR), 14th place Jonathon Reynolds (SR)
100 YD FLY 2nd place(out of 20) Noah Ramos (SR) NEW SCHOOL
RECORD (Old school record set 4FEB23), 4th place Nick Brooks,(8)

9th place Riley Parsons (JR)
100YD FREE– 15th place (out of 29) Bill Hall (7)
200YD FREE RELAY– 1st place(out of 16) STATE CHAMP-
Riley Parsons(JR), Jonathon Reynolds (SR), Freddy Ortmann (JR)
Noah Ramos (SR)
100 YD BACK– 5th place (out of 21) Zack Hall (SO)
100 YD BREAST– 1st place(out of 19) STATE CHAMP
John Ramos(SR) NEW MEET RECORD of 57.47
400 YD FREE RELAY – 3rd place (out of 16) Nick Brooks (8),
Kieran Mohorn (SR ) Freddy Ortmann (JR), John Ramos (SR)

TOP 3 finishers for the Girl’s Team, with 8th place or better
being named ALL STATE

200 YD MEDLEY RELAY 4th place (out of 17) Anna Kate Wilson (8)
Ayden Walsh (SO), Riley Ramseur (7), Anna Grace Reynolds (SO)
200 YD FREE– 11th place ( out of 14) Anna Kate Wilson (8)
50YD FREE—19th place (out of 32) Ayden Walsh (SO)
200 YD FREE RELAY– 4th place (out of 19) Ayden Walsh (SO),
Anna Kate Wilson (8), Anna Grace Reynolds (SO), Riley Ramseur (7)
100 YD BACK– 1st place (out of 22 ) STATE CHAMP
Riley Ramseur (7),, 14th place Anna Kate Wilson (8)
100 YD BREAST–8th place (out of 19) Ayden Walsh (SO)
100 YD FREE– 1st place (out of 30), STATE CHAMP,
Riley Ramseur (7), NEW SCHOOL RECORD of 52.22
( Old School record set 4FEB23 )

Courtesy of Bob Black, Big Booster and Big Supporter of Caldwell Academy Eagles Athletics