GreensboroSports All-Guilford County High School Basketball Team for 2023

Looking at the top names for the girls and boys basketball players from the 2022-2023 season, and thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and get this started and let any of you that want to weigh in on it, let your thoughts be known…

I will be contacting some of our local coaches and will be getting their input too…

Top Boys Players from Guilford County in 2022-2023 and I have put this in place as a Top Ten from our Guilford County public schools, and have added two players at the end of the list from the private schools…See what you think of this list…Who is missing???

++++++++++Have been working on players’ game numbers today/Monday.++++++++++

Gage Lattimore-Smith HS…Not available
Markquan Gilbert-Smith HS…Not available
Zacch Wiggins-Grimsley HS…15.8 ppg/7.1 rebounds per game/3 assists per game…
Alex Taylor-Grimsley HS…7.7 ppg/6.7 rebounds per game/4.4 assists per game…
Jamias Ferere-Southern Guilford HS…Not available
Jucqarie Love-Southern Guilford HS…Not available
Tre McNeil-Dudley HS…10.1 ppg/9.3 rebounds per game
Kenny Miller-Southeast Guilford HS…9.6 ppg/3.5 assists per game…
Corbin Wilson-Southwest Guilford HS…12.1 ppg/5.2 rebounds per game…
Kobe Parker-Ragsdale HS..13.9 ppg/2.1 Three’s per game…
**********From the Private Schools we add in:Jaydon Young-Greensboro Day School…Not available and Jaylen Cross-Caldwell Academy…17.8 ppg/3.4 assists per game/5.6 rebounds per game
Jaylon Bumpass, from Grimsley HS, at 13.2 ppg/4.2 rebounds per game/2.9 assists per game…Also Jacob Huitsing, from Northwest Guilford HS, who checked in at 14.0 ppg/3 Three’s per game…

Top Girls Players from Guilford County in 2022-2023 and this list will feature all girls from the Guilford County Public Schools, and I have a Top Ten, and am adding one more spot, so I can get in a young lady from High Point Andrews High School, which I almost left off the list…So this will give us 11 current members, and we will need to whittle the list down to 10 players before we send it along to Coach Wes Moore, down at N.C. State…

Morgan Smith-Smith HS…Not available
Zoe Davis-Smith HS…Not available
Jasmine Harris-Northern Guilford HS…12.7 ppg/3.5 assists per game…4.6 rebounds per game
Jadyn Newsome-Northern Guilford HS…14.1 ppg/4.0 rebounds per game…
Madison Young-Northwest Guilford HS…Not available
Maslyn Mosbacher-Northwest Guilford HS…Not available
Candice Williams-Page HS….19.2 ppg…2 assists per game/3.7 rebounds per game…
Aaliyah Griffith-Southern Guilford HS…12.6 ppg/2.1 assists per game…
Makayla Carney-Dudley HS…13.2 ppg/12.2 rebounds per game
Leila Henderson-Western Guilford HS…14.9 ppg
Sanai Johnson-High Point Andrews HS…8.9 ppg
**********Another name of interest is Tia Bryant, from Southeast Guilford HS, at 15.2 ppg/6.2 rebounds per game…

Who have we left out, and what names are in the running for Coach of the Year, and Player of the Year???
For Coach we have seen on the boys side, Coach Wil Perry-Southern Guilford HS, Coach Derrick Partee-Smith HS, and Coach Darren Corbett-Grimsley HS….from the Girls, we have seen Coach Mike Bolton-Smith HS, Coach Haley Hackett-Northwest Guilford HS, and Coach Kim Furlough-Northern Guilford HS….And you may have other options that you want in here, and what about Coach Freddy Johnson, from over at the Greensboro Day School for the boys….

And on Player of the Year, so far we have seen Candice Williams from Page HS, as the Metro 4-A POY for the girls, and Zacch Wiggins, from Grimsley HS, for the boys in the Metro….Any other candidates we should be peering into??? Like Morgan Smith or Zoe Davis from Smith HS, on the girls ledger, or Jasmine Harris, Jadyn Newsome, or Maslyn Mosbacher on the girls side of the court???
For the boys you can’t go wrong with Zacch Wiggins, but what about Gage Lattimore from over at Smith HS, or do you like Jamias Ferere from Southern Guilford, or this might be a very good way to go, what about Jaydon Young, over at the Greensboro Day School for the boys/men’s Player of the Year….He led the Bengals to another State Championship this season…

This might be one of our key closing posts/pieces for the season, so look this one over, and then come on over, and let us know what you think……

18 thoughts on “GreensboroSports All-Guilford County High School Basketball Team for 2023

  1. One name we have already received for consideration, and this name came in on Wednesday, in our Email, and we have,

    Azahreya Drayton-Gill(Girls Basketball Smith HS)

  2. Morgan Smith is the Guilford County POY. Lets not get this one wrong like the conference did.

  3. Kim Furlough at Northern Guilford is the COY. Back to back undefeated Metro 4A conference regular season and conference tournament champs. Not only did Northern Guilford win but they did so in a dominant way.

  4. Candice Williams is Guilford county player of the year 19.2 ppg 2.6 Spg 2 APG 3.7 RPG. And she plays in a conference where there are no games off. 22 of 24 games she scored in double figures. She’s a high level defender and teams across the county had to face guard her. One if the only players I’ve seen in a long to that have been face guarded In a high school season.

  5. 1 + 1 should = 2. At alot of these conference meetings 1+1 =4. Honesty as a coach and educator should be a priority. If you lost on the court don’t try to will in the conference meeting. Trying get revenge my making false votes. Jasmine or Newsome should have been POY. 1+1 should = 2.

  6. I would’ve put the coach from Southern Guilford on it. They have really gotten better.

  7. COY of the year for girls think should be a tie with Bolton & Furlough both dominated Guilford County.

    Boys Perry at SG don’t have the same talent pool as some of the other schools. Partee loss some good pieces from last year nobody thought they would make it this far and Corbett should also be in the mix those are top 3.

    Girls player of the year nobody in the county faced more junk defenses than Candice the game plan every game is to stop her. Won POY in conference.

    Carney from Dudley 5’9 post player putting up multiple 20 rebound games don’t have plays ran for her and led the county in rebounds and double doubles. Won player of the year in conference.

    If you go beyond stats Morgan Smith is the reason why Smith was so dominate. Take her out the game they are a different team.

    Boys top 4 Wiggins, Latimore, Richard Goods and Young.

    Missing boys from top players
    Woodrow Jackson, Keyshawn Gunthrop, Corey Pate HPA

    Piedmont Classical has 5.

    Shinning Light Academy Jordan Pyke avg 20 & 8 and teammate Alik Lewis avg 16
    Isaiah Sanders HPCA
    The Swindell brothers at Caldwell

    Tia Bryant SE Guilford freshman avg 15
    Eastern Guilford Johnasia Tatum freshman avg 15 around 4 steals and 4 assist
    Mya Patrick Ragsdale avg like 15
    Kimora Haith Dudley
    Ge’Kayla Goins Piedmont Classical 15 a game
    Nadiya Hairston and Kylie Torrence HPCA

  8. You can’t go wrong with either for POY
    Morgan Smith
    Candice Williams
    Makayla Carney




    Gill from Smith should also be on the list of top players in Guilford County she won DPOY in the conference.

  9. The POY shouldn’t just be about stats particularly points. Lots of players can score and there are several factors that influence stats. The stats need to be viewed in context. For example, some players play almost the entire game while others play fewer minutes because their teams are way ahead. An important question in considering a player’s stats should be whether they help their teams win consistently?

  10. Another important consideration should be what would a team’s record be if you took that player off of that team?
    In the case of some of the stronger teams they go about 10 deep with players.
    Other schools not as fortunate.
    Sydney Roberts from SE would be a great example. SE finished 6th in the Metro last year but they were very competitive.
    She won POY in the conference as well as All Area POY. Was 1st Team All-District.
    If you take Sydney off of that team what would SE had done?
    Would have been lucky to win 5 games.
    Some of the players being mentioned were on teams that had enough talent that they still would have dominant even without those players.
    Other schools not as “lucky”.
    Ask true players if they would rather be on a dominant team or win POY and I would like to believe that they would answer”Be on a conference champion”.
    The best player in the conference doesn’t necessarily play on the best team.

  11. This is some good conversation….The ranking of the players 1-12 or 1-whatever gives you a good indication of how the players are stacking up…

  12. What a team would be without a certain player is a fair question but another fair question is what the team actually was with that player? Did the team beat good teams? Were they competitive with good teams or did they lose by a wide margin? I think a POY gives their team a shot in almost every game or at least keeps the games competitive.

  13. Andy you went and opened a can of worms here with this one good luck. Made it worse with the line stating the list goes to NC state. I would think State coaches should already know who is out there but whatever.
    I am not a stats guy. I go for which player consistently impacts the games. I also like players who can score rebound and defend. Can they make the right pass vs being selfish etc. If you scoring twenty and giving up 30 plus from the person you are guarding that does us no good.
    Being on a deep squad does matter and sadly some kids not as fortunate so that should give them some points imho. They will get double team and face guarded etc.
    Young at gds is hands down the best overall player in this county.
    Williams at Page ditto.

  14. Coach John Shearin from Andrews should get a plug for COY on the girls side. He consistently has competitive teams. Has led his squad to back to back conference regular season and tournament crowns as well and he has been conference coach of the year the last two years as well.

    Since he won the state title in 2014 he has won about 5 or 6 coach of the year awards in each conference Andrews has been in. They just took the state champion, Salisbury, to the wire last week. He is a coach that all his players buy into his system year after year. Criteria should be who is consistent year after year and that is him.

  15. We have received a note at our Email address that Jaylon Bumpass(Grimsley HS) should be in the boys Top Ten…We may end up having to create a Boys and Girls Top 15…More comments from those of you tuning in, and reading this post are welcome, and appreciated…

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