Working on our All-Guilford County High School Basketball Teams for Greensboro Sports

Here is what we have been working on and what we have come up with so far, as it pertains to our All-Guilford County High School Basketball Teams for…..

Boys All-Guilford County Team and it still might need some tweaking, but we will have all of that worked out soon…Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year, coming in here soon…

Public Schools
Gage Lattimore-Smith
Markquan Gilbert-Smith
Zacch Wiggins-Grimsley
Jamias Ferere-Southern Guilford
Tre McNeil-Dudley
Jucqarie Love-Southern Guilford
Jaylon Bumpass-Grimsley
DJ Jackson-High Point Andrews
Alex Taylor-Grimsley
Kobe Parker-Ragsdale
Kenny Miller-Southeast Guilford
Corbin Wilson-Southwest Guilford
Jerron Blackwell-Page
Ahmed Jawo-Southeast Guilford
Jacob Huitsing-Northwest Guilford
Player of the Year is locked down right now, between Gage Lattimore and Zacch Wiggins…..

Private Schools
Jaydon Young-Greensboro Day School
Jaylen Cross-Caldwell Academy
Ricard Goods-Piedmont Classical
Joseph Bachman-Greensboro Day School
Isaiah Sanders-High Point Christian Academy
++++++++++Player of the Year, is going to be, Jaydon Young, from the Greensboro Day School…
++++++++++Jaydon Young will also be the overall Player of the Year for the entire county….Don’t see anyone unseating him, the award would go to Jaydon Young, from the Greensboro Day School..

Girls All-County Team, and we might need to do some tweaking here too, but this is what we have so far….
Zoe Davis-Smith
Jasmine Harris-Northern Guilford
Jadyn Newsome-Northern Guilford
Morgan Smith-Smith
Candice Williams-Page
Maslyn Mosbacher-Northwest Guilford
Makayla Carney-Dudley
Azahreya Drayton-Gill-Smith
Madison Young-Northwest Guilford
Aaliyah Griffith-Southern Guilford
Tia Bryant-Southeast Guilford
Leila Henderson-Western Guilford
Sanai Johnson-High Point Andrews
Mya Patrick-Ragsdale
Johnasia Tatum-Eastern Guilford

Will add in a Private School Top Five, if we can get some nominations…Nothing on the radar yet…

++++++++++Player of the Year for the girls is still anyone’s game…Top Two Contenders right now are Zoe Davis from Smith, and Jasmine Harris, from Northern Guilford HS….Anybody got the coin?????

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