Studying the Numbers for the GreensboroSports All-Guilford County High School Basketball Team for 2023

++++++++++Have been working on players’ game numbers today/Monday and Tuesday.++++++++++
Need to be doing some kind of homework tonight, so why not study/look more at the names and the numbers, for the GreensboroSports All-Guilford County High School Basketball Team for 2023…..

Gage Lattimore-Smith HS…Not available
Markquan Gilbert-Smith HS…Not available
Zacch Wiggins-Grimsley HS…15.8 ppg/7.1 rebounds per game/3 assists per game…
Alex Taylor-Grimsley HS…7.7 ppg/6.7 rebounds per game/4.4 assists per game…
Jamias Ferere-Southern Guilford HS…Not available
Jucqarie Love-Southern Guilford HS…Not available
Tre McNeil-Dudley HS…10.1 ppg/9.3 rebounds per game
Kenny Miller-Southeast Guilford HS…9.6 ppg/3.5 assists per game…
Corbin Wilson-Southwest Guilford HS…12.1 ppg/5.2 rebounds per game…
Kobe Parker-Ragsdale HS..13.9 ppg/2.1 Three’s per game…
**********From the Private Schools we add in:Jaydon Young-Greensboro Day School…Not available and Jaylen Cross-Caldwell Academy…17.8 ppg/3.4 assists per game/5.6 rebounds per game
Jaylon Bumpass, from Grimsley HS, at 13.2 ppg/4.2 rebounds per game/2.9 assists per game…Also Jacob Huitsing, from Northwest Guilford HS, who checked in at 14.0 ppg/3 Three’s per game…Time to add in DJ Jackson, from High Point Andrews HS to the boys list…He the boys All-District team, and gives the HP Andrews men, a solid name for the list…**********

Top Girls Players from Guilford County in 2022-2023 and this list will feature all girls from the Guilford County Public Schools, and I have a Top Ten, and am adding one more spot, so I can get in a young lady from High Point Andrews High School, which I almost left off the list…So this will give us several current members, and we will need to whittle the list down to 10-15 players, before we send it along to any coaches, at the next level…

Morgan Smith-Smith HS…Not available
Zoe Davis-Smith HS…Not available
Jasmine Harris-Northern Guilford HS…12.7 ppg/3.5 assists per game…4.6 rebounds per game
Jadyn Newsome-Northern Guilford HS…14.1 ppg/4.0 rebounds per game…
Madison Young-Northwest Guilford HS…Not available
Maslyn Mosbacher-Northwest Guilford HS…Was able to come up with some Maslyn Mosbacher numbers:15.3 PPG/414 pts. scored/85 steals/3.0 assists per game/Defensive Player of the Year in Metro 4A
Candice Williams-Page HS….19.2 ppg…2 assists per game/3.7 rebounds per game…
Aaliyah Griffith-Southern Guilford HS…12.6 ppg/2.1 assists per game…
Makayla Carney-Dudley HS…13.2 ppg/12.2 rebounds per game/Offensive Player of the Year, in the Mid-State 3-A Conference….
Leila Henderson-Western Guilford HS…14.9 ppg
Sanai Johnson-High Point Andrews HS…8.9 ppg
**********Another name of interest is Tia Bryant, from Southeast Guilford HS, at 15.2 ppg/6.2 rebounds per game…And we have had calls for Azahreya Drayton-Gill, from Smith HS, to be among the top group of girls players…**********…..And here’s another names to add into the mix:Eastern Guilford freshman Johnasia Tatum 14 pg/4 steals per game/4 assists per game….What about Mya Patrick, from Ragsdale HS for the list, and are missing anyone from the Southwest Guilford girls team???
++++++++++If any of our coaches out there, have any hard numbers for us that they can pass along, you can always send those to…There were several names without scoring, rebounding, and assist numbers, over at…In other words, missing stats, that we would still like to get a hold of….+++++++++++

Still asking, who have we left out, and what names are still in the running for Coach of the Year, and Player of the Year???
For Coach we have seen on the boys side, Coach Wil Perry-Southern Guilford HS, Coach Derrick Partee-Smith HS, and Coach Darren Corbett-Grimsley HS….from the Girls, we have seen Coach Mike Bolton-Smith HS, Coach Haley Hackett-Northwest Guilford HS, and Coach Kim Furlough-Northern Guilford HS….And you may have other options that you want in here, and what about Coach Freddy Johnson, from over at the Greensboro Day School for the boys….Another nominee for Girls Coach of the Year, is Coach John Shearin, from High Point Andrews High School….

And on Player of the Year, so far we have seen Candice Williams from Page HS, as the Metro 4-A POY for the girls, and Zacch Wiggins, from Grimsley HS, for the boys in the Metro….Any other candidates we should be peering into??? Like Morgan Smith or Zoe Davis from Smith HS, on the girls ledger, or Jasmine Harris, Jadyn Newsome, or Maslyn Mosbacher on the girls side of the court???

For the boys you can’t go wrong with Zacch Wiggins, but what about Gage Lattimore from over at Smith HS, or do you like Jamias Ferere from Southern Guilford, or this might be a very good way to go, what about Jaydon Young, over at the Greensboro Day School for the boys/men’s Player of the Year….He led the Bengals to another State Championship this season…

**********In our studies, we see Wil Perry(Southern Guilford HS) was named the Mid-State 3-A Boys Coach of the Year, and Derrick Partee(Smith HS) has been named the District 7 Boys Coach of the Year….Kim Furlough(Northern Guilford HS) was named the District 7 Girls Coach of the Year….

For the girls on defense, I saw Morgan Smith, from Ben L. Smith HS, play some of the best defense for the girls, that I saw all season long…Madison Young, from Northwest Guilford HS, was one of the best defensive players that I have seen in recent years…I saw her with her foot alone, not allow eight(8) passes to enter the game, one night when NWG was hosting the Page Pirates….Morgan Smith was like a purebred bulldog on defense, and Madison Young had such quick and active feet, that she should have been playing indoor soccer also, as she could have done quite well in that game, along with her devotion to her basketball work…I saw Jasmine Harris(Northern Guilford HS) make a move in her last game of the season, a loss by the NG Nighthawks to the Cougars of Charlotte Catholic, where Jasmine drove into the lane, went behind her back with her dribble, finished the play by making her reverse layup, going right-to-left, and then drew a foul on the play, and hit the free throw, for the three-point play, the old fashioned way…Some kind of play that was, and it is a shame, it had to come in a loss….We all know that Candice Williams, from Page High School, pretty much was the county’s top female scorer this past season, and Jadyn Newsome was not a large and overpowering post player, but man did she get the job done, down there in the post/paint, and Zoe Davis, from Smith HS, was as strong as any girl in the county, when it comes to doing the maintain, in the lane…Maslyn Mosbacher, from Northwest Guilford, was an outstanding driver, and she went at it, at the same speed, all-game/every game….Overdrive…That is the RPM speed she worked with…

For the boys, nobody played better offensive-minded basketball down the playoff stretch of the season, than did Gage Lattimore from Smith High School…I saw him about four times, over the last 3 weeks of the season…He led Smith to the win over Dudley, at Dudley, and then he led Smith to the win over Dudley, at Smith…He was not the top scorer for Smith, in the Golden Eagles win over Southern Guilford, in the Championship Game of the Mid-State 3-A Conference Tournament, but he was named the Most Outstanding Player, in the Conference Tournament…Lattimore was almost able to propel Smith over West Charlotte last Tuesday night, in game where he had 7 three-pointers, and finished the game, with 24 points, and Lattimore did his part to make his case for Guilford County Player of the Year…Lattimore is a junior, and Jaydon Young, over at the Greensboro Day School is a senior, and Young led the GDS Bengals to back-to-back State Championships, and he was the MVP of the HAECO Invitational Basketball Tournament in his junior and senior seasons for the Bengals…You can’t go wrong with either one of those young men…We could make a case for more of the young guys on the list, as we look for the top male player in the county, but Young and Lattimore, appear to me, to be the top candidates….**********

Time to stop talking, and to start chalking….As in typing in, and giving us your FINAL answers…What is the Final Answer for the Players of the Year, the Coaches of the Year, and our top 10-15 players from Guilford County, for 2022-2023…There you go, time to bring on the show….


  • ok says:

    Jasmine Harris was regional POY i thought not so?
    Harris or Williams on the girls. Give the edge to Harris she had less help.
    Wiggins or Jadyn Young for the boys side. Young is a D1 signee only one on that list.
    Two smith coaches get the nod for me.

  • For the girls says:

    You meant Williams had less help (for the girls) right?

  • ok says:

    Correction yes Williams less help

  • ok says:

    Williams for girls
    Young for boys

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