Middle School Basketball Finals for Today(2/15/23) in Guilford County:Kiser Tigers take two from Mendenhall Mustangs and More Scores with SWG, JMS, NWG, SEG, Lincoln, Swann, WG, EG, and others checking in

Jamestown girls 28, Southwest Guilford 11
SWG girls(7-6)/JMS girls(10-3)
SWG boys 67, Jamestown 43
SWG boys(13-0)

Northwest Guilford boys 40, Southeast Guilford 32
NWG(8-6)…Season Complete…
Northwest Guilford girls 43, Southeast Guilford 13
NWG(8-2) in Conference

Lincoln boys 37, Swann 28
Swann Lady Lions(girls) 40, Lincoln 4
Swann(10-2 overall; 6-1 conference) with final game on Tuesday, due to a makeup game…
Courtesy of Dawn Lineberry, and we thank her for that score….Great job turned in by the Swann Lions…

Eastern Guilford girls 42, Western Guilford 20
With only one conference loss, this should give Eastern Guilford the Regular Season Conference Title…WG girls(8-6/6-4)
Western Guilford boys 50, Eastern Guilford 23
WG boys(7-7/5-5)

Finals from today at Mendenhall Middle School:
Kiser girls 40, Mendenhall 16
End of First Quarter:Kiser 11, Mendenhall 6…Halftime:Kiser 20, Mendenhall 6…End of Third Quarter:Kiser 34, Mendenhall 15…Final:Kiser 40, Mendenhall 18…(Kiser holding Mendenhall scoreless, in the Second Quarter, with a 9-0 Tigers run…
Kiser Scoring:Sanaya Blount 16 points, Corbitt 9, San George 6, Marks 4, Stone 3, Goodwine 2
Mendenhall Scoring:Austin 11 points, Wood 4, Herring 2, Thomas 1

We caught up with the Kiser Middle School girls coach after the game and we spoke with Coach Winchester, and one of his top players, and eighth-grader, Sanaya Blount…CLICK ON BELOW for their video on the go tour, of today’s game, with the Kiser Tigers at the Mendenhall Mustangs…Kiser girls should be on their way to the conference tournament, next week…

Kiser boys 33, Mendenhall 23
End of First Quarter:Mendenhall 6, Kiser 3…Halftime:Kiser 12, Mendenhall 8…End of Third Quarter:Kiser 22, Mendenhall 12…Final:Kiser 33, Mendenhall 23
Kiser Scoring:Pfistor 9 points, Hooker 6, Cooper 5, Shoemake 4, Barnard 2, Hill 2, Isley 2, Hissum 2, Masus 1
Mendenhall Scoring:Poindexter 17 points, Lynch 4, McKnight 2
We spoke with the winning Kiser Tigers coach, Coach Gray after the game, and we talked about the success his team had today, against a very strong Mendenhall Mustangs team…We also talked with Alex Cooper, a 7th-grade guard for the Tigers, and got his take on what it took to come out on top, vs. the Mustangs in this contest….Good talk with Coach Gray and Alex Cooper…Coach Gray said that neither Kiser, nor Mendenhall would be headed to the conference tournament, and that is a bummer for them there…********We have learned that the Mendenhall Mustangs will be going to the Conference Tournament…Just got that word from Mendenhall Coach Richard Sherman, this evening…Mustangs headed to the Tournament next week**********…..
CLICK BELOW for their video show, Coach Gray and Alex Cooper are ready to go…

Middle School Basketball with Wednesday in the Middle(2/15/2023)/Last Day of the Regular Season
Ferndale at Penn Griffin girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm

Kernodle at Northeast Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
NEG boys (9-0) in the Conference…

Welborn at Southern Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm

Jackson at Allen girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm

Southeast Guilford at Northwest Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
NWG girls now (6-2) in Conference/NWG boys are (7-6) overall…

Jamestown Middle at Southwest Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm…SWG boys(12-0)/SWG girls(7-5)/JMS girls(9-3)

Western Guilford at Eastern Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
WG girls(8-5/6-3)…WG boys(6-7/4-5)…EG girls with just 1 loss on the season…

Kiser at Mendenhall girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm

The Academy at Lincoln at Swann girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm…Lincoln boys having a great season, Swann boys very tough too…
Allen Jay Prep-OFF
Northern Guilford-OFF…NG girls (9-3) overall…

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