NCHSAA Individual Wrestling State Tournament continues with day 2 action at the Greensboro Coliseum:Courtesy of James Alverson, with the NCHSAA

NCHSAA Individual Wrestling State Tournament continues with day 2 action at the Greensboro Coliseum

GREENSBORO, NC – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) continued the 87th Annual Individual Wrestling State Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum on Friday, February 17, 2023. Day Two wrestling began with Consolation Bracket First Round Matches in the 2A, 3A, and 4A. The Championship Quarterfinals in all four classifications are on the mats next.

Wrestling will get underway at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning at the Greensboro Coliseum. You can follow the tournament and brackets at or watch live streaming video of matches via the NFHS Network.

Below are the text results for the Consolation First Round matches in the 2A, 3A, & 4A Classifications. Wrestlers who were defeated in these rounds have been eliminated from the tournament.

2023 NCHSAA Individual Wrestling State Tournament Results
2A Consolation First Round
2A 106 lbs.
Alex Monks (Bunn, 36-6) won by fall over Seth Watters (North Johnston, 24-19) (Fall 1:53)
Ayden Norman (Surry Central, 35-8) won by forfeit over Christian Price (Washington, 31-13) (For.)
Janaksel Perez (Southwestern Randolph, 25-12) won by fall over Aeden Larkins (Southwest Onslow, 33-12) (Fall 2:05)
Stone Martin (West Stanly, 41-11) won by forfeit over Dakota Peele (North Lenoir, 31-13) (For.)

2A 113 lbs.
Aiden Moretz (West Davidson, 26-9) won by fall over Gavin Yanez (South Lenoir, 23-22) (Fall 1:00)
Seth Almond (Mt. Pleasant, 44-7) won by fall over Jared Santiago-Lopez (North Lenoir, 35-9) (Fall 4:00)
Drake Parker (Forbush, 34-10) won by decision over Bryson Gresham (Webb, 26-11) (Dec 5-4)
Jose Trejo (Surry Central, 35-8) won by fall over Keller Guthrie (Ayden-Grifton, 29-8) (Fall 2:13)

2A 120 lbs.
Christian Wylie (Maiden, 26-11) won by fall over Christian Peace (East Davidson, 19-17) (Fall 2:16)
Phoenix Michaud (Newton-Conover, 46-10) won by fall over Levi Jaramillo (Heide Trask, 24-22) (Fall 2:28)
Bladen Ingle (West Lincoln, 34-19) won by fall over Robert Moulton (Salisbury, 11-16) (Fall 3:18)
Braulio Nolasco-Rayo (Louisburg, 27-15) won by major decision over Wyatt Reavis (South Lenoir, 22-15) (MD 10-2)

2A 126 lbs.
Knari Bailey (West Davidson, 32-6) won by decision over Tate Tucker (Washington, 22-20) (Dec 8-6)
Trey Story (Bandys, 42-11) won by fall over Landon Wilson (West Wilkes, 21-14) (Fall 2:05)
Chris Haro (South Lenoir, 41-9) won by fall over Max Profitt (Graham, 23-11) (Fall 4:23)
Hayden Manning (North Pitt, 37-8) won by tech fall over Michael Fischer (East Surry, 25-14) (TF-1.5 2:18 (16-1))

2A 132 lbs.
Austin Chastain (Bunn, 41-9) won by decision over Derek Freeman (West Davidson, 29-14) (Dec 5-1)
Jett McNeill (West Wilkes, 44-12) won by forfeit over David B-Meza (Washington, 30-13) (For.)
William France (North Surry, 34-10) won by fall over Kaelob Pearce (Randleman, 20-14) (Fall 1:36)
Bladen Davis (South Lenoir, 30-16) won by fall over Dylan Poole (East Davidson, 26-11) (Fall 3:57)

2A 138 lbs.
Colton Peters (South Granville, 24-9) won by fall over Gerald Johnson (West Craven, 37-5) (Fall 2:46)
Luke White (Southwestern Randolph, 33-3) won by fall over Ashton Shields-Adams (Southwest Onslow, 30-17) (Fall 1:44)
Jasper Williamson (Reidsville, 25-8) won by tech fall over Everett Rouse (North Lenoir, 35-6) (TF-1.5 2:03 (16-0))
Gabe Foreman (Washington, 35-16) won by decision over Baron Justice (Trinity, 27-18) (Dec 17-14)

2A 145 lbs.
Mason Leonard (Southwestern Randolph, 28-14) won by decision over Josiah Hynes (East Carteret, 41-15) (Dec 5-0)
Jacob Crump (North Pitt, 43-6) won by fall over Bryson Miller (Reidsville, 15-7) (Fall 1:42)
Eli Day (South Lenoir, 16-7) won by major decision over Jonathan Hayes (South Granville, 26-31) (MD 10-2)
Nicholas Johnson (Heide Trask, 29-11) won by fall over Jack Casey (Lincoln Charter, 28-14) (Fall 1:58)

2A 152 lbs.
Jacob Reigel (Mt. Pleasant, 27-17) won by decision over Jahiem Gibson (Pasquotank County, 30-12) (Dec 9-5)
Brayden Helms (R-S Central, 35-21) won by fall over Anthony Mejia (South Lenoir, 21-11) (Fall 4:31)
Brandon Wyatt (East Gaston, 40-10) won by fall over Mitchell Freeman (Providence Grove, 27-20) (Fall 4:26)
Luke Burkett (Bandys, 43-15) won by fall over Jackson Stegall (Holmes, 25-15) (Fall 2:51)

2A 160 lbs.
Caleb Harrison (East Gaston, 37-19) won by forfeit over Cameron Dennison (South Granville, 24-14) (For.)
Tristian Kirkwood (TW Andrews, 15-8) won by tech fall over Jon Horne (Nash Central, 22-17) (TF-1.5 4:09 (17-1))
Alex Ashley (Hendersonville, 46-12) won by fall over Dylan Polatty (Manteo, 52-10) (Fall 2:23)
Judge Lloyd (Seaforth, 23-12) won by forfeit over Traquan Haywood (Washington, 19-6) (For.)

2A 170 lbs.
Logan Haffner (Southwest Onslow, 30-6) won by fall over Hezekiah James (McMichael, 22-10) (Fall 2:00)
Eric Fazekas (Northeastern, 39-9) won by major decision over Garrett White (Lincoln Charter, 33-10) (MD 19-11)
Dayton East (Heide Trask, 26-11) won by forfeit over Mark Hancock (Morehead, 21-14) (For.)
John “Riley” Perciful (Manteo, 46-8) won by fall over Chris McCorkle (Walkertown, 21-11) (Fall 0:38)

2A 182 lbs.
Davonta Warren (Bartlett-Yancey, 27-8) won by fall over Lee Chambers (Anson, 25-14) (Fall 1:38)
Izreal Wrighton (Shelby, 24-9) won by decision over Landon Dillane (Nash Central, 25-7) (Dec 3-0)
Camden Mongene (Bandys, 22-8) won by fall over Dominic McDowell (Bunn, 10-8) (Fall 3:16)
Garrett Shore (North Surry, 32-5) won by fall over Jack Ewell (Ayden-Grifton, 35-20) (Fall 1:50)

2A 195 lbs.
Braxton Walker (Randleman, 44-11) won by forfeit over Tanner Whitehead (Southwest Onslow, 26-3) (For.)
Nick Brewster (Manteo, 44-17) won by decision over Harrison Compton (Seaforth, 25-16) (Dec 3-2)
Preston Campfield (Chase, 36-10) won by fall over Gavin Pierce (Holmes, 26-10) (Fall 2:44)
Asher Eason (Heide Trask, 36-10) won by fall over Randy Spencer (Wheatmore, 17-12) (Fall 0:19)

2A 220 lbs.
Matthew Cranfill (Bandys, 48-10) won by decision over Gabriel Roberts (Roanoke Rapids, 24-11) (Dec 5-1)
Michael Vazquez (McMichael, 16-7) won by fall over Dayne Harrelson (West Lincoln, 15-10) (Fall 1:32)
Dominec Oneto (West Craven, 30-11) won by fall over Colin Baumann (Morehead, 34-17) (Fall 6:14)
Trey Fuller (Shelby, 29-9) won by fall over Owen Grismer (West Stanly, 35-13) (Fall 2:06)

2A 285 lbs.
Nick McClellan (East Gaston, 22-14) won by fall over Peter Hoult (Southwest Onslow, 22-16) (Fall 2:23)
Jaden McClary (Goldsboro, 19-8) won by decision over Mykie Xiong (Newton Conover, 23-13) (Dec 6-0)
Davante Barrington (Northeastern, 34-10) won by fall over Mason Clubb (Madison, 25-9) (Fall 0:28)
Camden Sain (West Lincoln, 40-12) won by fall over Nicholas Herring (Greene Central, 31-14) (Fall 1:59)

3A 106 lbs.
Paul Vaught (Swansboro, 29-9) won by forfeit over Camorie Townsend (Southern Guilford, 17-8) (For.)
Brayden Reid (Hibriten, 49-9) won by decision over Jose Salazar (Southern Nash, 31-6) (Dec 11-5)
Cameron Sanchez (Croatan, 30-8) won by decision over Charlie Price (South Point, 34-8) (Dec 6-4)
Kail Burnette (Pisgah, 30-8) won by fall over Carter Mulligan (Havelock, 21-22) (Fall 2:54)

3A 113 lbs.
Austin Laws (Fred T. Foard, 37-8) won by forfeit over Xavier Santos (Asheboro, 41-9) (For.)
Christian Lemaire (Person, 37-7) won by tech fall over Ziquaveon Kornegay (South Central, 41-22) (TF-1.5 3:55 (15-0))
Redmond Williamson (Northern Nash, 30-4) won in sudden victory over Till Helms (North Lincoln, 45-16) (SV-1 6-4)
Kane Bryson (Pisgah, 43-3) won by fall over Ethan McCullough (South Brunswick, 30-6) (Fall 2:59)

3A 120 lbs.
Austin Hill (West Brunswick, 29-16) won by fall over Mark Truman (West Rowan, 16-11) (Fall 4:37)
Trevon Bowers (Forestview, 40-4) won by fall over Takota Tala (Parkwood, 30-12) (Fall 1:53)
Gavin Cryderman (Enka, 17-4) won by fall over Carson Corl (South Johnston, 33-13) (Fall 3:36)
Ayden Goodman (Swansboro, 35-13) won by decision over Alex Luna (East Rowan, 22-15) (Dec 10-3)

3A 126 lbs.
Cain Solis (Montgomery Central, 39-7) won by forfeit over Tyler Cowell (Swansboro, 42-5) (For.)
Braden Crawford (Orange, 31-8) won in sudden victory – 1 over Matthew Mehaffey (Pisgah, 39-14) (SV-1 7-5)
Chayton Tala (Parkwood, 36-12) won by decision over Jalen Williams (Cedar Ridge, 21-25) (Dec 6-0)
Stetson Collins (West Rowan, 28-6) won by decision over Malachi Cobb (Eastern Guilford, 42-14) (Dec 3-1)

3A 132 lbs.
Logan Wilson (Clyde A. Erwin, 40-11) won by decision over Parker Mills (Jesse Carson, 29-18) (Dec 4-3)
Kavan Wilson (Smoky Mountain, 28-3) won by decision over Triston Woodard (East Wake, 19-12) (Dec 8-6)
Shawn Bass (Dudley, 44-9) won by decision over Garrett Carpenter (North Gaston, 25-15) (Dec 10-3)
Barrett Klutey (Fike, 47-6) won by fall over Logan Mitchell (Southern Lee, 27-14) (Fall 4:30)

3A 138 lbs.
Russell Davis (C.B. Aycock, 31-11) won in sudden victory over Ben Musser (Orange, 12-8) (SV-1 8-6)
Matthew Lieberman (Currituck County, 21-3) won by fall over Jahzion Patterson (Eastern Alamance, 17-17) (Fall 4:18)
Nathan Canning (First Flight, 27-9) won by fall over Wiliam Sullivan (Douglas Byrd, 12-7) (Fall 0:55)
Jaylen Jarman (Havelock, 37-9) won by fall over Christian Kluttz (Jesse Carson, 35-10) (Fall 4:07)

3A 145 lbs.
Brian Taylor (West Rowan, 29-13) won by fall over Ryan Rakouskas (Cedar Ridge, 36-20) (Fall 4:05)
James Weaver (North Gaston, 44-8) won by injury default over Cameron Curva (Western Harnett, 42-7) (Inj. 2:28)
Luke Osborne (Ashe County, 44-5) won by fall over David Saunders (Currituck County, 26-10) (Fall 4:52)
Ross Watts (Hibriten, 46-8) won by tech fall over Ronald Walker (Northwood, 29-10 (TF-1.5 4:23) (19-2))

3A 152 lbs.
Deaijaha Ray (Clyde A. Erwin, 34-10) won by fall over Jake Winyard (North Davidson, 47-15) (Fall 4:16)
Kameron Ladd (Terry Sanford, 30-8) won by decision over Dalton Gay (Currituck County, 31-12) (Dec 3-1)
Conner Misenheimer (West Rowan, 33-10) won by decision over Chandler Wyke (Hibriten, 16-7) (Dec 7-2)
Braydon Forehand (Westover, 15-5) won by fall over Samad Wooten (C.B. Aycock, 34-11) (Fall 3:46)

3A 160 lbs.
Kordyn Su (Swansboro, 28-17) won by fall over Easton McLain (Person, 27-9) (Fall 3:38)
Shawn Disbennett (Dixon, 39-3) won by fall over Aaron Painter (West Johnston, 23-15) (Fall 2:34)
Cameron Hunt (Westover, 19-12) won in sudden victory over Jacob Farmer (Fike, 44-14) (SV-1 15-13)
Moises Sontay (Northside-Jax, 14-5) won in sudden victory over Christian Diaz (Asheboro, 20-13) (SV-1 8-6)

3A 170 lbs.
Troy Shannon (Terry Sanford, 26-3) won by decision over Eli Jenkins (West Rowan, 30-9) (Dec 3-0)
Jackson Mitcham (Dixon, 37-6) won by forfeit over Riley Pugh (Enka, 30-11) (For.)
Matthew Wolff (High Point Central, 37-7) won by decision over Cliff Davis (Northwood, 38-8) (Dec 2-1)
Noah Staub (Central Davidson, 41-5) won by decision over Treston Wiggins (West Brunswick, 26-11) (Dec 5-3)

3A 182 lbs.
Landon Pope (Pisgah, 39-7) won by decision over Alex Petroff (Concord, 26-11) (Dec 3-1)
Ayden Rhoney (Lee County, 32-8) won by fall over Marcus Cherry (Northside-Jax, 18-8) (Fall 0:52)
Dillan Earp (Hibriten, 48-5) won by decision over Collin Jasset (Havelock, 37-16) (Dec 6-2)
Ethan Kuball (Northwood, 37-9) won by fall over AJ Pile (Croatan, 30-11) (Fall 1:39)

3A 195 lbs.
Hunter Miller (West Rowan, 32-4) won by fall over Damian Weaver (South Brunswick, 36-14) (Fall 1:18)
Dewayne Davis (North Gaston, 47-11) won by decision over Raymon Gray (Statesville, 19-6) (Dec 7-5)
Andrew Frazier (Havelock, 21-6) won by tech fall over James Este-Wittinger (Cedar Ridge, 20-18) (TF-1.5 4:13 (22-7))
Tytus Bridges (Pisgah, 43-9) won by decision over Eddie Soto (Asheboro, 31-15) (Dec 7-5)

3A 220 lbs.
Xavier Wilson (Eastern Guilford, 50-6) won by fall over Louden Gregory (Central Academy, 21-7) (Fall 0:59)
Lance Deane (Havelock, 15-4) won by decision over Fredy Vincente-Perez (Freedom, 32-10) (Dec 3-1)
Garrett Frazier (South Brunswick, 37-5) won by fall over Isaiah McGuffin (Oak Grove, 27-10) (Fall 4:39)
Reese Meadows (North Henderson, 41-7) won by fall over Sammy Huddleston (Northern Nash, 10-7) (Fall 2:46)

3A 285 lbs.
Nicholas Rodgers (Fike, 44-5) won by fall over Ben Hicks (Southern Durham, 25-6) (Fall 4:25)
Jacob Brindle (Stuart Cramer, 38-12) won by decision over Hyuga Doreus (Swansboro, 37-15) (Dec 6-3)
Everest Ouellette (First Flight, 37-9) won by forfeit over Elihu Lipscomb (Kings Mountain, 19-18) (For.)
Landon Michael (Franklinton, 55-9) won by fall over Elijah Amaya (Hibriten, 40-10) (Fall 2:37)

4A 106 lbs.
Alex King (Weddington, 42-11) won by fall over Samuel Beltowski (Cary, 46-14) (Fall 3:00)
Brian Trujillo Alvarado (New Hanover, 37-10) won by fall over Ben Glaister (T.C. Roberson, 24-18) (Fall 2:52)
Connor Reed (Leesville Road, 49-5) won by decision over Ryder Menard (Lake Norman, 32-16) (Dec 10-4)
Spencer Sterling (Cardinal Gibbons, 34-15) won by fall over William Vanwy (Pine Forest, 25-17) (Fall 3:54)

4A 113 lbs.
Daniel Dickerson (Riverside-Durham, 31-8) won by fall over Giulio Fabriziani (Willow Spring, 23-16) (Fall 3:38)
Makya Kerns (Lumberton, 52-9) won by decision over Jake Economon (South Mecklenburg, 33-14) (Dec 7-0)
Jayvion Johnson (Pine Forest, 29-8) won by fall over Jonathan Binanay (Cardinal Gibbons, 36-15) (Fall 0:34)
Johnny Ramos (Cary, 26-3) won by major decision over Mason Winchell (Ashley, 30-18) (MD 9-0)

4A 120 lbs.
Tyler Klemmer (New Bern, 34-13) won by fall over Asher Watson (Cox Mill, 35-13) (Fall 3:47)
Alexander Schweitzer (Cary, 44-10) won by fall over Justin Prince (A.C. Reynolds, 21-16) (Fall 4:31)
Kyle Snyder (Piedmont, 25-5) won by fall over Shamari Thompson (South View, 24-17) (Fall 3:35)
Noah Murray (Lake Norman, 37-12) won by major decision over Noah Reid (Topsail, 27-14) (MD 10-0)

4A 126 lbs.
Gabe Wallace (Grimsley, 33-9) won by forfeit over Zane Ray (Gray`s Creek, 35-7) (For.)
Yadiel Colon Torres (Hoke County, 35-9) won by decision over Robert Tellez (Topsail, 40-12) (Dec 4-2)
Tyler Watt (Wake Forest, 40-7) won by fall over Keith Jenkins (Cuthbertson, 17-15) (Fall 2:25)
Nick Lewis (New Bern, 36-9) won by decision over Quaiyem Smith (Jack Britt, 30-20) (Dec 6-3)

4A 132 lbs.
Emmit Holland (Wake Forest, 41-10) won by decision over Jonathan Stanback (A.L. Brown, 30-14) (Dec 4-3)
Amarr Lumpkins (R.J. Reynolds, 45-9) won by major decision over Marcello Scaldaferri (South Mecklenburg, 23-18) (MD 9-0)
Michael Baysden (New Bern, 20-8) won by decision over Elijah Ybarra (Pinecrest, 34-11) (Dec 3-0)
Job Brown (A.C. Reynolds, 29-9) won by fall over Troy Garcia (Piedmont, 37-17) (Fall 2:57)

4A 138 lbs.
Cooper Schmidt (Holly Springs, 31-8) won by decision over Daniel Maye (A.L. Brown, 17-16) (Dec 8-7)
Tristan Hawkins (Clayton, 40-6) won by major decision over Kanon Harrington (Alexander Central, 30-7) (MD 10-0)
Samuel Gantt (Pine Forest, 34-10) won by tech fall over Aidan Moose (South Iredell, 35-11) (TF-1.5 3:57 (18-2))
Bailey Wilman (Wake Forest, 45-5) won by decision over Jayden Gaddy (Julius L. Chambers, 34-5) (Dec 8-5)

4A 145 lbs.
Andrew Harger (Northwest Guilford, 44-12) won by decision over Charlie McLaurin (Charlotte Catholic, 25-13) (Dec 10-4)
Blake Taylor (Ashley, 36-8) won in sudden victory over Jaxson Martin (Richmond County, 22-10) (SV-1 8-6)
Parker Broadus (West Forsyth, 33-8) won by decision over Dylan Dalton (Alexander Central, 36-8) (Dec 7-3)
Pete Winterstein (Clayton, 25-4) won by major decision over Thomas Taylor (Jack Britt, 46-14) (MD 12-0)

4A 152 lbs.
Isaiah Williams (Apex, 29-7) won by major decision over Isaac Piatek (Cleveland, 39-12) (MD 13-1)
Jason Sanders (Hough, 31-14) won by decision over Amet Faal (West Forsyth, 35-13) (Dec 5-0)
Palmer Smith (Watauga, 29-11) won by major decision over Marcus Schultz (Jordan, 25-8) (MD 9-0)
Cohen Beane (Northern Guilford, 31-6) won by major decision over Lukas Boucher (Mallard Creek, 49-12) (MD 11-3)

4A 160 lbs.
Geovani Giron (Porter Ridge, 24-12) won in sudden victory over Augustus Elliott (Apex Friendship, 26-8) (SV-1 10-8)
Michael Lapata (Providence, 26-12) won by decision over Bilial Benzemour (Southeast Raleigh, 42-23) (Dec 6-5)
Daniel Freeman (Marvin Ridge, 36-3) won by decision over Terrence Olu Rouse (Panther Creek, 39-9) (Dec 7-5)
Jeffrey Hoelscher (South Mecklenburg, 45-6) won by decision over Honor Paxton (Middle Creek, 33-18) (Dec 8-7)

4A 170 lbs.
Brett Fox (East Forsyth, 34-7) won by major decision over Ayden Small (Mallard Creek, 33-29) (MD 12-2)
Cooper Ogden (Pinecrest, 47-14) won by fall over Elijah Tillery-Mallory (Leesville Road, 51-15) (Fall 1:41)
Elliot Hollis (Enloe, 35-7) won by fall over William `Billy` Hoelscher (South Mecklenburg, 30-16) (Fall 4:15)
James Ellison (Lumberton, 45-14) won by fall over Dalton Renfroe (Piedmont, 19-6) (Fall 2:22)

4A 182 lbs.
Trevor Franciscy (Wakefield, 40-16) won by major decision over Wesley Shepard (Riverside-Durham, 33-10) (MD 9-0)
Matthew Massaro (Weddington, 34-7) won by fall over Ian Maxwell (Olympic, 31-18) (Fall 0:43)
Mathias Winston (Pine Forest, 25-8) won by fall over Aaron Martinez (Topsail, 45-10) (Fall 4:58)
Anthony Crespo (Porter Ridge, 38-13) won by decision over Giancarlo Evans (Hough, 39-18) (Dec 8-5)

4A 195 lbs.
Jiwaun Fleming (Pine Forest, 27-7) won by decision over Priest Gwyn (Ronald Reagan, 26-7) (Dec 7-2)
Kiyon Brown (Athens Drive, 34-11) won by major decision over Bryson Stines (McDowell, 23-18) (MD 9-1)
Christian Brown (Page, 17-5) won by decision over Maynor Ramos (South View, 38-11) (Dec 9-3)
Brady Rabb (Mooresville, 42-10) won by major decision over Codie Witmer (Clayton, 13-6) (MD 11-2)

4A 220 lbs.
Connor Shulman (Hickory Ridge, 33-6) won by decision over Truth Jacobs (Mallard Creek, 37-17) (Dec 6-4)
Joshua Romero (Rolesville, 21-10) won by major decision over Jacob Williams (Panther Creek, 44-12) (MD 11-3)
Selwyn Davis (Page, 15-10) won by fall over Trabey Shepherd (Watauga, 24-21) (Fall 1:14)
Noah Richardson (Ragsdale, 43-6) won by fall over Ray Watson (Mooresville Senior, 40-5) (Fall 4:57)

4A 285 lbs.
Tremel Hester (Page, 27-4) won by decision over Deondre Johnson (Clayton, 46-11) (Dec 9-3)
Nathan Sanders (South Iredell, 36-8) won by fall over Chaz Knox (A.L. Brown, 36-15) (Fall 2:07)
Joseph Hunt (South View, 41-12) won in tie breaker over Thomas Bennett (Topsail, 46-9) (TB-1 3-1)
Aaron Goodman (Piedmont, 38-8) won by fall over Gilmore Kirby (Alexander Central, 19-11) (Fall 2:46)

Courtesy of JAMES ALVERSON, AIC/Director of Media with the NCHSAA