2023 Guilford County Middle Schools Basketball Tournament Semifinal Games for (2/23/2023)

**********The Guilford County Middle Schools Thursday Semifinal Games, for the 2023 GCS Middle School Basketball Tournaments……**********
(We are looking at all of these games to begin at 5pm.)

Northern Guilford girls(10-2) at Kiser
Northwest Guilford girls at Eastern Guilford
NWG girls with two losses on the season, one loss to Northern Guilford, and a loss to Jamestown Middle…Eastern Guilford girls with just one loss this year, and that was a forfeit that they took, when they could not get their transportation straight, for a trip over to Mendenhall…

Northern Guilford boys at Southwest Guilford
SWG boys at (14-0) for the season, and NG with right at three losses on the year, and NG lost two times, in the regular season to SWG…
Allen Jay Prep at Northeast Guilford
We are thinking that NEG is here with just one loss on the season…