High School Basketball Tonight(2/17/2023) in and around Guilford County:Conference Tournament Championship Games with GreensboroSports Radio at Smith HS

Conference Tournament Championship Games on this Friday night and we do have several of them going on, in and around Guilford County…

Metro 4-A Conference Championship Games at Grimsley High School, in the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium:
#2 Northwest Guilford(20-6) vs. #1 Northern Guilford(24-0) at 6pm
#3 Ragsdale(18-8) vs. #1 Grimsley(22-4) at 7:30pm

*********Southwest Guilford girls(15-11) vs. Western Guilford girls(14-10)…Both teams finished with identical (8-6) conference marks, and they split their games during the Regular Season, and now must play this Elimination Game, to see which team wins, and has a chance to move on into the Playoffs, from the Metro 4-A Conference…They must have flipped coin to see who got the higher seed in the tournament, and both WG and SWG advanced to the Second Round of the tournament, so they were even there too…This game is being featured at MaxPreps.com, and you would think they would play it at Grimsley, the site of the Conference Finals. This game will be played at Grimsley, beginning at 5pm…..**********

Mid-State 3-A Conference Tournament at Ben L. Smith High School, in the Bob McAdoo Gymnasium:
(The girls and boys Championship Games can be heard on Friday night, on GreensboroSports Radio…)
#3 Dudley(18-7) vs. #1 Smith(21-2) at 6pm
#2 Smith(23-3) vs. #1 Southern Guilford(22-4) 7:30pm
(Boys and Girls Mid-State 3-A Title Games are on GreensboroSports Radio…Girls pregame, at around 5:45pm, with a tipoff at 6pm, and boys game to follow.) You should be able to hear the outstanding Smith HS public address announcer Joseph Level in the background…..

Mid-State 2-A Conference Championship Games at Walkertown High School:
#3 Reidsville(11-10) vs. #1 High Point Andrews(20-4) at 6pm
#3 High Point Andrews(17-8) vs. #1 Reidsville(20-0) at 7:30pm

Northwest Piedmont 1-A Conference Championships:
#2 Leadership Academy(19-4) vs. #1 Bishop McGuinness(21-4) 6pm
#2 Winston-Salem Prep(14-9) vs. #1 Bishop McGuinness(20-5) 7:30pm

Central Piedmont 4-A Conference Championships at Mount Tabor High School:
#6 West Forsyth(15-11) vs. #4 WS Reagan(14-10) at 6pm
#4 WS Reagan(15-11) vs. #3 East Forsyth(19-6) at 7:30pm
**********#1 WS Parkland girls and #2 WS Reynolds girls will play on Friday at 4:30 @ Mt. Tabor to determine the #1 seed for the conference to the NCHSAA playoffs.**********

North Carolina Christian Athletic Association State Tournament:
Vandalia Christian School(8-11) girls at Tabernacle Christian(10-13) 4pm
Community Baptist(9-15) girls at Shining Light Academy(2-16) 5:30pm
Vandalia Christian School(6-16) boys at Tabernacle Christian(21-2) 5:30pm
Community Baptist boys(13-14) at Shining Light Academy(18-9) 6:30pm